What successful people do in Common?

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August 5, 2016

Asking and then knowing what successful people do in common is not a million dollar question. Instead, I would say that asking and then knowing what successful people do in common is a billion dollar question. You can surely earn billion dollars if you start doing all those things that successful people do in their everyday life.

Either we talk about Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Walt Disney or Ratan Tata these all successful people have few common things which make them successful.

Successful people are the creators rather than the absorbers. They create what we absorb and appreciate and criticise. Dreaming about a dream is unrealistic but working harder and harder for a dream is what I call realistic. In the mad race to outshine one another, everyone wishes to attain success but only a few follow a path that induces success to make its way to come to them. No one in this world would think of living without money but only the ones who give attention to their deeds rather than the results get success. Every person dreams but only those who remain persistent and crazy to achieve his dreams achieve it. Success comes to those who work for it and tend to take the risk but unsuccessful person stays content with what he has and never gets a feeling to try something new in life.

All successful people have a proclivity to do something unconventional and so the chances of getting failure may get high but the essence is that a person becomes successful only after getting up again and again after falling down. Most of us try to adjust ourselves in the usual conventional scenario of the society and fail to develop a passion for doing something different. The determination to do something different is what makes a person successful in life. They are always consistent in their productive habits and cut out the ones that hinder their way.

A day has 24 hours and one’s engagement in one’s work with proper management makes one successful. Let us get involved in the common traits of successful people:

1. Successful People follow their passion

The word “Success” is incomplete without the word “Passion“. The first and most common trait which all successful people possess is passion.

“I wish I could do what I want.

I wish I could be allowed to follow my passion.

I am not able to enjoy my work.

What am I doing with my life?

Am I going in the right direction?”

Sooner or later, we come across situations where our mind gets preoccupied with these thoughts but have we ever thought why we get these questions?

The simple reason being that most of the time we tend to do what is acceptable to our family and society and fail to understand what we want from our lives. We don’t get the simple fact in our head that if we are not happy doing our work, no one will come to help you enjoy our work.

Has anyone ever given a thought why people like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Henry Ford etc work for hours?

That is because they do what they love.

So people, it is high time you listen to your heart and abide by it and that is what would make you enough passionate towards whatever you do.

Abiding by Passion is what drives people towards success Successful people are passionate in whatever they do and that is the only reason they don’t feel boredom in their work. We all know that if we don’t enjoy a particular work, we will get bored of it at one point of time.

Successful people do what they love. Searching for passion after getting into a job is equal to getting into an arranged marriage and then falling in love. But abiding by passion and selecting career accordingly would mean getting into a love marriage.

Passion is what successful people have.

It is one of the most important trait of successful people. Richard Branson’s journey started back in 1969 at his home in England with his parents and two sisters watching the live black and white pictures of astronauts travelling to the moon. He was spellbound and from then on he was determined that one day he would follow them on space.

Zuckerberg’s passion was such that he built the first version of Facebook in January during Harvard intersession when most students study for finals.

2. Successful people learn, Implement and Evolve

The common trait of all the successful people is that they consider failures and rejections a learning experience rather than disappointment.

Who doesn’t fail in life?

Everyone does but the only thing that varies is the time. Some people fail in school, some fail in college, some fail in job etc. But does that mean you are a failure in life?

No, because meeting a failure is a point of time and it is transient and once a failure cannot be a failure forever. Bill Gates could not perform well in school but looking at his success in the present scenario, no one can question him. Isn’t it?

A failure at some time doesn’t define your success for life. The simple thing is that if you fail at one point, you will get something better because that failure comes as a warning of you not being fit for work where you failed.

People become successful only when they know how to fight with the demon within themselves and outside as well and failures work as a demon in the journey of success.

Successful people are never apprehensive of making mistakes. They abide by their instincts and if they fall, they will get up learning from their mistakes. Losers consider failure as an obstacle in the path of success whereas winners consider failure an important learning lesson towards success. Believing in oneself is very necessary during failures. If one doesn’t believe in oneself then one can be manipulated and won’t be able to handle the failures and would end up choosing an easy path. Therefore, the common trait of all successful people is that they learn from their mistakes, implement their learning in the next experiment and evolve all over again.

3. Successful people know they are the reason for everything

This world doesn’t believe in anything until and unless they see the results. Would anyone have ever thought or easily believed in the idea of social networking site like Facebook if Zuckerberg had not proved it by getting it into being?

Of course not, because the society is such that only the results are counted and rest is all considered a mere reason.

Who is the reason for your failure or success?

A successful person would say “I” for either situation whereas an unsuccessful person would blame others for failures and take credit for success.

Successful people don’t believe in blaming others in their hard time. Rather they accept their faults and also measure with it.

4. Successful people Love to Innovate

Common things would get you common usual results. But if you want something different, your approach too has to be different.

The actuality of life is that everyone needs change and anything that is common won’t be given much preference as newness always entices people and make them involved. Successful people have a habit to innovate things.

Novelty is what people requires, so why to imitate someone’s product when you have the potential to create something of your own. Successful people never copy others. They don’t think that what others are doing will work for them. Successful people do their work in their own ways and with their own ideas. They work hard to solve a problem or to generate one.

Henry Ford saw that most of the companies were making cars for the wealthy but he looked beyond this and dreamed that every family in the United States own a car, even the poor farming families

5. They know their Goals

When Bill Gates first met Warren Buffet, Gates’ mother asked everyone out there to identify what they believed was the single most important factor in success. Gates and Buffet gave an answer, “FOCUS”

If you don’t know where you want to reach, how will you even find your way?

Direction can be given only when you know your destination else even the “navigation” is of no use.

Goals play an integral part in the life of a successful person. When I say goal I just don’t mean about the goal of life but also the daily ones that enable one to achieve the goal of life.

Successful people know what that they are working for. They have fixed aims in their mind for their daily schedule and are determined to achieve them. They align their strength and invest all their efforts towards their goal. They know what exactly they have to pay for to reach their goals so they always push themselves and get out of their comfort zone. They set goals for themselves and set deadlines for the same.

The company Kodak was persistently focused on a single goal to optimise the traditional film capture and processing and make an innovation of digital cameras

6. Successful People are Competitive

Who doesn’t want to win the competition?

Everyone. Isn’t it?

But who really works the right direction to win the race is all that matters and success come to the one who not only dreams of winning the competition but also works in the correct manner with all the means to achieve the desire to win.

Successful people are competitive. They want to reach the top. The logic is as simple as anything that if you don’t dream big, you will not become big. You can achieve a high goal only when you dream high and successful people want to become better and believe in the survival of the fittest.

They help others because building a good team to reach the acme is indispensable. After all, only lion is the king of the jungle and successful people know how to lead others and turn out to be the best one with the help of others. There is no true overnight success. For example, “Steven Spielberg had the rights for “Schindler’s List” for 10 years before he felt ready to make the movie that got him Oscar for best director.”

Mark Zuckerberg and his team decided to launch Facebook at other colleges that already had fledgeling social networking sites and directly take on the competition. We have all heard about ORKUT and many of us would have used it as well but why do you think it does not prevail now?

That’s because Google could not bring the consistent changes to meet the growing need of competition, whereas Facebook has always remained persistent in bringing about the innovation and meet the growing competition, which is very much evident through “messenger”, ”like button”, “emoticon” etc.

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