11 Personality Traits of Jeff Bezos- Richest Man

11 Personality Traits of Jeff Bezos- Richest Man

Started from a garage and turned into a widely recognized online portal for shopping. Jeff Bezos’ brainchild Amazon has helped him reach the peak of success and made him the king of the internet. With a net worth of US $106 billion, Jeff Bezos is the richest man on the planet after the Amazon shares showed a hike on January 9, 2018. He is the second person to touch US $100 billion mark after Bill Gates in 1999 but he is the first person who ever touched this mark of wealth.

Jeff Bezos is a risk taker and a ruthless boss who does not tolerate complacency at any cost. On the other hand, Bezos is a hopeless romantic and wears his heart on his sleeve for the grounds he believes in. here is a list of 11 such traits of Jeff Bezos personality which make him the man he is.

1. Knack for Innovation

Jeff Bezos has been an innovator for as long as he can remember. From developing a sound alarm to guard his room against annoying siblings to creating the largely recognized e-retailing website, Bezos’ hunger for developing something new has only escalated with time. His drive for creating something ingenious has only escalated with time. Initially designed to provide books to the customers. His innovative skills led the online portal to provide everything and anything an individual could hope for. Jeff’s most recognized upheaval is the widely famed E-book device Kindle which he designed to compete against the Apple iPad.

2. Hardcore Realist

Bezos has one of the most crucial personality traits that is a must in any aspiring or successful entrepreneur. The man is a realist; he thinks and weighs all the possibilities and probabilities. Before launching Amazon in the world, he had accepted the fact that the venture might fail and the investment would go down the drain. He has the habit of recognizing the adverse effects and taking the decision on the basis of his assessment. He has the habit of thinking in a practical manner and strongly refrains from acting on instinct.

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3. Jeff Bezos Believes in Regret Minimization Theory

Bezos’ well recognized ‘Regret Minimization Framework’ is a theory he loves to boasts about. Jeff being an entrepreneur is expected to take responsible and tough decisions for the betterment of his company as well as its employees. So how does he tackle with the liability of a worldwide recognized firm? The answer, he claims, is simpler than many presume. Jeff turns to his ‘Regret Minimization Framework’, which he professes, is a nerdy term for looking back at the time from his future self and assessing the things he would regret the most.

Jeff Bezos claims that the most significant decision of quitting his job as the senior vice president for setting up an online market venture was a decision he took through his nerdy theory.

4. Staunch Experimentalist

As mentioned earlier, Jeff Bezos is a man who believes in innovating stuff according to the need of the moment. In order to achieve that he constantly experiment with technology as well as his widely accepted online venture. The Amazon CEO has a burning infatuation with experimenting and creating something complementing the desires of his customers. Therefore, since the birth of Amazon in 1994, Jeff Bezos has acquired the trait of experimenting with the venture. Amazon has transformed from a book selling online venture to the greatest internet market in the world, simply, because the CEO loves to experiment.

5. Form a Plan

It is a widely known fact that Bezos had quit his well-paid job and bet on the flourishing opportunities internet provided. But how did he gather the courage to do so? Did he lay out a well-organized plan? Not exactly, Jeff initially had laid out a rough draft before divulging into his internet venture. He recommends anyone and everyone to thoroughly plan his/her entrepreneurial quest before investing their money. He had constructed a rough draft for Amazon while traveling in a car with his wife. Eventually, his draft became one of the most successful internet businesses today.

6. Risk Taker

This personality trait of Jeff completely resembles with Mark Zuckerberg’s personality trait of taking high risks but in a calculated manner. It is a transparent fact that a man with a family and a secure job does not just quit everything to be an entrepreneur if he doesn’t possess the trait of taking risks. Jeff Bezos had made up his mind to start up his own business. He had no money and the only investors he had were his parents. He knew that there was a 70% chance of failure but his perseverance did not let him back down from the risk. Today he is one of the richest men in the world and his characteristic of taking a severe risk hasn’t died down. The introduction of Kindle against the iPod is a vivid paradigm showcasing Bezos daring personality.

7. Door design for Desks

Strange but true, Bezos, in the initial years of his startup had set up an office in his garage. Because he left in the middle of the year, Bezos had no annual bonus benefit. His frugality traits started developing during this period. Jeff had turned a timber door into a desk for his first office. Till this day, the desks in Jeff’s offices have a door like design.

8. Generous for a Good Cause

Jeff is a man who if believes in a cause; leave no stone unturned to make it happen. He wears his heart on his sleeve, though not very often and would give away a huge amount of money for any such cause. Once an employee requested for Bezos to donate a $100,000 for same-gender marriage, he donated about $2 million for the same. The man doesn’t shy away from the charity if he believes in the cause.

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9. Fan of Science Fiction and Books

Jeff Bezos claims to be a proud nerd and is a diehard fan of Star Trek; Jeff loves to read science fiction and possesses the habit of buying at least 10 books a month but gets to read only 3 due to his hectic schedule (obviously). He confesses that he has been a Trekkie since his childhood days and loves the world of science fiction literature. He is such a big fan of Star Trek that his passion for the series landed him a role in the movie version of the franchise.

10. Highly Competitive

One of the most renowned qualities of Jeff Bezos is that he is a competitive man. He not just craves competition, instead, he aims at eliminating it. Amazon had once targeted a fellow competitor dealing with child products, they dropped their prizes dramatically to completely eradicate the rival from standing in the competition and eventually the rival company collapsed. As usual, Jeff came out on the top as a winner.

11. Wife Comes First  

The man loves to play hardball but when it comes to his wife, Jeff turns into a romantic. He loves to pamper his wife and would cancel all his appointments for the day to read her manuscripts. Bezos love to buy presents for his wife MacKenzie Bezos and constantly tends to surprise her with expensive stuff. Jeff recommends it to every man and proudly admits to the fact that he loves to spoil his novelist wife.

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