What Successful People Do from Morning to Evening?

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August 13, 2016

We often become inquisitive to know what successful people do. This question preoccupies our mind but does we really get the specific answer?

Maybe by the end of this article, you will come to the specificities that successful people differently abide by.

Guys, you ought to indulge yourself in activities that you are crazily passionate about because ultimately we become what we persistently do and that is what successful people do daily.

If we know what we are passionate about, it will be great. Isn’t it?

We are even apprised of what we want? Awesome. Isn’t it?

But do we know how do we manage and prioritize our life to achieve our goals?

Question yourself and recognize where you lack behind.

DRIVING YOUR CAR WITHOUT KNOWING THE DESTINATION WILL MAKE YOU A MERE SIMPLETON. In a philosophical essay, “Myth of Sisyphus”, Albert Camus portrays before his readers man’s futile search for meaning and clarity in life through Sisyphus, a figure of Greek mythology who was condemned to repeatedly push the boulder up a mountain, only to see it roll down.

The very essence of Camus’ essay is that we human beings are often indulged in activities in search of different goals and get stuck in an inescapable condition just like Sisyphus because most of the time we don’t know the goals yet we keep trying. This is an instance for the ones who work hard but aimlessly. The next case is that of the category of people who work hard and even know about their goals, yet they fail because of the improper management of things. This is similar to the situation where one knows that one has to crack an exam and even studying for the same but later on realizes that the books were not as appropriate as it should have been. Therefore one is literally barking up the wrong tree.

An apt schedule plays an integral role in the life of a successful person. One cannot reach the acme of one’s field without planning. Recognizing your passion and working for it never suffice because planning in the right direction for that passion too is indispensable.

How will I be successful and bring the difference to the world if I follow the same traditions or conventions that people have been following?

Question yourself.

The biggest difference between a highly successful person and an average earning person would be that the former does not follow traditions and makes his own rules whereas the latter abides by the pre-conceived rules of the society. According to startupbros.com, 80.3 % of successful entrepreneurs have an inability to find traditional employees. There are 60.3% of the successful entrepreneurs who were driven to start their own business because the standard work environment did not appeal to them.

Let us see what successful people do every day to become wealthy.

In order to make a clear understanding of the topic “what successful people do from morning to evening”, I have divided my article into the following parts:

  1. What successful people do in the morning?
  2. What successful people do in office?
  3. What successful people do at night?

What do successful people do in the Morning?

This question always remained the topic of hot discussion that what exactly successful people do in morning? What makes them so much energetic in the morning? Well its amazing that successful people have a great self-control over themselves. This is clear from their morning routine.

a) Successful People Wake-Up Early in Morning

Narendra Damodardas Modi Indian Prime Minister

Narendra Modi Indian Prime Minister

The first thing that successful people do in the morning is wake up early. Maybe many of you didn’t know what successful people do before breakfast. So this is the first thing that follows persistently.

We have heard the saying that early to bed and early to rise makes a man wise, but how many of us really abide by this proverb?

We think- Come on, that proverb goes for the old people.

Late night parties, late night talks, late night studies, late night family discussions, etc have become a fashion in today’s time and we name it “cool”. Don’t we?

Of course, as we have to be a part of this society and got to enjoy life.

But question yourself, “Are we really happy with such a schedule”? Or “Is it just the societal and peer group pressure “?

Our ancestors often ask us to follow a proper timetable to live a healthy and wealthy life but we ignore them by calling them old-fashion. Haven’t we?

We cannot say no to this.

Come on we have to agree that at least at one point in time we have.

The sooner you recognize the actuality of life, the sooner you will step onto the path of success.

If this life had been so peaceful, you guys wouldn’t have been going in quest of peaceful places for vacations.

Therefore, start following an appropriate schedule that starts with waking up early in the morning.

The schedule to wake up early has been suggested since antiquity and most successful people have an inclination towards waking up early. There is no doubt to say that the whole day goes with a lot of things, out of which some of them are unexpected and often disturbing and so successful people prefer rising up before the sun in order to make the best use of time without being disturbed.. The philosopher Aristotle said, “It is well to be up before daybreak, such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom.

Bill Gates says that getting into a good morning routine can help us be more productive throughout the day.

b) Successful People Exercise and Meditate

The morning routine of successful people incorporates exercise and meditation. Exercise and meditation are something that you can do anytime but successful people do it before breakfast.

We have to accede to the fact that we get only one life and only one body. So why do we have to lenient with something so valuable that we have got?

If you remain lethargic,

How will you develop the stamina to work harder and harder for your dreams?

You can have only two options

Either you sacrifice your dreams, with consent to the fact that you cannot work hard, or sacrifice your present relaxing mode to work for your dreams.

Successful people know the fact that they need to be mentally and physically fit. Fitness also leads to the improvement of mental processing and also makes a person go beyond his capabilities. It is apposite to cite an example to exhibit how helpful exercise is in a successful person’s life.

Mental calmness plays a vital role in a life of a successful person. Though it is difficult to disconnect yourself from the outer world but it is important to calm your mind before you set forth and meditation gives you inner peace, which makes you stable in your thoughts and decisions. Many successful people are prone to a spiritual practice such as meditation or prayer to be away from the rush of life.

Andrew Cherng, CEO of Panda Restaurant Group Inc., not only meditates himself but also encourages his employees for the same. Richard Branson, the founder of the virgin group, is often seen kite-surfing and on the funny side has gotten huge media attention for his experiments. Bill Gates, the renowned richest man of the world and Microsoft CEO, spends almost an hour on the treadmill every day.

Entrepreneurship requires good mental and physical health, this is not just to make sound quick decisions that are never ending in this field, but also to give a personal best in the business.

What do Successful People Do in Office?

You can never be successful until you actually work with high productivity. So let’s have look at what successful people do in the office to give their best performance.

a) Manage Office Table

Suppose you are hungry and you want to have something in some restaurant, won’t you look for a restaurant with good ambiance with the table properly set, etc?

Of course, you would.

So the same thing applies to your work. Management of things at their right place brings clarity to one’s mind.

Unless you have a good working environment and things properly managed, you would remain deviated. So, managing your office table with all the things kept in its right place should be the first thing that you have to do if success is what you aim at. A TwenttySomething’s Alexandra Levit in ‘They Don’t Teach Corporate in College: A Twenty-Something’s Guide to the Business Worlds’ says

“While most communications are through e-mails and texts, if your boss or coworker stopped by looking for you and left a sticky note about a last-minute meeting occurring in 10 minutes, and it’s sitting on a mound of mail and papers, you are already behind the eight balls.”

b) To Enthuse the Team

A company becomes successful only with a hardworking and passionate team. We all know that a successful company is not just the product of one person’s hard work but that of a team’s combined efforts. So it is very important to keep the team’s passion and enthusiasm stirred so that they remain determined to give productive results. Richard Branson considers his team to be an important part of his success and he is always keen to keep his team enthusiastic.

c) Start Working

Trust me; you don’t have to belong to a business-class family to be a successful entrepreneur. Around 71.5% of the successful entrepreneurs have come from a middle-class background and 51% of the successful entrepreneurs were the first in their families to launch the business. All you need is an investment of your energy at its right place

How many of you start working from the very first hour of your office?

Think and give an answer to yourself.

You can’t judge a book by its cover. Staying in the office doesn’t mean that you are working.

Discussion about the hottest topic, checking out girls or guys, using Facebook, going for coffee or cigarettes, planning for after work parties, etc consume most of the first hour of office time.

Come on, we have to agree to this. Shouldn’t we?

What does successful do before going off to bed?

We’ve enough for the day. So let’s sleep or talk over the phone or go for night-outs!

That is not what successful people do or think before going off to bed.

a) Successful People Plan their Next Day

Suppose you are an undergraduate student and you intend to visit Europe after your graduation. What would you do to reach your ultimate goal?

You will start making small targets to save money per month or per week to reach the big one.

In a very similar manner, you ought to plan your days accordingly to reach the ultimate goal of your life.

With no clear vision of your goal, you cannot be the one you dream of. It will not only help you to break the ice but will also make you more determined and stir your passion.

Planning is important to help you manage your goals more effectively and by following this step you can easily clinch a deal. By committing your thoughts to the planning strategy, you can deduce better for your business. To cut short, it can help you to ensure that you clear the decks for eventualities.

You reach your destination only when you know exactly where you want to go. You must be absolutely clear about who you are and what you want. With a vague vision in mind, you will have a vague direction and so a vague future. Even if it is about buying a car you must be sure about the company or machinery or even the essentials you want in your car. Specificity with meaning rather than senseless generality is what matters.

Richard Branson says that it is essential to make a list of small, manageable tasks to complete every day

b) Successful People Read

warren buffet reading books

For people with lethargy and no aim or direction, reading brings boredom but for successful people, it is either an immense source of relaxation or a source of knowledge. Be it any way, successful people like to read at night because they hardly get time during the day to give in to reading. Reading not only helps a person to build his creativity or imagination but also helps him to be knowledgeable. This habit of reading is vital for successful people as creative thinking is vehemently essential for them in order to be different from others so that they can climb the ladders of success.

Mark Zuckerberg challenged himself in 2015, to read at least 1 book in 2 weeks.

The infamous richest man of the world, Bill Gates, reads 50 books in a year.

c) They Review

Successful people do not get onto the new things unless they finish the previous ones properly. So they make sure the work in the to-do list for the previous days is completed properly before making another list. Richard Branson says that you should mark off every completed task.

Successful people work to be wealthy and not rich.

Now the question would have arisen in my readers’ mind as to what is the difference between being rich or being wealthy?

The answer to this is that a rich person would make a lot of money but would not have time for other things, whereas a wealthy person too would make a lot of money but at the same time would get time to manage and prioritize things in his life and this prioritization comes when you make, follow and check a “to-do –list.

What do Successful People do on Weekends?

Let’s focus on the weekend habits of highly successful people.

a) Utilizing Weekend to Fullest

problems mark zuckerberg faced fun time

Successful people use every second of a calendar. They don’t even waste their weekends. They never lose their desire and will to achieve success and they keep on trying even after getting their desired or planned things. Successful people’s weekend habits exhibit their fidelity to their work and never become perfidious. They know the fact that their success is entirely contingent on their efforts. Successful people always plan to have restorative and productive weekends.

Planning is never left out even for weekends even the weekends of successful people are spent with planning.

Everyone has a whim to become big even if it is at the stake of losing the charm of their life. Isn’t it?

We all are consistently in the mad race to earn money and we hardly pay heed to the harm we are causing to ourselves. But successful people know how to maintain a balance in life. They will never think of spending their weekends without planning because they know if they do not plan, they will end up their weekends mindlessly. Now planning does not mean “work”, but rather it means to anticipate fun with anything that makes you feel good from within.

b) They Spend Time with their Family or Friends

Mark Zuckerberg daughter max Personality traits

Successful people’s weekend incorporates what we call “family or friends’ time”.

Your success will have no meaning if you don’t have people around you to cherish that success. No matter how successful or strong one becomes, one needs support in one’s life.

Successful people consider it necessary to give time to their close ones because it makes them feel complete and happy at the same time. Moreover, it makes them feel or realize that they are not alone in their journey of success, rather they have a lot of people around who have put their trust in them, which devoutly helps them in ballooning their confidence level. Weekdays go in planning for work and stuff but weekends should be gone with the rest of the things and a successful person does acknowledge its weightiness. Happy families often have special plans for the weekends, be it anything like going to the religious services, Sunday night ice-cream, etc. and such things are even important because these habits become memories to cherish later now.

So, people, it’s high time to stir your passion and indulge yourselves into work to make the best of what you have because every single minute counts. Stop getting deviated and invest your energy in the right direction. Either work hard today and keep your future safe or be ready to cry over the spilled milk.

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