4 Things Every Successful People do in First Hour of Office

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May 14, 2016

The freshness of mind and mental alertness is literally the gift of the morning. Morning is the time which is all the way away from chaos, vagueness or instability. The first hour of office is momentous since it affects the productivity level and mindset for the rest of the day. Successful people acknowledge the exigency of having control over their mornings, specially the first hour of the day and make use of that time wisely. Everyone has his own way to prioritise things but the most successful people take cognizance at the very first hour of their day. Successful people never waste the first hour of office because they know very well the Rule of 90/10 for Time Management by Brian Tracy.

1. Successful People Organise their Workstations

Morning is the time when your mind will always be at peace with silence all over. Such an ambience of silence with no rush or sound of engines will give you mental clarity. With such a clarity or vividness in mind, you can organise your work by establishing your priorities. It is vital for a successful person to systematise his work in accordance the priorities. You need to marshal your activities if you want to make it best use of your time.

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2. Successful People Stir Enthusiasm in their Co-Members

Successful people do not only believe in being enthused by themselves but even tries to enthuse their co-members or colleagues. They very well know that unity or togetherness in work will always help them achieve more and more. There are no scruples to say that the work which takes a lot of time to be completed by a single person will be completed in less time if more people are involved in it.

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3. Successful People think and plan for the tough projects

The word “planning” itself has a lot of weightiness. Planning is the premier function of management. It is needed at every level of management. In the absence of planning all the business activities of the organisation will become insane. In order to elude complexities and chaos, you have to plan. If the toughest task is done first, easy ones would not consume much time. Avoiding and procrastinating the difficult task will never let you become big. If you dream big, the biggest or the toughest tasks need to be considered first.

4. They glance at Emails

Myriad people have the tendency to get bogged down with their emails, which is erroneous. Rather, a person should just have a glance at the emails. You must start a day in proactive actions. Rather than setting a docket, email induces you to react to items as they come in – regardless of their true priority. So work in accordance to your agenda rather than prioritising the trivial things. When it comes to emails, it is advised to ignore as it might cause the distraction. Moreover, if you check your emails you will get a glimpse of what other people expect out of you which means when you check your inbox, the emails you get are a to-do list someone else makes for you. It is substantial for you to deduce that the incharge of your time is “you” not the other person

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