10 Proven Ways to Earn Money in India from Home

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May 23, 2016

To develop financial independence in a homestead, people usually run short of ways that will suit their personality and they can consider persuading them; yet there are unlimited. In a developing nation like India, we have ways that usually can’t be applied internationally but can be of great importance in Indian society. Having a strong financial background develops a strong social image and furnishes confidence in an individual. Being an Indian Citizen myself, this write-up truss certain proven ways of making money living in India. With zero investment, starting from home one can be an entrepreneur and business alligators ensure easiest yet realistic ways to be an earning hand of the kin without stepping out of your house. There are two things that need to be clarified beforehand; firstly, you need to dive deeper in yourself to comprehend your potential; secondly, you would have to give time and creativity in whatever you opt for. These two things would have you earn money as and where you want to, sure as shooting. Here are 10 proven ways to earn money in India from home:

1. Food Business

People in India love to eat gol gappe earn money in indiaspecially spicy food like Gol Gappe (Pani Puri), Samosa etc and food businesses never suffer from recession in such places. So its very easy to earn money in India from food business. Internet can also be helpful for searching recipes and attaining specialty enduring uniqueness to your dishes. This can make the food business renowned even without advertisements; remember good food is always appreciated. Opening a restaurant is not just the only way, to begin with; here are 3 Ways to easily start a food business in India to earn money:

  • A Rooftop Restaurant

Opening a rooftop restaurant is trending at places with pleasant climate especially with at tourist places. With a little investment, and appointing a few employees can make you enter the entrepreneur world. But this sort of business requires attention and investment as I mentioned earlier but can bring in a great income.

  • Lunch Box Service

A lunch box service is vernacular in today’s India economy. Homemade food for PG people or working ones is drool over and they would pay a decent price for one time box. Employing a delivery boy and adding some specialties with sweet dishes in your everyday box can add up prominence to your business.

  • Mini Sweet Side Shop

An aunt of mine started a Laddoo and Barfi Business from home; one can also take help from local women as well. Telling your friends and family around will help your business grow. You can also take orders for small functions, and with the increase in the intoxication of the huge businessmen, sweet people prefer and appreciate such small local enterprises.

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2. Affiliate and Digital Marketing

Referral marketing has a lot scope in India. Indian people easily buy those products which are referred to them by mouth promotions. So opting for a company like Amazon, Amway, Tupperware and so on which pay for bringing in more customers to their products can be a great option for a side gig. This is termed as affiliate marketing and the person taking up the initiative is an affiliate. The more orders of a different product that affiliate comes up with the more salary he gets. This doesn’t require the affiliate to go door to door every time but social circle and networking sites can also help. The people who require any product can contact the affiliate which then can place the required order and get paid. Chose the most trending and demanded product of your locality for affiliate marketing. Many people in India are earning money by this way nowadays.

Digital marketing is a similar concept of branding a product in a digitalized form like electronic media example mobile phones, social networking sites or paper advertisements. This requires a lesser effort in gaining customers from around your city. This is a technical form of affiliate marketing itself and can include certain seminars or in-house parties.

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3. Boutique

clothing store earn money in India by boutique


Hand stitched items never run out of style in India, and this is one of the highest paying businesses in India. You might be thinking how can it be started staying at home, it does have some requirements. The basic one is an empty room where you can begin your own personal men and women boutique depending upon your capabilities. Employ someone who knows stitching and such people are easily available specially ladies because mostly ladies in India still sit at home. Placing a banner in front of your house can draw the much-needed attention. Boutique is really a wonderful option to earn money specially for women.

A neighbor started this business a year ago and has achieved an appreciable success with just knowing the basic ideas of designing and stitching. This kind of business doesn’t require much investment yet some initial planning and of course time.

4. Coaching Classes

Very much explicated in my earlier write-ups this way of earning money is established and certainly highly paying business for anyone who holds a forte in anything; art and craft, cooking, any study subject, music, dance form, musical instrument, self-defense technique, driving or anything. This can be charged for per lecture, on weekly, monthly or yearly terms. For starting a coaching class in India to earn money, one only has to get a room for the students to accommodate, some contacts in the city that can spread the word. In India, you need not any kind of registration for giving coaching classes or tuition classes. A successful coaching class depends on two factors:

  • Time Zone

The timings for the coaching should be taken from the point of view of the students that will accommodate. For most coaching classes best timings are evening or morning for students, yet for the adults, it would be afternoon. So the time of coaching should be made that will best suit the particular people that will take part in it.

  • Knowledge

There would be competitors of yours in your own locality, to take in control one has to be a specialist in his subject being tutored.

Setting up coaching classes is a reputed and classy way to earn money in India and includes the least of your efforts. Tutoring can also be done online, there are certain websites that require tutoring video lectures and would pay in accordance with the views the videos get, this is termed as e-learning and e-classroom tutoring. But the best way to earn most whilst making the time investment worth your while is tutoring.

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5. Custom Goods Manufacturing and Project Development

India is a country where people thing more from the heart rather than the brain. So earning money in India from hand-made things is really easy. Indian people attach their feelings with hand-made products.

A group of 6 women in my friend’s locality began a business of handmade items and Warm Wears. People love handcrafted and sewn materials and demand it in a customized form especially women with children. For festive purposes, the business can be a really good option and even in terms of having a daily business having a small enterprise.

This business can be modified switching our focus on the school and college going student who always searches for someone who could copy assignments, make project files and projects. If you are creative enough then this business can be your gig. Taking up some orders and with the help of the internet or even some people who have knowledge regarding the same can make you a home-based entrepreneur whilst granting a boost on your financial conditions. Like I said being financially independent in your comfort zone, Isn’t it easier than we thought? Get Details of this business.

6. Cleaning Services

Take a group of women and men, who can clean and maintain houses. Now that you must be well aware that house makers of your vicinity have always been struggling to deal with the maid servants and even maintain cleanliness in their respective home sweet home. This is one way you can help them handle the all-time trouble and earn your money.

In India, this business hasn’t been common till date but holds a potent to drive in major attention, quoting my words again business alligators always provide realistic and reliable ways to make money in the easiest possible way sitting back home. All you need to do is maintain the records of every person who registers with you for being a part of your enterprise as an employee or as a customer. This will be a great help to those looking for such jobs and been stuck with the low paid households and will even get your wallet heavier.

For some professional service like this people will pay a decent amount without much negotiating like some do with the piteous job seeking ones. You will get servants from your enterprise appointed whilst managing the orders from people and complains. Orders can even include events and organization that require people for cleaning purposes.

7. Baby Day Care

baby day care children birthday

Appointing college girls looking for a part-time job would be beneficial if the business is obliging enough profit. The owner can even employ a maid servant to manage the kids and their notorious activities. A baby daycare is a good option if you have that many kids around who require such attention else it would be a flop. If you have that sort of patience and time which can wield infants than this is a good option but needs research and consideration.

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8. Freelancing

Gone are the days when every Indian youth was trying for a government job, these days youth has changed their taste of earning money. A lot of people are earning money in India by Freelancing these days. There are various aspects of freelancing as well, giving a brief structure and idea of all in here. Websites like Upwork, Scripted and so on provide a platform for writers to connect with businesses which require write-ups. Even such websites give orders of write-ups to the registers freelancers for writing and editing purposes. Such jobs can be found in the online journals, magazines, and newsletters as well. Freelancing is not just about writing, it can be software development freelancing. If you know any sort of computer language that can create software or even you know about debugging and hold the capability to solve the critical problems of information technology firm that this is the best and most paying option that you can get. Information technology is at boon in today’s world, moreover, in the coming future, the industry is not entering the recession. Freelance software engineers are mostly house makers or students who have a fenced environment of working. This is the best way to groom your skills whilst staying at home. Freelancing can also be photography, hand and foot photography at home and selling them to the required firms.

Freelance online designing for various websites can also be considered as a great option for people having interests and pedagogy of fashion designing. Designing can include anything and everything that probably can be designed. There are softwares and websites that have made such tasks accomplishable.

9. Earn Money by Counselling

This is a crucial business that one can come up with; it requires understanding and calm listening potentiality. Counselling is of legion kinds which involve parent counseling, children counseling, student counseling, family counseling, and couple counseling and so on. People are going through an agony of scenarios and require some professional help.

This is especially for the psychology and philosophical people, who can put in their power to good use. Student and career counseling are much sought after in my opinion, to begin with, these some cognition are much required which can be taken using the internet and even many easily available books. A counselor pays on the basis of per session. This kind of business requires as much attention as one can seek using contacts in family, friends, schools and even the nearby business places (boutiques, parlors and so on). Like In my stay in Jaipur I read an attractive pamphlet about Couple counseling by a lady in a hospital. You can count the estimated profit taking approximately a 300/hour session and attending just 3-4 people a day.

10. Physiotherapy and Gymnasium

Some people at homes have a considerable noesis of physiotherapy for all ages or even specific ones. A known had this business in my vicinity with having a fabulously great earning. One can take internet’s help to learn more about physiotherapy exercises and even can take the session for himself. This requires critical knowledge of handling the patient. Wouldn’t require much investment and can be opened using a room at one’s place. Physiotherapy is an art that relaxes the body heeling its pain. Some instruments and oils might be required. Conducting Yoga classes in specific hours can also be of immense use and is coveted all across the country.

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  1. Sorah

    Great article! But there is a fact that many Indian women out there may not know how to deal with online business. There are some jobs such as Fancy Candle Making, Teddy Bear Making, Jewelry Making etc that can help you earn a lot.

  2. Ankita Jaiswal

    Thanks for the great list,I am looking to do an online job at home,I am sure this article helping me a lot,keep doing this great work,keep shareing with us.

    • Amar Gadhavi

      Be careful most of them are scams. They give writing assignment with a very tough deadline and also accept less mistake from your work. And they make it sure you can not complete your project with less mistake.

      • BusinessAlligators Support

        True that, so it is very necessary to find the right person. In the market there are every kind of people, some are bad, some are worst, and some are extremely wonderful. Now it is on you that how you identify the right person to work with.

  3. Chinmoy Biswas

    Very informative.

  4. Sandip Mitra

    Security and manpower consultancy business is also a good opportunity to earn money from home.

    • BusinessAlligators Support

      No, this business is not advisable to start from home. You cannot ask so many strangers to come to your home.


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