How to Earn Rs 1000 per Day in India?

How to Earn Rs 1000 per Day in India?

With the changing lifestyles in accordance with the advancing technology, life is becoming more challenging. There is a cut throat competition in job searching, even when most jobs pay way less than the hardship they require. Prices are reaching for the notch and there is not much increment of incomes! With respect to the current economy, ‘How to earn more money‘ is one question that tinkers every mind.

In most cases, making money isn’t relying on how hard a person works, it is about the how he uses his potential to get the most out of what he does. Using the efforts in a right direction and in an evaluative manner will indeed bring greater benefits.

At times, hard workers barely get to carve a living out of their earnings! In developing countries like India, there is no scarcity of potential among people. But, my friends, there indeed is insufficient knowledge!

Here are some ways by which you can easily earn Rs 1000 per day in India:

1. Momos Selling

India is known to have about 3250 types of dishes. Indians have an exquisite taste for the fast food which is readily available in every street of India. About 70% of this fast food business is run by small shops or small vendors. Even the cost to establish one such shop is very less as compared to other businesses. And by these fast food stalls, it’s very easy to earn Rs 1000 per day.

One such fast food dish is Momos, a type of South Asian dumpling, which has gained popularity over the years due to its taste and the fact that it is light on the stomach. However, with the rising competition, you should ensure that the quality goes high. You can also try different innovative fillings that may attract customers to your stall. There is a daily expense of ingredients and labour cost which can be easily overcome if you maintain quality and hygiene standards and also ensure that you have a certain competitive edge that makes you stand out in the crowd.

People prefer to buy momos from a stall whose seller looks from the eastern side. Thus, if you are planning to open momos stall then try to hire someone from that side who can sit in your shop and sell momos to the customers. You can easily find such persons who are ready to work for you at a salary of Rs 5000 – Rs10,000 per month depending on the city in which you are operating. Moreover, you can easily buy a raw momo at a minimum price of 1 rupee and the maximum cost of each plate of momos will be Rs 12. Each plate of momos can be sold at a price of at least Rs. 30, thus earning you a profit of 2.5 times as that of the cost you invested per plate. So if you got successful in selling 50 plates a day. Then You can easily earn Rs 1000 per day.

Cost of 1 Plate               = Rs 30
Cost of 50 Plates           = Rs 30*50          = Rs 1500 (1 day sale)
Total Earned in a Month = Rs 1500*30         = Rs 45000
Profit                             = Total Earned – (Rent + Salary)  = 45000 – (5000 + 10000)
Profit                            = Rs 30000 a month

That means Rs 1000 a day

Coming to the area of legal formalities- you need to register yourself with the Municipal or Panchayat office which is related to the region where you want to setup your shop. You would need a written application stating eatery/ outlet name and type of business i.e. fast food, a layout plan (if possible) and a no objection letter from the land owner.

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2. Content Writing and Editing

The job requires a specialisation in providing relevant content for the website. If you have the skill to present your content in a unique, useful and compelling manner with the use of user-friendly but appropriate writing skills, then you can go for this kind of job. It requires understanding with the internet and social media, analysing the present scenario, writing about a topic, and then editing it to make it more useful and informative, thus providing the reader with a handful of quality articles to read and extract information from.  from Rs. 200 per article for a fresher to Rs. 10,000 for an experienced writer. Your ability to scan relevant content and use of keywords which attract the customers are some of the skills that make you stand out in this task. Writing procedures and documentation are some of the skill-set that add to your pay. Sites like ‘WritersWeekly’, ‘HubPages’ provide you with a platform to submit your articles for publication and thus earn money through them.

Each company pays writers in their own way. Some pay per word (like Rs 1- Rs 10 per word), while some pay per article(like Rs 200 to Rs 20000 per article). On a rough estimate, if you really write well then you can easily complete 1 well-researched article of 2000 words in 2 days and can easily charge Rs 2000 for that article. So in a month calculation complete 15 articles and earn Rs1000 per day on an average.

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3. Product Reviewing

There are many sites and companies which are ready to provide money just for using their product and providing an unbiased review about it i.e. by not getting affected by advertisements or any other factors. They need a feedback and sometimes they pay just to post a good review of their products so that they can attract customers. With good reviews the brand credibility of the company increases, thus ensuring trustworthiness to customers. You can post your reviews on their social media, blogs, word of mouth, Youtube, etc. Some companies like Amazon, Tide, L’Oréal etc provide free products and may even compensate you in order to test and promote their products. There may be some products which the readers do not know about. Thus, you would also be informing your readers about the existence of such products which may turn out to be useful for them which will, in turn, increase your fan following.

You can review products on your own website/ blog, and if you don’t have one then you can review on reviewing site like Angie’s List,, There are many more such wesites which you can look into Google.

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4. Providing Backlink to Needy

Every website has a domain authority (DA) attached to it through which search engines trust the website and help in ranking. The DA of websites varies from level 1 to level 100. Each site is allotted a domain authority of level 1 at the initial stage. The government websites are given a higher level of domain authority and there are some websites like Wikipedia, Google, Facebook etc which are called seed websites and have a domain authority level equal to 100. Thus, making them appear at good rank most of the time is a keyword related to their content is searched.

If a seed website or a website which has high DA refers (give backlink) to a low DA website then there is a huge boost in the  DA of low DA website. Therefore, owners of low DA website always search for content writers or famous bloggers who post on high DA websites and pay them money for referring their website in their article. This proves out to be profitable for both, the writer as he gets a huge amount of money just for referring the website link and also the website owner.

There are sites like Fiverr which offer you with the platform where you can sell your services. You can charge from Rs 300 to Rs 10000 depending upon the type of link (do-follow link or no-follow link), DA of the website from which you are giving a link and, on the genre of the content.

To sustain in the current economy, it is pivotal to keep up with technology and of course, other advancements. The world is full of possibilities for the ones who are willing to walk a mile extra. Try giving your ideas and abilities a creative edge, and a broader vision will definitely pay off. These days Tea businesses are advancing at a pace no one ever imagined. So, why are you sitting back underestimating something you haven’t even tried? Why not bring forth something of your own creation and surprise the world whilst making more money, of course? Why not give the basic ideas an edge of your unique thinking?

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