How Gmail makes Money?

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January 18, 2017

Gmail have 1 Billion monthly active users . It’s has been around 13 years when Google started Gmail on April 1st, 2004. Gmail was unreliable those days and Google itself was not expecting millions of users to register on it so they haven’t even made any office for Gmail. Skeptics didn’t even leave the Google mails, questioned its privacy and considered it cannot be trusted over the private user information. Moreover, the release was suspected to be an April fool’s joke as PigeonRank was but anyhow it turned out to be one of the most widely used website across the globe and started earning money with a great speed. But have you ever imagined how Gmail makes money?

Google mail extensions include Google+, Google Drive, YouTube, Google Calendar, Google Buzz and Google Hangouts. Just to make sure the daily clearance of junk and refine the data maintaining the privacy, Google need billions and you make sure to never disappoint it. Yes, the users of Google are the biggest revenue making product of its. The more ‘Googling’ you do, the more money the organization makes. About 96% of its earning comes from AdSense and AdWords, which means earning out Google’s part is all about advertisement and advertisement only.

This is the same concept that goes with Google mails. Gmail makes money from Adsense only, getting paid for each advertisement it sets. Gmail’s advertisements are charged into ways which are “Per 1000 Impression” basis and on “Per Click” basis.

There are various sections of advertisements such as insurance, product, finance, mortgages and so on which pays a lot to get advertised. Completely supported by its advertisement, a Google mail generates huge revenue as we have discussed above. The accurate amount isn’t shared with the users and won’t be there anytime soon. By web developers, Gmail is said to be a prominent use of Ajax and has the capacity to send and receive data of 25 MB approximately in the highest possible speed. Speaking of the achievements here, Google mail application was the first one to reach 1 billion downloads on Google play store.

Merging the three i.e. Google mail, Google Drive and Google+ there is 15 GB free space provided to the users to keep their photos, videos, and emails safe which is extendable if brought. The features of the web-based free electronic mail sending and receiving facility includes Gmail Tests where you can test and review the new features which would be added in the coming updates. Hangouts enabled video calling and even faster chatting using the chatbox and the Google+ enabled the users a type of social networking to connect and share the personal data with friend and foes. The Gmail search that most of us have already used makes it way easier for the users to search the instantly required chat or document.

There are various achievements that the Google mail has made just to attract more and more of users to connect the site, assuring quality services making billions out of each mail that opens!

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  1. Jithendra kumar

    Hello ,
    I would like to do through GMAIL as u said in above .What is the procedure and how do i get money though that.Please send me the contact details.


    • BusinessAlligators Support

      Perhaps you haven’t read the heading and article properly. It was about “how Gmail earn money” not on “how you can earn money from Gmail”.

  2. Chan Kin Ping

    But I don’t see any ads on Gmail page, so how can it earn money?

    • BusinessAlligators Support

      When you login into Gmail then your emails are categorized into Primary, Social, Promotion, Update. When you click on Social or Promotion section then above all those emails there are emails with a tag “Ad”. Those are the ads by which Gmail earns money.

    • Suchith Reddy Yeruva

      Hello Mr.Chan Kin Ping

      Google actually sends sponsored emails to the users
      With an advertisement tag to it.

      The same strategy is also used by Yahoo.
      Yahoo keeps those emails at the top of the list.

      And they make money per click or per thousand impressions.

  3. Thotrin lungleng

    I would to join your job

  4. kavya

    Thanks a lot for providing valuable information.


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