How Wikipedia makes Money?

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January 14, 2016

Benefiting 330 million people every month, Wikipedia has turned out to be 5th most famed website existing on internet requiring a budget of 3 million just to keep it running but having no as such source of income. No products, no advertisement! Then how Wikipedia makes money?Been created in 2001 by Bomis, an online media company; holding the idea of creating an encyclopedia with all sort of information that could be collaborated. Being rebelled by Nupedia, the concept got independent with a unique domain. Not just in English but in various other languages for the ease of people, Wikipedia.org got its existence. The wiki foundation was launched separately in 2003, with an increase in its use.

It can be considered as an open source to all and anyone with internet access can contribute his/her knowledge writing and editing the same. Well as hooliganism is no hidden truth of the society, some guidelines do prevent the content to be misused and just to prevent civility. Anonymous editors and writers working across the globe without being paid are the real contributors of the website. Hence there is no one writer who could be thanked for providing the high-quality content but many, making the whole concept a collaborative work. The content is totally cross referenced, providing the related information of the search and letting people to not wander around to seek more data. Being hyperlinked with various prominent books and articles providing in depth info of the topic asked.

You will surely feel amazed after knowing that Wikipedia makes money from Donations only, it is a non-profit organization with the intention of helping people gain knowledge about anything and everything. I don’t know anyone who has ever paid for the wiki search or hasn’t been benefited by the same being an internet user. Yet the free encyclopedia has been benefited by the content contributors, users and benefiters. A thousand of articles are been daily added to the website for the million unique users to read, taking donation from the appreciative readers. Well approximately even with the least intention to earn, this might be a bit astounding that it does make 2.8 billion annually. Going through the stats of wiki, the number of users who use it is explicated on stats.wikimedia.org has described a total of 14,647 million readers on all of the sites (mobile/non mobile) and wiki books in the month of December, 2015.

The Wikipedia project has all of its content well written with highlighted texts for in depth study and a proper index for easy access. The search helps the user to get into even the related stuffs. The write-ups are sometimes not considered complete as they are continuously been edited and to upgrade the quality. This is to be informed to all of the wiki users, specially the one who actually find the content incomplete that sometimes the articles hold just one view point over a topic which makes the content debatable. Such contents have scopes of being viewed and edited. Many articles have reached a high quality standard after getting through with numerous minds, refining the information while some are still under process. The verified quality articles are present among the featured articles.

Though having good space to monetize benefacting links and advertisements, wiki doesn’t go that way. No advertisement just knowledge! Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia (to be more precise the founder of Nupedia and the co-founder of Bomis) has proved the clear intention of proving easy access to knowledge to start Wikipedia. Well even the idea of the website is loved by all, indexing the content.

An official Wikipedia application was launched for the IOS, android and window phone users with no extra data charges, and obviously an open source code. The application has grown so fast that now it has million users. Well with no fences of the addition to how much can still be added, it turns out to be the best option for anyone to look forward to. One key search, no advertisement, thousands of featured articles which are being testified by people across the world and last but never the least is it’s being free of cost. Collaborated contribution and consensus makes it a perfect place to get recognized. Holding the safe and easy access this project is no less than a boon to billion brains across the world.

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