How to Earn Money while Travelling?

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January 10, 2016

Travelling across the world is somehow a goal for many and this is a fact that, if it was free to travel you probably wouldn’t have ever seen many people resting on the couch and making plans that just won’t succeed. Money is the biggest concern for people who wish to look deeper into the world they have been born in and explore the secrets of the places around. How will you feel if instead of spending money on travelling you can Earn Money While Travelling? Well, this is no joke that one can really make a decent living while moving to the dreamlands of his, and here in this Business Alligator’s article, you would be enlightened with the ways for the same. Talking of the money concerns, we have previously written articles to describe means to garner and make intelligent investments. This one write-up where my pen wielded through the pages with a varying thought process, which was intended to be somehow similar to that of a traveller and to make sure the aspiration don’t bring you to live on roads or chose the footpath to grab your sleep.

Before heading out for the travel, you need to make sure of all what you need should be there in the travelling bag, taking an example of if you have a guitar talent hold the strings along. Work brings you money and while being good at something you don’t leave it behind as no matter where you go, you will always be appreciated for the talents you got. Here are 5 ways to Earn money while travelling:

1. Earn money by Blogging

If you are one compulsive writer and you can picture all of your experience in the art of your words then here you go. Blogging provides you with the platform to express and make money out of all of the attention that your words can garner. This is about presenting your phrases in the most glamorous way that sitting back at home and getting into your own personal websites people cannot hold themselves back from liking and subscribing as this is all what it is about. Personally recommended to all those who have the ability to write, express and impress because this is one glorious platform with a million people around the globe reading what you got in your mind. And this is really a nice way to earn money while travelling, you would love it.

The another way to earn some hard cold money of blogging you can be a professional blogger for the travel companies who are readily interested in investing into people who can actually explicate their travel experiences which is surely a brilliant way to get the customers know about the exact picture of the place they plan to visit.

Travel writing even if you do not prefer to turn up as a blogger than probably you can get a freelancing job which is undoubtedly and definitely a decent paying job where you can work on your own flexibility zone.

2. Busking also Make Money

Well as I said in the starting stanzas Busking is one platform for you to present your talent and believe me, people, no matter where love to have something new on their plate and a strong talent can bring in a good crowd of people who would readily pay. Regardless of the place you are talents are appreciated especially music and dance, some people do get themselves cooking their special recipes and getting appreciated for the same. The skills you have on your side can have you not worry about the shopping and travelling, what else are you looking for. Being a successful busker is all about the grip you have over the talents. Here you find the inner satisfaction with each time you are padded on the back and apprehended by different people in another beautiful place. Loads of stranger turns out to be a great friend and if you are lucky enough you with find quality people to help you get polished and may be another companion to guide your way through.

And if you think that this might make you look poor then I would suggest you to consult a professional busker, no one thinks that way rather there’s this famous example of Dynamo a renowned street magician who had his world travel making quality fame, with a huge fan following (well I personally am one amongst them).

3. Prize Your Art Work

If not busking around and performing on streets, you can even sell your artwork online or offline. Your own artwork should rather be good enough to help you make money. Well if not yours and you are like me who cannot paint or even dance than you can help other people sell their work around the globe, wherever you travel you can present the same and get the artesian paid for his work and you make the royalty of being the seller.

You can see people presenting their work online as well, and yes online is one international platform which is somehow like rotating the magic wand and here you go, people are watching you from far-far away land and will undoubtedly pay for a good work. Who are waiting for, this is another opportunity for you to nourish your bank balance and pay those bills.

4. Travel Photography

If nothing works well on your way, neither the writing nor the above said ways than here it is for you to make your way through as a traveller and explorer. You go to places most people have never seen, but what can furl the eyes for seeing something exquisite which can be captured and displayed. Uncountable collectors out there who would love to collect pictures of the distant places. Here photography is your game, where you can walk down the street and click the splendid sunrise-sunset, flower, the natural or man-made beauty that you are exploring. Photography is itself an art and all you have to do is find the right angle for the picture to have its beauty at its best.

Travel photographers get paid in numerous ways. SmugMug.com is the online platform that pays for the travel pictures and even there are travel magazines that can invite the photos hidden in the camera roll. Yes, you can get your own side shop or even you can try to have them sold to the professional bloggers that can weave words into the pictures and get than more lively with you earning your part and they earning theirs.

5. Tutor, giving Guest Lectures or Online Tutoring Videos

How can we get off without this famous and really benefiting profession! You can teach people around the talents you hold, your knowledge can help the new ones learn something better and even have to earn money. There is no end for the children who are still digging in their brains to find the inner talent so they tend to learn each and every possible thing they get. You can even teach people on the specific language, a musical instrument, art and craft, hand writing, cooking, swimming, exercising or anything you know. Landing up in a new place might have you get some difficulty in spreading your name yet there are institutions everywhere, where you can apply so as to do the same. Moreover turning online, Udemy is the platform where people upload a tutoring lecture of whatever subject they know well or even a topic and students around the globe can have them, with this you earn money and your royalty with each download, the lecture gets. Tutoring in the 21st century is not just the lectures provided sitting back at home and inviting the vicinity students to join but a widened profession where everyone has the space to get people know various new things that the tutor knows.

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