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February 11, 2016

The idea to earn money on one’s own terms and condition drives in major attention. Leverage is the watchword of the rich says Siebold, and now it’s in your hands. Success is only one step away that is the first one. It only seems difficult in the beginning, and once you step in, there are exposures to new openings and ideas that you can examine to garner cash. It has only been in recent times when earning money in one’s comfort zone is gaining grounds among most people who aspire to pull together some money. None of the ways given here is a flat-out undoable, it’s all about the inner capabilities, skills and most importantly the efforts one can pull in. Millionairedom might not be an easy bag, and you cannot be another Bill Gates whilst being an individual unique personality of your own self but the first step creates enthusiasm to believe in and polishes the inbuilt skills. Here are 50 easiest ways to make money are:

1. Blogging

One way I have explained in my previous articles as well, Got a rage for writing? Blogging is your propel. Write about your favourite topic, your genre in writing and create a website with all your content. All you need is a computer and the urge to write every detail of your topic. Your hobby would turn up as your profession. It doesn’t ask a single dollar from you, just put in your write ups as blogs. A blog can contain personal stories, social issues, and thoughts about any specific topic. To begin with first decode your genre where your words work in the best way and make it precise, your knowledge would be your best friend now. With the categorization of your blog, you make the audience clear about what they should expect from the article. After doing all this register for advertisement on your blog/ website for AdSense network.

2. Make Money via EBay

The basic sell and get paid via eBay is trending these days, just sell all the unwanted junk and get paid. The other way through the same is to use ePN, eBay partner network. Just apply to ePN through your established website and promote the known products. This is similar to affiliate marketing, and blogging can be a great hand to earn via this. This is what’s called eBay affiliate. Today many people are earning money from eBay on a good basis.

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3. Virtual Assistant

This is all about providing professional, technical, social, administrative assistance to people from home being a secretary. Persuading clients to do things in a better way, cheaper and efficiently is the work of a VA, it requires a good background with administrative experience. Just sign up to an agency, and begin your research work for the same.

4. Life Modelling (Hand or Foot modelling)

PS: You don’t have to be photogenic.

All you have to do is, call nearby schools, art colleges, and studios to ask if they need a life model and describe your gender, height, body structure. This is about being comfortable with your body and nudity, and to pose for the artists patiently. It would take a couple of hours and would be really boring to stick yourself in one position, Carol Holt travels across England, modelling as a life model in various school since past 23 years. To be naked for hours on end isn’t comfortable to all but you will certainly look beautiful in the artist’s paintings and sketches.

If not life modelling then hand and foot modelling can also earn you some bucks, to work as the same and flaunting the hand and foot beauty.

6. Custom gift making

Are you a creative hand? Can you design stuff in accordance to the people? This is your kind of work. Personalised gift making involves starting a small business, taking up orders from people coming up with a specific concept. Your business can involve some more people with similar Willy skills. This kind of business has a wide scope, as you can eventually bring the business online building a website to sell your products or open a Shoppe and once your store got viral then you easily make money in millions.

7. Counseling

A good communication and assistive skill can make you earn being a counsellor, this kind of work can be virtual (online, on call, email), in a home office or at schools or colleges. Counsellors work with all ages from children to adults, offering guidance, advice and support to the ones having troubles dealing with trauma in life. My preceding article had a counselling explained specifically for women but this can be exercised by both males and females depending on the personal skills.

8. Sell your notes

Being a student or teacher, throwing away the notes doesn’t make sense when you can earn by selling the same. This is another way to spread your knowledge via the self-made study notes. The typed notes earn more than the hand written ones. You can sell them to the bookstores or to a student in your vicinity, or the best way is selling online where your notes will be recognised worldwide and with every sale of your p.d.f, you would earn your part. wnotesale.co.uk, notesgen.com, and many more sites support selling of notes.

9. Medical Transcription

It’s one of the easiest way to make money. Medical transcription requires one to be familiar with medical terminology, to write the doctor’s dictated recordings as reports. You can work from your home a medical transcriptionist for clinical documentation; this is supported by Acusis India. Requisites are, English language skills, listening skills and desire to excel in MT.

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10. Taxi services

Just like the OLA Cabs based in India, quality taxi services can provide huge benefits saving the customer’s time and involving transparency in payment services. One doesn’t have to own his own car to be used as a taxi, hiring different taxi drivers taking small initial investments would work. A centralised authority keeps hold of the requirement of the customer and location of both the authorised drivers and customer. This was the driver gets more customers whilst the company makes its commission and the customer save his time with quality services.

Taking one’s own cars for rental purposes can also earn profits, hiring a driver and keeping a check of the kilometres driven.

11. Consignments

A consignment is to sell goods for an owner, for this one can take up a contract of a shop or some specific products to be sold. The owner owns all the products until it sells if it sells. If it doesn’t sell the owner takes it back home. So a consignment earns 50% of the profit the selling earns. This is how it works if you chose to take consignments!

The second option is to sell your stuff. For example, you choose to consign a television for $30; they will initially take a small ‘activation’ charge. If it sells the profit would be either divided as 50% or they might take a predefined amount, and if it doesn’t sell you take your belonging home. Before you commit do research about the store policy, because each consignment has its own policies.

12. Franchisee

This requires a good initial investment; don’t forget to research about the pros and cons of taking a franchise. It is for a fixed time period, being broken into small time segments. You are supposed to choose a business to excel in, and you should be really sure of it. To open a branch of some specific brand, there are three payments to be made.

First, the royalty to use the trademark, second compensation over the advisory services given to the franchise, and the third one is a part of each unit sale.

13. Event Planning

Invest your party experiences and planning skills into a money making business, where you can excel on your terms and interests. This is one way for all those who love to design events, and are fascinated with throwing classy parties. This is a profitable industry which is growing enormously; there are various kinds of events where you can find your interests and skills. Weddings, commercial, educational, kitty parties and much more to start with you can choose with planning the local small events and then shoot out for the big ones.

14. Freelancing

Many people prefer freelancing to earn money these days. Freelancing is one way to excel in your interests being self-employed and not committed to a specific organization, freelancing has various jobs to surpass with example: writing, teaching, elance worker, author, tour guide, volunteering, NGO worker, Face painter, photography, sketching, nail art, yoga instructor, and there are many more in this field. Well, online sites have turned out to a growing platform, to begin with else you can begin with your own locality.

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15. Open a Daycare

In today’s world where both the parents run short of time being working, day care has built in strong grounds for the children to live and learn. If it seems to be hectic to deal with a number of children, you can start small with a few kids and then hire employees to take charge as the business grows. This requires a place for the children to play, can be a room at your own house or even a rented place. This business is getting boom these days and people are making a good amount of money. In developed and developing nations you can easily earn money from Day Care.

16. Royalties

No am not going to talk about the Kings and Queens, Royalties is a kind of passive income. If you can write a book, or record an album, or create a product that can drive in customers than you can make money taking royalties with each sale you earn your part whilst doing nothing. If you are like me and creating such stuff isn’t a part of your personality than you can even buy the rights from other people earning royalties, this goes like the person gives you the right to collect his royalty and you earn your bit through each one you collect.

17. Renting

One common and easiest way to bring in money is renting and beyond renting your house, room there are a lot many things that can be rented like your play station, bicycle, parking stand, car, party clothes, jeweler, utensils, and look around you would find many things that people might like to rent that you own.

18. Photography

Walking down the street you can click so many beautiful pictures which being busy people forget to notice or going on a vacation there’s so much nature provides that needs to be seen. If photography fascinates you, you can make it your profession. Work with a studio or even be a local photographer capturing wedding pictures or scenic beauty. There are sites like Instagram (they don’t sell picture) but can help you get recognised for your skills.

19. Editorial work

Editorial work is not just about writing, it can be edited if you have a strong grammatical ground and you can pinpoint even the minor spell, grammar, or literary errors. Writing technical or creative write ups, working as a freelancer or for a particular magazine, for a specific publisher can be a real time profession.

If writing and editing aren’t your interests, may be publishing. Opening your own publishing house where you can print books of easily available PDFs or your self-written books or novels by a ghostwriter. PDFs are still furry to be read!

20. Coaching

Spreading your knowledge is one of the best ways to earn money from home and under your own policies. Coaching can include painting, sketching, art and craft, music, dancing, knitting, crocheting, cooking, computer, science, mathematics or any subject lessons. People of all ages wish to learn and explore, here you can be mean to guide them.

21. Food Shoppe

If your recipes can make people drool over the food, food Shoppe can be a huge start up business. People all over the globe love food and a food business never go in recession if it sells quality tasty yummers. You can begin with a small step, selling tiffin to offices or a small local Shoppe which eventually can become a huge business.

22. Apparel and accessory store

This kind of work is also explained in my previous article. Antique accessories and hand-picked apparel for women from different places can appeal so many cat-eyes. In the beau monde world, a variety of some specific type of products is a cinch to earn money. Create an online store, where you can use photo and video demonstrations or else you can open up your own fancy fashion Shoppe. Your marketing skills would play a vital role in this. This is being used by my own friend, who is herself an entrepreneur now, running a website with the same idea.

23. Stock investment

It is a considered risky kind of work, but an intelligent investment can earn good deals whilst doing nothing and waiting for the stocks to boon up. Be the dividend in a company and with each penny the company would earn, you will get your share and here you don’t actually have to work. This way require some mental work but you need not to leave your bed for it. You can easily make money from bed by investing in stocks.

24. Sell the olds

Online is one platform to sell the old stuff, from clothes to furniture. Taking this offline there are thrift shops that will pay you a decent amount for all the used ups you can sell. Prices might be low but throwing away the junk isn’t a good option while you can get paid by the same. eBay, OLX and Quicker are the best way to make easy money from old stuff.

25. Mystery Shopper

No, you don’t have to be the next Sherlock. This is one flexible job for anyone and everyone to earn from, does it sound too good to be true? So yes it is. To get into this, one has to sign up with a company (there are online websites for the same) and he/she will be provided with a database to assure flexibility of work hours. The shopper will be instructed of the things to be brought and in accordance with your experience; you will be filing a report. The instructions given will explain you the sort of work it is. Shadow shopping is one brilliant way for the shopaholics to make money.

26. Make money from Competitions

Art contests, gaming competitions, writing competitions and much more and make you earn money if only you can turn out to be best in your skill. There are various science and mathematics competitions held at schools and colleges itself. It’s the art of coping, which is investing hours to enter in hundreds of competitions, these competitions might me a medium for you to travel the world and furniture your home.

27. Review Products to earn Money

28. Fiverr Gigs

Fiverr is an online marketplace with a new twist to help people earn from home by making gigs which require one to simply write, sing, sketch, paint, any valuable skill to offer. Not using it yet, you are at loss. There are various ways like, promoting via blogs or social media, style clothes in your unique way, sell your diet plan and more.

29. Website developing

Website development is one easiest way to make money nowadays because IT firms provide online and offline coaching for people to learn web development, online tutorials and what not to get more engagements in the field of website development which was one reason for Mark Zuckerberg to be the youngest billionaire in the world. Hiring a developer might cost a bit but a good website idea can get good earn you lavishly.

30. Apps developing

No, it won’t require any sort of technical programming skills, just similar to website development all that you can do is, hiring a developer if only you have an idea of the kind of application you wish to make. Rather IT firms keep on organising various app development courses or there are online tutorials for the same to earn from. One huge platform to earn is information technology!

31. YouTube

People earning money on YouTube is a very common thing these days, regular people do that. All you have to do is to become a YouTube partner and start your own Youtube Channel. YouTube users with monetized videos (allowing YouTube to advertise before your video), having a large number of viewers.


33. Udemy

Not interested in giving daily tuitions? Help students across the globe to trigger their noesis via your own udemy course. Udemy is an online site that provides tutorials on various subjects to the students worldwide. You can upload your own tutorial and as it sells, you would earn your amount. One simplest way to make money it is.

34. Use your smartphone

Wish to turn your smartphone into a money making machine? Both android and IOs provide you a platform to earn money by installing apps like Swagbucks, Mobee, Slidejoy, viggle and more that help you earn in different ways. Example you can even earn via taking selfies so why not to get to know more about this one option to make money and make your smartphone smarter.

35. Buying and Selling

SO this is one common way to make money, but a product in wholesale and sell it making a profit. This can either be small or a big business and is very common in the marketplace. You can deal in one product or many, like owning a stationary shop to sell some old notes, pens, notebooks and so on. This is one easy way that can be done renting a room or from your own home or if it is feasible than walk door to door to sell like a salesman.

36. Market Research

No business would make any sort of profit by manufacturing products that are not requires by the users, this is where market research is required for companies to understand the customer requirement. Majestic MRSS RNB researches, synovate, Decision analyst Forrester research, EyeSee Research are some examples of companies supporting market research.

37. Product party hosting

After Tupperware there are so many companies that have supported product party to attract customers. If selling isn’t your thing then party hosting is? If yes, then product party hosting can earn you decent cash and will also receive discounts for your purchases. Product party aren’t huge blasting events and can even be held as home gatherings.

38. Beauty Salon

Men and women all the time are ready to pay for good looks and personal hygiene. If you hold the talent of providing people quality haircut, and other beauty helps locally then why not to give it a bead. This is one way to get bigger with the skills or stay local according to the convenience. You can open this with a bunch of people or even individually. A legitimate way to earn cash it is.

39. Design Clothes

Designing can be the mania of many, and this can be done both online and offline. Companies like Teespring, skreened, cafepress, 99designs and more websites provide decent money for customized wear and designs for various clothing.

40. Take good Debts

By good debts I mean, the debts that would earn profit. It’s not renting money! Buying investment properties that can give good returns grossing an overall profit can be a great idea. Banks are always providing loans on properties. This is what we call ‘cash flow positive’ kind of investment.

41. Rent your Body

Selling plasma, hair, sperms (it is legal) can earn you a decent amount. Consult a nearby doctor or again internet is your platform. In today’s economy human body organs alone can earn him/her a good deal. Rather you can be a friend, RentAFRiend.com helps you with the same; people earn a decent living out of this. Just be a dining companion for someone who doesn’t wish to dine alone, and get paid with each passing hour.

42. Be a task Rabbit

Task rabbit is an app, supported by both web/android/IOS. This includes a background and criminal record check. A task rabbit connects people in the vicinity who would provide service at the same time; the services can include short errands like repairing home furniture, giving a hand in cooking or anything.

43. Recycle and Restore

Can your creative head refurbish antiques as a completely polished usable? Then this can turn up as an asset professionally. Online market websites can be your media or even the antique Shoppe owners can bring you desired audience which will recognize and pay for your talent.

44. Hauling Services

To earn via hauling services is one good option these days and you don’t have to buy or can buy second hand pickup trucks. This requires a bit of investment while buying trucks and then all what you have to do is ‘spread the word’. This can be a big business eventually, a bit of your effort is required.

45. Gardening and Selling plants

People would love to pay good amount for salubrious fresh fruits and vegetable, and if you have a garden that yields the same you can earn through it. Selling small plants can also make money. Selling them to a shop owner can also be an option or if you own one cattle or two, what else are you thinking about?

46. Crocheting, quilting and knitting

Teaching people the art of crocheting, quilting and knitting can garner good money, rather opening a club to make custom items. Taking up designs and orders, and selling various items. This is another way to earn both online and offline. This can be a good start to be an entrepreneur. This way can fetch you lavishly in your own comfort zone and working hour flexibility.

47. Network Marketing

Network marketing is a legitimate business and also one of the easiest way to make money. Describing the work in short, one buys or to be more precise invests in something useful that the company provides, a low upfront investment you can call this. Here the distributor builds in his own business through spreading the name and usefulness of the product he used or even the benefits he built. It is flexible and making money through this depends on ones connections, building up a chain. Various companies, talking of the most common ones we usually hear about are Tupperware, Avon, Amway, FreeLife, HerbalLife, Juice plus, Kleeneze, Sunrider, XanGo and there are a hundred companies that support this. To be successful here, one has to be precise with the goals and a good research is required about the products.

48. Virtual call Center Agent

It can be of various types depending on the personal skills like interviewer, customer service executive, sales person, and more. Earning staggeringly through this can be easy depending on capability and time investment. It’s all about the communication skill, you have to contact various clients depending on the company requirements you work for.


There are infinite numbers of opportunities for everyone to earn money from, now it’s your turn to give ideas a shot to become an entrepreneur or earn a decent living depending on your own creativity.

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