10 Rules to Increase your Income by 3 Times

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December 30, 2015

“Money is like a sixth sense and you can’t make use of other five without it,” says William Somerset Maugham. Who doesn’t want to have his income incremented? It’s as simple as that, an increase in income steps up for bigger savings and hence investments. But discussing the same would make you sound greedy or money obsessed, so usually, people don’t do it. We all are red blooded humans with an approximately 1.5 kg brain which can only be used to an extent of 10% by all, so why bank balance of some people is so much different from that of a normal person? What do billionaires do to earn that sort of capital? We have already discussed various jobs that can be undertaken, from zero initial investment jobs, taking your passion as a profession, to earn with the least efforts (while sleeping), here in this article Business Alligators provides you with ways to increase your income, some specific personality transformations you require with your unique ideas to begin as an entrepreneur. This is what you need to invest in yourself.

Here are 10 ways you can increase your income by 3 times:

1. Be specific about what you choose

To have your income grow by 3 times you should be really specific with what you chose for yourself because everything that you do, brings out a positive or negative effect in life. Investing your energy into better things that both polish your skills and help you grow financially is your kind of work. Commitments that take more than what they serve you with shouldn’t even be an option. You should focus on making the most out of what you are doing with each minute of your day. This can actually release you from the total stress and get you focused on the ones prominent. Remember focus is the key to success and focus can help you a lot in increasing your income

2. Stay positive to increase your income

A positive mind can make better efforts than one filled with negative thoughts. Stay happy so as to make the best out of everything that you do. There can be times of downfall and losses even the severe ones, a true businessman finds a way out even in the whipped situations and they are times that make you the best. The risk may jeopardize the whole existence but they will lead to success. Remember the moment of success doesn’t bring greatness but the moment of all those trials that failed does. So stay happy, stay positive, and don’t let the losses overcome your belief in success.

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3. Time is money

Each second, each minute of your day is crucial in your budding stages and even when you have already settled. Invest it with people that can help you survive the business pressure. Get involved in things that increase your intellectual quotient. Meditation can be a key to keep your mind calm and will help you make quicker and precise decisions. An early morning yoga, walk, or keeping your mind out of work will help to unlock your senses. Everyone has 24 hours in a day, and it depends on you how you utilize that. This is the secret weapon of the rich to invest each second in the righteous way possible.

4. Propinquity to knowledge

Reading at least 30 books on the related subject of the field you are working in a year, it might sound difficult or boring but it brings in the best out the best in your present personality and will surely increase your income. We are here talking about 3 times increment which can turn you a millionaire and even a billionaire. All the golden names that you see in the billionaire list own specialized knowledge and have gathered the most knowledge they can out of each past day. The experiences of already successful people help you with the complexities you are dealing with. There are books written by billionaires to inspire people, every now and then their interviews are published. Books, YouTube, business publications, television, newsletters, seminars, and lectures of important people help you in a crucial way. Their experiences are a guideline to achieve the aspired goal. To attain skill or even to polish the existing skills knowledge plays a crucial role.

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5. Understand the Law of Attraction

To enjoy the luxury of financial freedom; the law of attraction of money is science. If we look closer into the lives of all billionaires we can find this one thing common, to understand ways to turn wealthy is no rocket science. People usually focus on just cash to be rich but being wealthy is a complete process of attaining psychological peace and stay focused on achieving your goal. People think struggle and staying in misery might help but these can only fence the environment of better opportunities and positivity rather than bringing in money. These are certain traits of psychological peace and focus so as to attract more of what you want.

6. Understand money

Understanding money is about making the best use of each penny you have in your pocket and its one of the important things to increase your income by 3 times. And most important feel money as a transaction not as a physical identity. Till the time you feel it as a physical identity, it will remain in thousands and the moment you feel it as a transaction from here to there id will turn into millions.

The money you earn is the token of appreciation that your hard work grants you so investing it wisely become really important. Knowledge of the best ways to invest and increase it is really crucial. Money doesn’t grant happiness but certainly makes sure to make your wishes come true. Earn it with goodwill and make sure what you do with the hard-earned money of yours. Understand its worth and prominence, why it is needed to be earned and why it should be taken care of?

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7. Law of 80/20

Evaluating all the work that has to be done working as an entrepreneur logically, out of all the list of different activities which require a lot of hard work and focus only 20% plays the most crucial role rest can be divided. Similar to where this concept began i.e. from Italy when Sir Pareto observed that 80%of the whole income that Italy earns comes from 20%of its citizen. What the point here is to get the major focus on that 20% rather than distributing equal efforts in the minor tasks so as to get the most and make the success 3 times than before.

8. Help others to earn money

This might seem somehow moral than a logical business kind of advice but trust me it’s not. You are working on earning money and not hoarding it while helping other people you actually invest in yourself and make the best investment in my point of view. In business, the loyal amount of people you have around you who actually work with good intentions plays a prominent part, and loyalty is another thing that has to be earned just like money. Helping others with sharing your experiences helps you rise in various ways because you do get feedback through this which polishes potent.

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9. Know your worth

You actually don’t have to pull yourself down or think any bad about your own potential. The first thing to increase the outcome of anything and whatever you do is to believe in yourself that you can do it, making true and 100% efforts for the same. Everything that happens good/bad is the outcome of your inputs, so better serve yourself with things that you can digest and get the best out of your own self. Meditation is one way to know yourself and understand your worth; you never know what you can do unless that’s something you have to do to save your most precious possession.

10. Mend the wrongs in yourself

To repeat the mistakes of yours is one of the most foolish activities one can do and in the world of entrepreneurs, there is no space for fools. You are not just supposed to mend your mistakes but also rise above them to make your losses vanish at the rate of your success. This is a 100% proven fact to be a billionaire, even the best business minds fail but the difference is at a point where they fill the gaps of even the deepest crises with stronger successes. Make a smart, measurable, attainable goal and a strategy to achieve it.

These rules would help you achieve the aspired, you set the surroundings, the environment you live in. destiny isn’t in the lines of your hand or inscribed on your forehead but what you do with each second you live. Breathing isn’t living, at least not for a true entrepreneur. Earn big to live life like a king, ‘King Size’.

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