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November 2, 2015

Specialised knowledge is about specific, very specific and deep cognition of something, anything like a research, an industrial organisation, a product, and so on. How is specialised knowledge different from general knowledge? You have a combination of a good understanding, skills and specialised perception about one thing that you can excel in. This kind of aggregation isn’t usual; this is what makes Mark Zuckerberg better than the rest of the computer science engineers, his knowledge of psychology and programming. Thomas A. Edison, had to school for just 3 months, wasn’t he brilliant and ‘rich’? Your knowledge is not in the hands of the teacher, it’s about your interest the way you gather every bit of it.

To begin with earning out of your knowledge, you have to decide what you know the best. What is your specialisation? What your work experience is all about? “SPECIALIZATION IS MOST SOUGHT AFTER.”- says Robert P. Moore.

Here are 5 ad hoc roles of specialised knowledge in earning money:

1. Expertise becomes Invincible

Consider the example discussed earlier, Mark Zuckerberg. How many computer science programmers, developers pass out their graduation each year? What made Sir Mark one of the top billionaires in the world? Did he type some magic words in his programming? There’s a yearly based town hall, where lakhs of engineers register to get in and merely a few hundred students get a chance to hear Mark Zuckerberg for 15 minutes and the rest of the hour is spent answering the questions which aren’t direct. Only the picked questions are answered. What makes the man so special? It’s his knowledge, his expertise on what he executed. Pushing the limits of the subject you admire, is the best way to make you invincible through cognition.

2. Makes Success Easier

Experience and considerable hours of practising make an expert, he knows what most people aren’t aware of. There are no shortcuts to success and success isn’t a gift, but your insights and superiority of a subject can make it easier. To solve all those business problems, expert advice is anticipated. There are unique problems which require a unique solution with least probability of failure. An individual’s expertise is a crucial factor that decides his ability to take over the decision making of an organisation. Who among the two can be called an expert, the one who has read theories related to a subject or the one who has practically experienced a life into the same? An experienced one will always know the actual dos and don’ts to be followed, so this part about specialised knowledge makes things easier and hence success comes faster.

3. Gets you a step Ahead

The page of understanding your subject that you are on isn’t opened by many and further studies will only sharpen the cognition. Mostly people, talking about the successful ones spent hours in studying to strengthen their knowledge. They come up in seminars, renowned colleges and hold lecture session to share the difference they have carved. Sharing isn’t just about providing knowledge to someone else; in, either way, the giver also gains. With each time the, depending upon the quality of listeners, he/she gets a different point of view to look at the subject of expertise and helps the person gain acknowledgement among learners of the same field, who may become a part of his/her empire. You can even build your own kind of team of professionals via tutoring the expected experts.

4. Makes you Unique

In the huge business cosmos which is already flooding with optimists and knowledgeable people, expertise in one field helps you setting yourself as a unique personality. Uniqueness in a positive manner attracts people and sets up a status for your company. Building quality that differentiates your product is acquired only with the specialised understanding of the subject. This is the major reason for the popularity of brands and their high-priced products.

And who doesn’t know about, Amancio Ortega, the founder of Spanish fashion chain Zara, who is now amongst world’s top 5 richest men. It’s actually the brand name that sells with whatever price the company tags.

To make a reputation like that, series of best of the best consistent quality is required, which can only be the result of perfect specialisation in the merchandise.

5. Expertise is valued

Maybe you don’t recognise your potential, but people appreciate the assets. Talking to teachers, some of them are just the usual ones taking lectures and answering the silly question or sometimes skipping them. But a few are enjoying huge riches because people love to know what they got.

No one’s free enough to hear the usual, but who doesn’t wish to heed the words of and expert. Your learning is a blessing, you acquired with every passing second of your life. Make it worthy! All those years of considerable hard work give efficiency to the skills that differentiate people as an expert. By marketing knowledge, successful people earn fame, reputation and money all at the same time with this. With time people comes in limelight with this.

Real expertise produces concrete results, such as surgeons specifically speaking the neuron-surgeons, they improve with every attempt and there’s a time when even the most complex operations never fail. All competitors have the same start and finish line; it’s about how they undergo the way to success. Real expertise gives the best performance with assured riches.

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