Money is a Jealous Lover, Never make it Subservient

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November 3, 2015

“Money isn’t the most important aspect to survive, but it is next to the water.” Without money, it’s just not possible to think of a halcyon life but talking about money and its prominence would emphatically make you sound ‘greedy’ and ‘money-obsessed’. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting a free flow of money and exploring all the possible ways to attract it. It is being said, “Money can’t buy you happiness.” by people who either doesn’t have any or they are going through some life’s trauma because money can definitely buy things that will grant satisfaction leading to happiness. Achieving success is about being able to get anything and everything one aspires for.

‘The law of attraction’ it is a maxim that states, by focusing on positive/negative thoughts, the person brings positive/negative experiences to life. Apply the principle and attract money! Money is just like a jealous lover, so never treat it a subservient, even Anastasia didn’t like it! To transform your relationship with money, you just have to uncover the income blocks. How do you behave towards it, plays a crucial role while you get it or not? So here are 5 points to make your lover (here, ‘money’, it is) stay and double:

1. No, Showing Off

Spending money on upgrading your gadgets to show them off isn’t a good idea because this won’t earn you money but will be a useless expenditure. Budding relationships works best in secrecy, this is the same case here. While you don’t have a free flow of money, and you don’t hold sufficient saving, do you have enough to show off? People love money and success, only if it’s theirs, so bragging won’t have any positive outcome but will increase hurdles. Rich people have always been great saviours and investors before they got that position where they can flexibly earn, save, invest and spend. They never save to really save but to reinvest in money making ventures and expand their income addition sources. Telling people or showing them off, will definitely get you into the limelight but for negative reasons and this limelight would either be a distraction or a hurdle.

2. Keep a Track

Organised money attracts more money. If you spend and spend without keeping a track, it will only reduce. Keep a track what’s coming and what’s going, this way of managing your income and expenditure would support savings. Keep emergency savings out of reach, like you have already spent it. So that they can act as back up in the emergency. Make different sacred accounts for investment and emergency purposes. Every penny in your pocket is the token of appreciation of your hard work, don’t just let it go. This is the love of money, love it and be loved. Sustainable management doesn’t mean that you would not even spend on your requirements; it is about keeping control over the extras. It is “safekeeping” your lover. Find opportunities to raise it more and more, depending on your skill. Money which is well managed has the ability to grow and give you a luxurious life for years to come. Having loads will boost your self-esteem. Money is a temporary tool, which is meant to be spent but the way you spend it makes you unique, spend yours wisely.

3. Follow Money

Guard your money. Money loves to be taken care off so that it can give you beneficial returns. It’s just like a jealous lover, money hates it when ignored or mistreated. It’ll simply walk away to the one who treats it well and remembers, there’s no happiness without money. Having a financial freedom should be the first priority. Who isn’t fascinated with the idea of being a billionaire? Having financial prosperity is all about being in a happy relationship with money. Know more and most about wealth, its aspects. Believe in yourself, your ideas and ways to keep it and conserve it. The process to earn money would transform and upgrade your whole personality into an optimist, which is great in the business world. You have to end the process of learned helplessness from the past downfalls. Attracting money is about thinking out of the box and this can only happen if you have studied wealth and made intelligent choices.

4. A Good Debt

What is a good debt? Is there anything called a bad debt too? Okay, clarifying the two words. With a good debt, you earn! No, you aren’t being a lender; you are actually borrowing money to add your income. Taking an example of property loans. Property prizes keep on fluctuating and profitably increasing for lands that can be either residentially beneficial or agriculturally. Take up a property loan and invest it in buying a land, whose prizes are going to increase. This is something you can research about from real estate people, property dealers. This is about increasing net worth. Use debt to leverage investment to add up to your income.

5. Do not Betray

There’s the simplest way to impress your girl, give her time and show dedication. You try to betray her, and she will screw you in the worst way possible. Not that I am telling you ways to attract women but this is the same case with money, you try some funky distraction in your way to earn money and you are left bankrupt. Money requires time, your time which is precious. While you are budding, working extra hours will earn you extra income and won’t reduce any. You don’t have to compromise sleep, just step out of your comfort zone. The harder you work, the intelligently you take each step of yours, the more you make money. Money will get bored of accustomed tricks of the mediocre; you can be the part of the crowd. You don’t work hard, you have loads of hours to burn which urges you to spend and shop more. Being focused on earning big and being busiest will help you achieve your desired goal. Even if you sleep 6 hours, and spend 2 hours to eat and do other routine stuff, you still have 19 hours to be invested into following great work ethics.

Remember that, all those golden names of billionaire you see have got there by following old school methods of dedication, loving what they want and intelligent means, with uniqueness. Negatively entitled, or rumours about rich people, all those weird quotes, ‘money is the root of evil.’ And what not are better than living a life, sacrificing what you want. The best part is, even after all these negative maxims, people follow billionaires, and literally kill to hear their words and stories.

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