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November 1, 2015

Hobby is one skill that you love to do, no matter how many hours you spend on it, it just doesn’t exhaust you. Instead of trying to find time for what you are passionate about, you can live off your hobby by making it your full-time profession. Saving up for a new vehicle, house or something that you need? Believe me, there are dozens of people doing the same. Looking for some income, or an idea to earn money from home? Why not pursue something that is inbuilt? Why not make money out of something you love? The 21st century provides you with the platform to earn money in your comfort zone. You can make money through anything you like, anything that makes you happy and the biggest motivation you can get is a pay cheque for the same.

It’s not all that easy, to begin with; here are some Requirements to begin with your hobby:

a) You are skilled into the same and your piece is marketable.

b) You have that sort of time to put in for your hobby.

c) You can deal with the business pressure and risks.

d) You have the capital for initial investments.

There’s a difference between making extra money by pursuing your interests and making huge money through it. Now that you are clear if you can make your hobby, a money making machine or not. If yes, then let’s begin with ideas related to the same.

1. Photography

Christina Greve, a photographer who transformed her hobby to a full-time profession. She was one decent photographer like anyone else, what carved a difference is her passion and dedication for the skill she aspired to bring to the next level. Trending addiction for photo lovers is ‘Instagram’, where you can upload pictures and gain followers. People would like your pictures, comment on them and this way you can socialise using your talent. Taking this to further would be selling those pictures, online or offline and people who like them will definitely come forward. What you can do is, while walking down the street or visiting any place, you can capture moments and emotions in your camera roll. To persuade this hobby professionally you can start offering photography services.

Blogging is another platform to begin with, which can help you connect with people who are interested in the same line and hence this can help you in getting hailed for your skill. Follow the successful photographers, like Steve McCurry, Lee Jeffries, Jimmy Nelson, Rehahn, Eric LAfforgue, etc.

Here are few photographers you can follow on Instagram:

-Michael Christopher Brown @michaelchristopherbrown

-Kristen Alana @Kristenalana

-Liz @Youngadventuress

-Chris Burkard @chrisburkard

If you have a good knowledge about camera, roll and photographic skills, you can review other’s pictures and ask if they need professional advice and course.

Photography for most of the people begins as a side gig, a hobby until it turns up as something unavoidable, which earns them a lot of money.

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2. Cooking and Baking

Success in business truly depends on the fact, if you really enjoy your work or not. If your recipes can drool over people to your food, then this can earn you significant income. People around the globe are mostly foodies, they love the variety of dishes. You can start up as a small business, for the locals and turn it big.

You can begin with tiffin services for the corporate people, or take one speciality of yours and sell it professionally, your cookies, cupcakes, pastries, spices or anything you are best all.

If dealing isn’t your cup of tea then you can give cooking lessons, and here the best part is, cooking wants to be learned by almost all the ages depending on interests and requirements.

Amazon and such online sites provide a platform to sell your products throughout the globe. This way you can reach the customers, who aren’t in your vicinity and give it a shot. With every sale, you will earn your part and so will the company representing you.

You can even open a small bakery or restraint, depending on what you can invest initially. This business requires good investments.


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3. Art ‘n’ Craft, Painting, Knitting, Crocheting and Quelling

Knowing how to wield a mean needle isn’t all that you need to start a craft business, who are supposed to be skilled and efficient in your work. To start up a related business, gain as much knowledge as you can about the same. There’s a difference between family supporting your work and appreciating it but the major question is will others?

  • Start with making customised gifts and items: you need a good social network to begin this business, here you are going to take orders about custom gifts and cards and create them with your skills.
  • You can use online sites to sell your products and to attract customers to buy hand-made stuff.
  • You can start a coaching to teach students about skills and creating art pieces. This can earn huge profits. You can start summer courses for the same.

You can sell off your paintings even, that too online but if you aren’t interested in selling you can probably start teaching the art just like being told in the previous section.

Talking of knitting, crocheting and quelling; this can turn up as a huge business.

  • You can make custom wear and specifically baby wear which has the tendency to pull the strings of mother’s heart. Checking out the latest trends and making them yourself can make huge profits.
  • You can sell the stuff online, where customers everywhere could find your work.
  • You can open a fashion house or a hand-made Shoppe to sell off your works.
  • Writing: Writing isn’t just about crafting novels, books; these are only one of many writing options. To carry out with writing, freelancing is a great option to set out with. Writing for various magazines, newspapers, websites, and advertisement companies, copy-writing can bring huge lucre. Working in a genre of writing, technical or creative is your call. You can start up a blog and update your website with regular write ups in a specified field.

This is a personal experience; a person can be efficient with his/her phrases at any age. Just that you are supposed to be ‘good enough’ to enter the professional cosmos. Publishers, website developers, advertisers, editors, in fact, the IT sector requires writers; you can perforate with your interests and genre.

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5. Gaming/ Puzzles

Love playing video games? If you think you are a great competitor and a serious gamer then why to not make money through the same? You can consider getting into gaming tournaments and win cash prizes, which are usually high. You can turn up as a video game tester for a company, or if you are originative then create your own game and sell it; this can make you huge royalties. Why not hire a developer and create your own gaming website? Who said earning money can’t be playful?

6. Magic

People love magic and magicians gain huge popularity ‘if their tricks can leave people dismayed’. Do you think your tricks can leave such effects of astonishment on people? Why not become a street magician? Dynamo is the biggest street magician of all, famous with his T.V. show, termed as ‘the magician impossible’. Or if not too hi-fi, then you can teach novice tricks and get paid for the same.

Teaching Driving, music, and so on there’s no end to ideas. All that you have to do is look inside, and explore your capabilities. Set ablaze to all the days of finding time for your integral skills and bring them as a ‘money making machine.’

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