9 Best Ways to Earn Money for College Students in India

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July 17, 2016

Being able to make money in your college years especially living in India, is one way that enables exposure to social awareness and knowledge about working in the society whilst building a street-smart personality. To be able to pay the bills with your own earning build self-confidence and an essence of authority. Students at this age group can be directly related to, the ceramicist wet pottery, it gets the shape he gives and time acts like a baking kiln which makes the changes abiding by the personal attributes of the youngster. Speaking of India, a person doesn’t have various opportunities to be able to make money however, there are many means to earn money for college going in India that are not been made aware.

Living in India one finds earning money difficult, the reason being there’s a critical pressure of career and curriculum as well. My own personal experience holds a similar story of a hectic schedule whilst carving my way to earn my pocket money and managing graduation studies. It all depends on one’s priorities and the kind of work he/she is capable of doing, whether the choices have the positive effect on his/her living or not. I have dealt with numerous questions from youngsters regarding how to earn money in college life and have written a write up regarding the same previously yet, the same doesn’t fit in with the Indian students. So here are 9 best and proven ways for an Indian student to earn money in college life:

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  1. Blogging and Freelancing: (Not just writing)

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One of the most commonly explained and followed way, but usually never make properly comprehensive to the reader. When we talk about blogging, it’s acquiring a domain and writing on a specific niche. If you can pen down your thoughts in a specific genre, this is your thing and advertisements like Google AdSense can be a good way of earning money through blogging whilst if you are just a new registration with nil followers and viewers, this will bring no help. In India, most of the people make a mistake by considering writing articles, after going through different website contents regarding that topic as blogging. It indeed takes hard work and is also time-consuming for anyone to take reference from far-famed websites, giving a new explanation to the points they explained, and after all this, awaiting AdSense approval. This usually doesn’t work well and declined by Google, which makes the writer quit sooner than one can think. To have your content be treated as a quality source of information by Google, one needs to maintain ingenuity. There are many things in India which are not discussed by other bloggers, one can write over those issues using a personalized point of view and research in college. Talking about current issues, genuine problems of student life, a specialized research topic, and what not can be written about. When I speak about blogging, which I have myself done; I talk about people who have something unique and veritable to write about. There is a way of expressing, wielding a phrase, and making choice of the topic which will interest the reader. It requires patience to generate followers and viewers.

Freelancing isn’t all about writing, though it does include freelancing writing as one profession. Freelancer.com is one renowned site which connects freelancers to the marketplace, where their services are required. A freelancer is a self-employed worker in the fields consulting, journalism, writing, proofreading, event planning, software designing and debugging, copywriting, photography and so on. There are various online platforms that support freelancing whilst one can always look for freelancing jobs in the vicinity places. Elance.com is one website for freelancers and you can easily earn money from this website in India too.

For an instance, I had a college mate who had an amazing skill of coding, being into computer science engineering itself an experience with this field would have graced her certificate, but being in a Gurukul, we never had many opportunities to get out of the campus and apply. Hence, she began her hunt on ‘Internshala’ where after accomplishing one project they gave, she started working as a coder with a startup company and a technical writer, and she got certified for her skills and knowledge while getting paid with an average stipend as well.

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  1. Online Ways of Earning Money

Though earning through the internet is misunderstood by most Indian students as lame, yet many students have actually garnered hard cold cash through that. This is something which can be a gig in one’s free time for some extra money in the wallet. Internet is the most flexible way which offers opportunities of making money that too on one’s comfort zone. Following are the most common ways to earn money by merely sitting on your internet whether on the smartphone or personal computer:

  • Fiverr:

Fiverr is a website that pays for people singing, writing, video making or any of these tasks which suit a person and the person would be paid in the form of gigs.

  • Bing:

Change your search engine from Google to Bing, and it will pay you. Surf what you wish to do just with a new search engine.

  • eBay:

eBay has been a very far-famed online platform that helps its users to make money by selling their junk. One can also apply to ePN which is very much similar to affiliate marketing.

  • Virtual assistant

Providing technical, social, administrative and professional assistance to the customers via electronic media example mobile phones, electronic mail and so on.

There are countless online ways for anyone to make money, yet they are still undiscovered and not much known in India.

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  1. Earn Money by Selling your Notes

A traditional way of earning money in your student life is selling your old notes. This is a one-time money making way yet this can be extended putting in some efforts. Students are always searching for someone who would write notes, make presentation, assignments, practical files and projects for them. This can be your mean to make money and somewhat gaining knowledge as well. Writing notes for students can be paid in accordance to one page basis. This was something a fellow mate in my college use to do and he made some decent money for the same. ClearSlide, Prezi, and Slideshark are some other platforms for making impressive presentations that will help you get paid. There is one flaw in the Indian education system, that is, students can always copy the projects of former batches which presents us with a new way to make money. Utilising the contacts, one can also come up with small shops like the ones which take orders for making presentations, working models and charts. This will also polish, the student’s skills and earn him/her a good pocket money.

In my college days, every semester students use to sell their old notes and books at a reduced price of 20% which helped the buyer get them at a lower price, and the seller to be able to make some money of his old unusable stuff.

  1. Help the Juniors

Not just via your old notes you can help your juniors by providing them with tutoring sessions, and make money with it. You can also choose the online tutoring option like Preply for earning money, in a subject with the number of views and download one gets. You can give tutoring lessons of some musical instrument or dance form, coaching is for anyone who holds cognition about something that people would be keen to learn. This is the best way to earn money, as I frequently discuss this in my write-ups. For every person there comes a different way of coaching, one can also become a home tutor. Many parents search for home tutors all the time.

Talking about another example here, a senior of mine in some other college had some financial trouble at home. Paying the college fee was somehow, becoming arduous hence, he thought of a way to teach youngsters piano, which he had learned 5 years before. In his after college hours, he gave lessons which earned him 700 per students. Within a month 20 students enrolled in his classes.

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  1. Part Time Jobs

Part time job, as already known to most, carries lesser work hours than a full-time job, so it turns out to be feasible for students. Opting for one is a critical task, the kind of job one is looking for. Many college campuses are away from the city area, hence finding an appropriate part-time job can be challenging.

The shifts in a part time job are lucid, working in shifts whilst using electronic media in the time they can’t be present. This is one major way of getting a work experience, many call centers appoint employees on a part-time basis, and even one can go for being a radio jockey or anything that suits his qualification and personality.

An associate use to work for a call center at night, and earned 12,000 INR a month with that. This enabled him to not only clear cash for himself, but help his family with a little sum.

  1. Network Marketing

Network Marketing is somehow relating to affiliate and digital marketing, a flexible way of earning money by getting more and more attention and people involved to the same. This is one type of a business, which requires a network to be formed betwixt various people involved in the same. There is a low upfront investment involved, for the purpose of registration or buying certain product sample. The criterion is to make your contacts and sell the product but some people actually compensate more participants to the network and hence get paid for it. Most of the revenue comes from recruiting new participants. But before joining any Referral Marketing Company do check its legal papers and working process because there are many people who are running fraud companies under the shed of Referral Marketing as suggested by Lokesh Tanwar founder of Business Alligators.

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  1. Buy Something and Sell it for More

Well, this is a business itself, the student can buy something and sell if with a profit margin. The thing can be stationary(books, pen, pencil, notebook etc), which is much required by the students in a hostel or campus; a food item (especially Maggi at 12 am) or some en-clothe and many other things that you might feel required for the vicinity population. This can be a mini business and can earn a good amount if intelligently and thoughtfully persuaded.

This kind of work is executed in almost every city, and we call them ‘retail shops’. So, here we will come up with the same in our college, a tip for this is; ‘wholesale market’. Buy a bulk of stationery or any other stuff you think that can be used in your college and would be of major use to the fellow survivors, and sell it for the market price or a little less if it brings profit.

  1. Make Money by Helping Services

    foot nail paint pedicure college girl

One can start Manicure and Pedicure services for the hostel mates, doing it at cheaper rates than the parlors. This is done in mostly all hostels especially in the ones away from the main city and accommodating the bulk of students. There are various other things that can be done like laundry services for the vicinity people. If it’s not a closed campus than a person can help many people living in the locality with such services. Like hauling and cab services, cleaning services and so on. There are tasks that can be done; all you need is to think of the one which can suit you the best.

Another idea that came from a girl living in the hostel next to ours, she even used to advertise using A4 sheets and use of some fancy colored sketches. Her beauty services were really appreciated by girls, and a lot many times very much demanded.

  1. Begin a Startup

Lokesh Tanwar Training Team

Now, this is for students who have a strong desire of entering the entrepreneur world, one can begin a startup of his own with a group of people or alone. Many students did start their businesses in their college life. This can either be a success or a lifetime experience. Developing an Android application is the best form which has even made people millionaires. You can also begin with the website development, or there are various programs being held in colleges which involve interaction betwixt students and businessmen, who aspire to learn about idea students, have and do pay for a good business idea whilst making an investment into the same. Getting associated with a startup also works well, taking an instance from my own life, I got into Business Alligators in my second year of graduation.

Well, this is something, the founder of Business Alligators did. He gained experience from various other websites, gaining required pedagogy. Many other startups have been established by college students, and a number of startups are been worked upon in universities.
I hope my ways were comprehensive in explicating what was intended, may you be blessed with fluke. Follow our ways and success will certainly be reached.

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    1. The best types of products to sell on eBay
    2. Master niche marketing and specialize for success
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