How An Arthritis Patient Can Prepare Himself/ Herself For Professional World?

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July 21, 2016

Arthritis is one such disease that knocks on the door, just to demolish one’s life. There are numerous other complications that Arthritis brings along. Unendurable pain, depression, stress, limitations of the joints, stiffness – you name it! Most of the people still live with the perception that Arthritis is an old man’s disease and it occurs after the age of 50-60. It is no more like that! With the increment in arbitrary diseases, Arthritis is targeting people from every age group.

When you suffer from Arthritis, the mind takes you to the point where everything seems to be dying slowly. Of course, there are various treatments for this disease, but not every treatment work on every other person – I, being the example for that.

In a life where you experience only pain, how can one prepare oneself for the obscurities that the professional life throws? Nobody can ascertain the situation that can cause Arthritis. Even if you are suffering from it currently, then there are some of the things that you would have to inculcate in your mind. Have a read ahead!

1. Educate Yourself

I was hit by the Arthritis when I was just 3 years old. Since then, my life has always been about doctors, medicines, and hospitals. Initially, when the symptoms were visible, nobody in their worst of nightmares could have thought about Arthritis. But, then, my parents got trapped in providing me all sorts of medical treatments that they forgot about my education. I was just 3, so I wasn’t aware of anything happening around me. Finally, when the news slowly sank in, my folks thought about getting me admitted in a school. And, I had always been a sincere student throughout my life.

Even now, when the Arthritis has affected every joint of my body, I haven’t stopped learning. I’ve been completing my college through correspondence and I have also learnt programming. There was this time when it was so difficult for me to step out of the house; that I started learning web development online. All in all, the point lays in education. No matter how sturdy the road becomes, never stop your journey of education; as it is the key to successful professional life.

2. Staying True to Your Dreams

Imagine how your life would look, had you been living a regular one. Simple, isn’t it? And now, when you are fighting with Arthritis every other second, how does your life looks like? You might consider it no less than a burden – and that’s normal! I thought so, too! But, today when I am penning down this article for innumerable Arthritis patients, I no more feel my life as a burden. You know why? It’s not that the pain has decided to leave my body or the joints have decided to function normally, but despite fighting with Arthritis, I feel contented today. And that is all because I have been true to my dreams.

Although, my dreams have been on a roller coaster ride, but the thing that appeared to be my true calling is – Writing. Being a bookworm, I thought writing down something a year back and trust me, it was no less than a comical story. But, the only dream with which I was living was – to see my name and picture on the cover of a book. I decided to make it happen. 24/7 I used to be in my own world, even while sleeping, I used to dream about my story. I was clutching this dream of mine with both hands and never allowed it to leave me, no matter what the situation came.

And finally, I turned my dream in reality. The result is, I got the chance to pen down this post so that I can share my experiences with the world and inspire people to do it. From an Arthritis stricken girl, I have changed myself into an Inspiration. You have to do that exactly. How? Stick by your dreams. You would ask – even a normal person would do that? But, not every normal person can turn out his dreams in reality while handling unendurable pain. Isn’t it?

3. Be Deaf

‘What? Do you want to be a writer? Who would read you? I doubt your writing skills, do you even know anything about professional writing? I agree, that you have been schooled enough, but that doesn’t mean you can write a whole book. Do you even have any story?’ These were some of the taunts that I had to hear when people got to know I was into writing. Some of them were generous enough to not utter a word and laugh it off. What did I do? I became deaf to every person.

When they get to know that you are suffering from Arthritis, they automatically tag you as a ‘Disable’ and imagine you on a wheelchair. Most of them don’t consider it necessary to encourage people with any sort of disease; not just Arthritis. It’s you, who have to respond back; either with words or with actions. The worst that could happen is that you may end up on a wheelchair. So what? Even if your body gives up, your stamina shouldn’t. Your dreams have the competence to take you to the heights, where your body can’t. It’s up to you to decide, which voice is worth hearing.

4. Acceptance

I hadn’t accepted Arthritis until two years back. I know how difficult can it be to wake up, spend the whole day, and then sleep only with pain and tears. Some people have the high endurance level so they can bear the pain. But, some other can’t! I have transformed myself from the latter to the former. There was a time in my life when my days revolved around crying and only crying. Dying seemed an easy option for me. In fact, it was the only option that could end up my pain along, since no treatment was working.

As they say, every morning brings a new sunrise in your life. It was true in my case; it was another morning of the monotonous life that I decided to change everything. Hence, I started on my journey towards something productive. One right decision changed my life for good.

First of all, accept what life has bestowed on you, only then can you fight against the odds. If you can’t change your pain, then change your destiny. You have all the reasons to do so! There are two ways to live with Arthritis – either you accept it and move ahead in life towards something good, or crib over it and take your life towards the destruction.

You know what I chose, the turn is yours!

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5. Be Positive

From where do the negative thoughts come? Some of them come from the unwanted negative people and some of them come from within. For the people, you already know what to do. Ignorance is bliss! And when the negative thoughts start to creep from within, at that time you have to think about the purpose of your existence. That’s what I did!

When the pain and stress went out of the limit, I asked myself – ‘Why am I here? Why am I bearing so much pain? What is the purpose?’ I got the answer from within. Everybody has a purpose of living and whatever you come across in your life, it has a purpose as well. All you need to do is – shut the eyes of negativity and wake up positive aspect of yourself.

The only reason that allowed me to cope with Arthritis is the positivity. I see pain as a coach that teaches me how to increase the endurance level. I pinpoint positive aspects of every negative situation, however meek it is. Hence, without the positive attitude, you won’t be able to put a step forward.

6. Hiding Weakness

Imagine you have a very important meeting in your office and you wake up with immense pain in the morning. What will you do? Put forth your weakness and gain holiday in the form of the sympathy? Nah! I have a better option. Get up, cry your heart out if you can’t endure that pain, shout out in frustration, get every stress out of your head; then get to the office, attend the meeting and set an example – not just for the people but for yourself.

The thumb rule of every dream is – never to give up. If at all you want to give up, then give up on the thought that compels you to give up your dreams. No matter how much pain you would have to endure, no matter how limited your physical activities become, no matter whether you could walk or not; in the end, the focus shifts on the fact that you haven’t given up. Arthritis may ask you to give up on your dreams, but on the contrary, you can always ask Arthritis to stay shut!

7. Loving and Respecting Yourself

When your body only offers you pain, stress, and depression; it becomes a bit tough to love yourself. Moreover, there is always the presence of such people, who only step forward at the time of your failure and discourage you more. They do so only because you let them dominate you. You cannot let people disrespect you, just because they are not enduring what you are. I have always put forward myself first, I have always loved and respected myself first and that is the reason that people in professional as well as the personal world, pours that deserving love and respect on me.

8. Making Your Stand

They say – Unless you stand, you can’t make your stand; but I say – I can rule the world, just by sitting on a chair. People will not hear you unless you raise your voice on your own. People won’t see you unless you make your presence worth it. And, nobody is going to do that for you but you! You must make your stand. You must enrol your ideas and visions in every project that you handle in your professional life. If people call you different from your physicality, then show them the difference of your vision.

So, these are some of the points that can help you in achieving your goals and desires. You can’t let your aspirations die, just because of a disease. I know it is easy said than done, but it is surely not impossible. I can assure you because I have been sailing in the same boat. All it takes is a bit of courage and a bit of willpower.

If you want to make your stand worth it, then you would have to showcase your worth to the world. People do not believe in words but actions. Put in your efforts and work hard silently that your success shouts out for you. As my favourite quote goes – ‘Shoot for the moon, you will land among the stars’. Just set your goals for higher than what you desire, you would land up at the position that you deserve. In the end, hard – work is the main key to success. When your body does not pain, you can work hard a little extra and on the other days, work as much as you can. There is nothing that is impossible in the world.

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