How to make your Boss like you even if you are not performing?

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March 3, 2019

It is very important that your boss like you for good growth in your career and if someone says that they manage to remain a hero throughout their lives without the support of their seniors, then I can never trust him or her. Quite often, even after seniors’ support, it is not possible to remain in top gears throughout your life. Of course, there will be days when you put lots of efforts but you won’t be able to bring desirable results. During such times, it becomes extremely crucial that your seniors are supporting you.

When I was performing extremely terribly in my job, I learned that days never remain the same but people remain the same (exceptions are always there). So it is equally important to make sure that people like you and understand your work properly. And probably I did it the right way unknowingly when I was performing extraordinarily and that helped me a lot in learning about leadership and to come back in performance.

The first business book that I read was “Think and Grow Rich” and I was highly motivated by the diamond story. In short, a man started diamond mining after seeing sparkling stones in his field and came to know that under that land there was one of the biggest mines of diamond. Same thing happened when he started digging.  Diamond started coming out but after few feet, there were no diamonds and that man shut down the company with a loss after just trying for a few more feet.

The man who bought all the machinery from that mine owner asked about what he was doing in that place and he got fascinated about the story and surveyed the area. Then he bought that land and started mining again. After digging a few more feet, he found out one of the biggest mines of diamond as it was quoted about it.

From that story I learned about how being consistent can bring you results. Though you might feel at some point of time that results are not coming but if you are sure that your direction is right, then don’t turn back and stop your work, just keep hitting it. Soon enough, results will start coming.

The second thing which I adopted in my work was the inspiration from Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, former Indian President and the ‘Missile Man of India’. He once said,

Love your job but don’t love your company, because you may not know when your company stops loving you.

This quote increased my integrity towards my work. I started working passionately and learned every nut and bolt of the real estate industry. From brokerages, to dealer network, to paperwork, to negotiation tricks, to frauds and much more. Let us not hide it, there are lots of frauds out there in the real estate market.

So I started working on only selected products/ properties where I realized that those are actually beneficial for the client. Then I changed my job because one of my seniors changed his job and called me to his new company. That’s when bad time (new learning) hit me badly. My senior who called me to the new company was extremely happy with my work ethics in the first company and when I went to him, he praised a lot about the products on which they were working. As I was trusting him so I didn’t research on my behalf and joined. Soon after joining, I researched everything and cleared to him, saying “This project is going to scrap, there is no future in this project and all clients will cry who will invest in this project.”

He did everything to convince me, I too tried to convince myself because we both were having great bounding so I was trying to figure out what I am missing that he is so confident about this product but I am not.

I worked for only 8 months in that company and didn’t sell even a single unit of that particualar property which was the bread and butter for that company. I only sold 2 properties and that too of different builders which were not giving them good brokerage.

Even after a pathetic performance, my senior never questioned my ethics, my performance, or my results. I put the resignation paper because that company was only working with tarnished image builder just to get high commissions and that was against my ethics. He didn’t accept my resignation for 5 days and asked me to rethink my decision of quitting.

Well the question arises is, “Why was he not happy to lose me even when he knew that I was a burden on him in terms of revenue and how you can make such a good relation with your manager/ boss?”

According to my experience, don’t try to impress any of your bosses, either he is your manager, your VP, your director, your CEO, or any other boss. When you put efforts just to get liked, it seems like buttering and no one likes buttering. If he is your boss, then he must have some experience and he probably knows it very well what buttering means and what are your intentions.

The best way is to just do your work and don’t open your mouth every time when someone speaks to you or about you. Just speak when you are 100% confident, and when you are confident then don’t worry about the consequences. Like I did in my job and clearly refused to sell those tarnished properties and gave exact reason why those project would be a failure in the future. And as I had mentioned to my senior those projects wasted money of lots of clients and more than 100s of clients put papers for cancellation soon after I resigned from that company. Even that company closed its office from Gurgaon (the branch in which I was working) after a few months. So I proved right with knowledge, reasoning, and pretictability.

Also, never make blunders pertaining to you or about your qualities. I never told anyone in the real estate that I can sell anything easily. But I always told everyone that I can sell properties in Gurgaon very easily. During those 8 months, once that company brought a project which was nice and was based out of Gurgaon. On the 1st day of the project explanation, I told my senior that I will sell this project in the next 15 days. He tested me on that point. Usually in sales when a person goes through a bad phase, then seniors start accompanying them in sales meetings so that demotivation does not ruin the sales. But nothing like that happened to me as I was being tested. As expected I completed the sale in the next 15 days. Quite amazingly, the client was new, the builder was new to him, the area was in the outskirts of the city and he was not looking for properties from a long time and above all, he was an end-user. But still, I was able to sell him a soft launch with a possession time of 4 years.

So this thing taught me a lot about specialization. Don’t learn everything, if you do so you will never become an expert in any of the fields. Choose very targeted product/ market and become the specialist in it.

Who earns more? A physician or a neurosurgeon? Everyone knows that a neurosurgeon earns way more than a physician though both are doctors. Whom do people respect more, clear answer is neurosurgeon. Whom do people visit from a far off distance or even from different countries? The answer is a neurosurgeon. So that is the thing that you have to apply to your work ethics.

Work really hard, love your work passionately and work within a specialized field. We all are humans, we all make errors and mistakes so time can be good or bad but if we have utilized our good time in the right way, people will support us in bad times too.


If you want your boss to like you then focus on work rather than boss. No one is in office to make love affairs (exceptions are there), everyone is for showing their numbers. And above all possess some skills which no one posses in your entire team or your entire office but make sure that your office need that skill.

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