11 Steps for Guaranteed Success – No Possibility of Failure

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November 1, 2016

It is a human tendency that before starting with anything we think and often ask to others as well as within ourselves whether it will lead us to guaranteed success or not.

Hardly there is anyone who wants failure in life.

But do we really meet guaranteed success in life if we keep oscillating between the thought process of success or failure? Think about what I am going to say now

In order to get an answer to the above-mentioned question, I expect my readers to read my article in depth so that every aspect gets touched.

Let’s see how we meet the guaranteed success in life by walking on the right track.

Not one or two but the mixture of all the following points would help you lead towards guaranteed success. I hope you don’t even make a folly of missing out even one point.

1. Kill Everything Else Except Aim

Do you often become covetous when people in your surroundings go out for parties, dates movies but you cannot because you are either studying or working on some project?

Of course, you do. In fact everyone does and frankly, even I have gone through the same. But with time what I have acknowledged is that my folly was in drawing comparisons with the difference in the work that occupied me and the other person. But the moment I was in the mode of frustration regarding this one day I suddenly realized that though what I was doing was different from others and so the result too would be different as my level of satisfaction and dreams do not match to theirs. So, I finally came over the frivolous comparisons I used to draw and now what I think is the disparity of goals in me and others. Believe you in me it has really helped me to kill all other options of my life except aim.

If we talk about Alexander The Great who in order to gain victory over other countries used to kill all his options of survival and the only option for survival that was left with him was to conquer the countries.

He was the one who used to break all the bridges of going back when he used to move forward.

2. Measurable Task Each Day Before Sleeping

No matter how busy you are, my advice to my readers is to contribute each day to a task because the fact is that each day counts and it will increase your work productivity. Now you have to decide whether you really want to achieve your goal and work for it accordingly or you just want to dream and achieve your aim in imagination like Shiekh Chilli (a fictional character in children’s stories), who does achieve his desires but only in imagination.

So if you are wasting a day without giving yourself a minimal task as a contribution to your aim, it means that you are not more than a Shiekh Chilli, who can build castles but only in the air.

Over here I don’t intend to say that you must run daily towards your goal, but all I expect is that you should at least walk daily a little towards your goal.

3. Become Deaf

When I ask my readers to become deaf what I mean to say is that you must put a cover over your ears so that you come across neither the extreme side of negativity nor the extreme side of positivity.

Now the reason why I am using the word “extreme” is because we live in a society where people are either extolled by over-statements in their achievements or criticized by understatements in their failure. And sadly there is hardly any placid statement that we can come across.

The moment you become deaf, all you can listen to is your inner-self and trust me the moment you will start listening to your inward self and work for your desire without listening to the external voice, one day or the other you will get what you would have worked for.

4. Become Laser Beam Focused

Why do you think that in Mahabharata only Arjun and not the rest of his brothers could strike on the bird’s eye?

Because all that he could see was the bird’s eye and anything else didn’t matter to him.

We all know that achievement of goal requires passion, hard-work, and direction but what if you lack focus?

Do you feel you can conquer your goal if you are not enough focused despite knowing about your passion and goal?

The fact is that in order to achieve a particular goal or desire, we first need to know about the passion, and then work hard for it with proper direction and guidance.

But hold on; are you able to understand the common factor in the above-mentioned steps?

That is the Extreme focus, where first you have to be focused on getting to know about your passion, then you have to remain focused on working hard and hand in hand you have to focus on using that hard-work in the right direction.

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5. Don’t Think Much About Soul-Mate if you are Single

After spending the whole day in work when we lay down in your bed, many of us would go through the thoughts where we often say

I wish I had someone. The following statements

I hope I get my dream girl or dream boy soon with whom I can discuss my life.

I feel lonely at times and I need someone.

Shall I see who among my friends is single and approach him or her?

Shall I ask my friends to look for someone?

I am sure that most of the people go through such thought process.

But my question to all of you is

What is the result of this thought process?

Is it anyhow contributing to your desired goal?

Definitely, such a thought process is doing nothing but leading you towards a mode of frustration and sadness.

Isn’t it a sheer waste of time?

Now don’t get me wrong.

I am not saying that a life partner is not important but what I am saying is that you don’t need to think about something over which you don’t have any hold. Rather think and work on what you can get hold over.

So my dear readers stop investing most of your energy in the wrong direction and invest that energy in the right direction by working harder over your goals because that is the only thing you have your hold over.

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6. Become Emotionally Intelligent

What if you have an important meeting the next day and one of your friends meet with an accident?

If your grandparents are going unwell, will you cancel your business trip for them?

An emotional person would do anything to be with that injured friend and ill grandparents sitting beside them all day and night but an emotionally intelligent person would try to meet both the personal and professional ends by hook or by crook. Be it by making someone else sit with them or by keeping an eye on them through any video-chat and also keeping a check on them by staying in constant conversation with the people or doctors around.

After all, what is important is not who is sitting with them but their recovery.

I hope I am not offending my readers by this point.

I am not against relationships but what I want to say over here is that if relationships have value, then even your goals too are important.

Compromising on anyone out of the two would mean that you are showing your disloyalty towards one.

So smartness is required in everything, be it in professional life or a personal life.

7. Habit

A change in habit is what makes you different from what you were in past and it even has the potential to make you altogether a different person in future.

Now it’s entirely up to you whether you want to have the same habits throughout your life or you want to get changes in your habits.

But before taking a decision keep this thing in mind that if you keep your habits same, you will get the same results as you have been getting so far.

But if you want different results, then my dear readers you will even have to alter your habits.

Always remember that it’s your habits that make you who you are today and it will be your habits that will make you who you will be.

8. Surround yourself with experts

What if I ask you that from tomorrow onwards you will be given the opportunity to work with people like Mark Zuckerberg, Henry Ford or Bill Gates?

Then what if I ask you to sit with your juniors?

Which option will you select?

The people with small goals would prefer the latter option but the ones with the high goal where they would select the former option where they will learn something.

My advice to my readers is to be surrounded by people who are better than they and step out of the place where they know they are the best because of their grown stops at the very moment when you’re learning process stops.

9. Write Your Aim and Read it Constantly

Everything happens twice, once in imagination and the other one in reality.

Now consider what I am saying and then think hard over the same.

I dream and I start working on it.

Will I really achieve it as simple as it seems to be?


Because, no matter how strongly I dream, I will not be able to give my best until and unless I create a picture of my dreams in my imagination and mind.

And such a picture can only be created if you really see and think about it day and night.

Now how can I do the same?

By simply writing about my aim everywhere possible, be it on the wallpaper of your phone or laptop or wall of my room.

By doing this I will always be able to see and imagine my dreams even more strongly than ever and this way I will constantly know what I have to do and once this imagined picture is embedded in my head, I am unstoppable.

10. Never Give Up

Success is not about achieving your goals on time but about how many times you fail and still get up and work for your goals. You never know at what time the right punch makes you kill your failures i.e. your opponent and then what, success is yours. So my dear readers keep trying until you meet your level of satisfaction of achieving your goal.

11. Respect your Uniqueness

Look within yourself. Recognize and understand what you are good at. Respect the recognized unique quality. And then guaranteed success will be there to give you the honor, you have worked for.

Is that all?

No, my readers, there is one thing that has much more important than anyone’s imagination and that is giving respect to your peculiar or unique quality to such an extent that you don’t get a feeling of jealousy looking at someone’s result of success.

On a whole, you ought to understand the fact that a chef cannot perform well if he is told to work in the front office or vice versa.

If you people are aware then it is worth giving an example of an MBA student. In the very first year of MBA, a student is told to study every field but in the second year, he is told to study only one subject properly.

What do you feel would be the deciding factor for the second year?

It would entirely be the qualities and caliber of a student that would enable him to take a decision.

And that is what I mean by looking within yourself and identifying the unique quality and then taking the decision of your career accordingly.

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