What is Failure?

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October 1, 2016

Failure is a blessing in disguise. Failure is deemed negative but if you think over it, it is indeed a positive term that plays an integral role in climbing up the stairs of success.

There can be two perspectives on failure. One considering it an obstruction and the other one is considering it a lesson.The understanding of failure or success is completely contingent on how one controls one’s mind.

It is all about controlling one’s mind and detaching oneself from pre-conceived notions of failure and success. An attachment to a particular success or failure makes one stagnant and once a person is stuck in a particular thing his mind won’t be able to think beyond it.

A common mistake that everyone makes is counting on the past failures or success as the failure or success of life.

Think of the above-mentioned line and try to acknowledge the misconception we all live with.

Don’t we?

You ought to understand the fact that things achieved or lost in past is a matter of past and it has nothing to do with the success or failure of the present moment.

So, all you have to do is that you need to draw all your focus on your present so that your energy doesn’t get wasted in thinking about the past or future.

1. Importance of failure in success

Donald Trump says,

Sometimes by losing a battle you find a way to win the war

Sit back and ponder over the following questions:

What if you achieve your goals or success without meeting failures?

What if you attain your desires without facing a hard time?

Now introspect

If things be this easy, will you be able to attain the basic understanding of life?

We often associate the meaning of “goal” and “success” with money but the actuality of life is that the ultimate goal and success of life lies in “inner happiness”, ”satisfaction”, and ‘enjoyment in whatever you are doing.

Believe you in me, money has little importance in comparison to these things because no matter how much you earn, at the end you just need the basic necessities and that is all.

And where do you think this level of maturity and understanding would come from?

It comes from experience and experience comes from your failures and bad experiences.

If you attain everything easily, you will be replete with vanity and will always boast but if you achieve everything after facing all the ups and down of life, you will replete with pride but will remain down to earth.

2. You become successful because of your failures

Janet Fitch says,

The phoenix must burn to emerge.

We all know what importance does knowledge hold in the life of a successful person but now the question arises where this knowledge comes from.

I beg your pardon for repeating my statement but it is prominent to recur it for the better understanding of the topic:

Knowledge comes from experience and experience comes from bad experiences.

There is a saying in Sanskrit in Mahabharata,

Yahtha drishti tatha srishti. (As you see the world, that is how the world will seem)

Change your mindset from the thought process that you become successful only after achieving the little-desired goals of your life.

It is a misconception because with the attainment of everything with ease without facing any failure will only make you an avid person and “greed” can never be satisfied.

3. It is Not Failure but the Fear of Failure that Threatens People

Interesting this sub-heading might have seemed. Isn’t it?

It is not death but the fear of death that makes us do everything with precaution. But give a deep thought over the same.

Don’t these precautions threaten us at every point of time?

Doesn’t this precaution make us live like cowards?

Isn’t it making us do what is acceptable to others but maybe not to our inner self?

So many times we feel torn between our mind and heart. Don’t we?

Our heart often speaks of our inner desires but our mind tries to hamper us threatening us with the following thoughts:

Am I doing right?

What if I fail after taking the risk of taking a stand for myself?

This is what I call fear of failure and trust me it screws one’s life to the extent of making one take decisions according to the acceptability in the society rather than acceptability in the heart.

I advise my readers to take a decision by following the deadly combination of heart and mind.

Once your heart speaks out your desire, try to control your mind in order to work in the right direction for that inner desire.

Then see what miracles you make.

Jack Canfield says, ”Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”

4. If you avoid failures, you will avoid success

michael jordan failure success quote

You need to understand the fact that success or failure comes as a result which is not in our hands and we get scared of something

Till the time fear of failure conquers your mind, you can never try new things as the fear of failure will always hamper you from taking risks to try on to the new things.

Avoiding failures in life will never lead you to the ultimate success as real success does not come when you work with a mindset that with whatever you are doing you will get success.

Success comes when you do your work as if you are playing a game irrespective of the fact whether you will lose or win and you are playing simply for yourself.

Answer yourself to the following question:

How will you gain success with immaturity?

Of course, you cannot because maturity is an integral thing that helps you make the correct choice in life.

Now the question triggers, ”Where would this maturity come from?

No one is born mature and sensible and such attributes come when you are constantly learning about things and you will always learn from your failures as success gives you happiness but failures give you a lesson.

Have an unshakable faith in your heart and trust me success is ours

5. Why do People fail to succeed?

The utmost reason why people fail to succeed is that they are always involved in a competition.

We have a tendency to consider this work with positive connotations but in actuality, the term “competition” creates barriers around a person and makes him unable to his best shot.

When I talk about competition, it doesn’t mean that I intend to talk about competition with others. Rather I talk about the same with different sort of competitions we all often get it. Let’s take cognizance of the same

  • Competition with the people of the same domain
  • Competition with your previous performance
  • Competition with different sort of situations
  • Competition with the imagined self we all have in our mind

Ultimately, you fail to succeed because amidst this competition you fail to perform for yourself.

If you really want to achieve success in life, forget about this barrier of competition and just perform for yourself without any fear of success or failure and that is where the ultimate goal of life lies, where you simply give your best and remain satisfied and happy irrespective of whether you lose or win.

If you achieve your goal after facing all the ups and downs of life, you will neither be scared of failures nor be excited or greedy for success. And such an achievement would make you a placid person where all you will do is perform with all that you have and yes this performance will no be for anyone but your own self.

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