Do Businessmen Work for Money?

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March 28, 2016

Money is always the by-product of diligence, determination, focus, perseverance and teamwork of the entrepreneurship. This is a discipline of a successful entrepreneur. Paul Hawken, the author of “Growing a Business” says,

Money does not create anything at all, much less ideas and initiatives. Money goes where those qualities already are.

Getting rich is not the fundamental motif of entrepreneurs as they devoutly believe in a conviction that once they succeed, a reward will automatically follow them. Successful entrepreneurs don’t toil to earn money because their contentment and happiness lie in getting their product out in the market and succeed in the mad race of competition. For them, their goals are more indispensable than money. Entrepreneurs are the product oriented people who think day and night to produce something great and the moment their product comes in market, they ponder hard to make it better to compete and succeed in the growing competition

People often get inclined towards a folly when they often get obfuscated between self-employed people and entrepreneurs. There is a vast difference between the two terms, where the former term can be associated with the orientation of money, but the latter term i.e. entrepreneurs are not money oriented. Most of the people think that entrepreneurs are money minded which a misconception is as it is the self-employed people who are oriented towards money and the entrepreneurs help others to generate money and they themselves build wealth.

Keith Cameron Smith in the book “The 10 Secrets of Entrepreneurs: How to stop being just an employee” talks about entrepreneurship where he says that entrepreneurs build wealth, while employees make money. We all know that making money is a common and conventional mentality while making wealth and uncommon and unconventional mentality. The primary reason behind people not being wealthy in financial terms is because their entire focus is on making money, not on building wealth. For the people who are always in a quest to seek money before adding value usually fail in the game of entrepreneurship and thus never succeed.

Accumulation of wealth is not what entrepreneurs indulge themselves into. Rather they develop a proclivity for creating value adding products or services that would bring change in the world. If we take cognizance of the renowned people in the field of business, we would come to know that they are not “money oriented” but are oriented towards their passion and so they are “purpose oriented”.

They Work for their Passion

Abiding by the passion is what makes people successful. Take a count on the successful entrepreneurs and you will come to know that it was their passion for the respective fields that drove them work harder and harder to meet their desired goals. Passion is an important ingredient in a journey of success as the journey would not be an easy one and so there would be a lot of challenges and failures within, but if one is driven by one’s passion, one would always persevere and would not think on giving up on things. Entrepreneurs follow the path they are passionate about and no matter how long it takes, they keep the ball rolling unless they achieve their desired goals.

Bill Gates was passionate about computer systems and programming and so we see the result of his passion in his product. He had a strong desire to create computer software and that is the reason he succeeded in his game. Steve Jobs once said that people with passion can change the world. He was passionate about building tools that would help people unleash their personal creativity. The reason behind his success is that he is passionate about his customers and their ability to change the world by using his products. The CEO of Facebook has always been passionate about building systems to connect people. Passion fuelled perseverance in him.

They Work to bring a Change in the World

Entrepreneurs emphatically believe that the result of their hard work should be such that can create a difference in people’s lives or the world. Successful entrepreneurs do not intend to make their selfish motives meet. Rather they work to bring a change to the society. Bill Gates’ Microsoft changed the world completely. We all know that computers play an important role in day to day life and the Windows Operating system which is there in almost every computer is made by Microsoft. Microsoft has put a PC on every desk and in every home. With Bill Gates’ hard work, computing has become accessible to everyone. Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook has transformed lives of people. It has affected the way people communicate, changed the way we share our lives, changed the way we view privacy and even changed the way we consume and share content.

They are People Oriented

Successful entrepreneurs are not the narcissist but are people oriented. They work for the welfare of others. Rather than spending their well-built wealth on themselves lavishly, they are themselves inclined towards frugality and think about others to such an extent that they selflessly donate. Bill gates is sharing his wealth with the people who need it. He is famous for asking other billionaires to commit to giving half of their fortunes in the donation. He has enlisted others to assist him in his effort to help the needy. In 2006, Warren Buffet offered about $30 billion in Berkshire Hathaway shares to help the efforts of Gates’ foundation. Bill Gates has helped people in Haiti and improved the health of folks in Africa

Entrepreneurs Help their Employees to Generate Money

No matter how hard-working and focussed you are, there would certainly be the arenas where you would not be as good as others and everyone knows that everyone has his own strengths and weaknesses. So it is always advisable and commendable to hire people and make the best out of your team. Investment in the team makes the journey of an entrepreneur in a much easier way than dealing with things alone. A team plays an important role in the life of an entrepreneur. In order to make the company grow into a real success, an entrepreneur helps his team or employees to gain knowledge and become leaders and this would further help them in generating money.

Moreover, once you have a good team with you, things would always be diversified and so do the problems. You automatically get more than one way to solve a problem and the more ideas you get, the stronger the solution becomes. Every person that is hired in a company plays its own significant role in the success of the company.

Employees at Facebook act in an innovative and creative way as Zuckerberg does not believe in the traditional working atmosphere where the boss orders and the employees follow. Employees over here are away from the confines of bureaucracy and hierarchy. Moreover, he communicates with his employees and is always available. Companies like Apple, Facebook, Zappos have created a workplace that empowers employees with the freedom to express themselves rather than acquiescing to everything that the boss says.

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