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Avelo Roy – Founder of Kolkata Ventures

Avelo Roy – Founder of Kolkata Ventures

The birth of some people incorporates hopelessness, meaninglessness, and purposelessness, but some people come on earth not only to make their own life meaningful and purposeful but also to bring significant impact in others’ life. One such person of the lot is the...

4 Importance of Failure?

Before getting started with "importance of failure", it will be fun and interesting for my readers to go through my previous article "What is failure". A reading of my previous article would help you understand the concept of failure and this article will help you...

What is Failure?

Failure is a blessing in disguise. Failure is deemed negative but if you think over it, it is indeed a positive term that plays an integral role in climbing up the stairs of success. There can be two perspectives on failure. One considering it an obstruction and the...

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