5 Motivational Books That Can Fire-Up Any Person on Earth

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September 18, 2016

Books are not just about words and pages, but they carry inspiration along with them. If you are a bookworm, so you must be familiar with the impact that a book leaves on you. Books have the capabilities to give you wings so that you can fly high with someone else’s imagination. Whenever I finish reading a motivational book that is so enticing, I usually take a bit of time to finally grasp the reality. After diving in the depth of the pages of the book, desolation overpowers the sanity and the real world seems hoax, isn’t it?

There are millions of books present in the world, and yet, every single book has something divergent to offer. Some challenge your intellectual ability, some help you in finding the real you, some compel you to walk on the road you always wanted to, and some simply pour positivity and encouragement in you.

The love for books does not come with a class. Even the big and successful entrepreneurs like – Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, etc. go gaga over their reading traits. If you are a frequent Facebook user, which you must be, then you would have come across the club that Mark has created on this social networking site, which is entirely dedicated to the books.

Books incorporate various genres. Now, talking about the corporate world – when you decide to take up entrepreneurship, you obviously need a lot of encouragement to be steady on the road and complete your journey. Throughout the way, many people come and discourage you, throw stones at your way, but you need to focus on your goals only; which can be tough. In such a case, a motivational book can help you. Books help you at the time when humans can’t and books encourage you when your own people abandon you. I can say so because I am a fervent reader and familiar with the sense of belonging that the books have to offer.

So, here is the list of top 5 motivational books that you must read if you are going to be an entrepreneur.

1. Rich Dad, Poor Dad – by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter

What would you choose if you get an opportunity to select only one from the two most important persons of your life? Obviously, you will look at some aspects including the influence of the person on you, all the lessons you get to learn from him, etc. But, it would not be an easy choice, would it? The same dilemma is represented in this book.

It is the biography of Robert Kiyosaki. The author has penned down his life in Hawaii and his upbringing by his two fathers. His stepfather was rich and his biological father was poor. The author states how he was compelled to choose the footsteps of either his rich father; who was not a graduate but a successful entrepreneur, or his poor father; who was an educated government employee.

In the end, the author chooses to learn from his rich father, hence the plot revolves around the lessons he had learnt through his successful stepfather. His rich father was not educated enough, but he had created an empire worth of million dollars, just with sheer intellect and hard work. The six lessons of the book teach you a lot of things about the business world.

The author has also talked about the specific traits of the people that could halt them from being rich. These traits include – fear, laziness, bad habits, criticism, and arrogance. The book revolves much around the reflection of the author. Although, he had selected his rich dad but he still didn’t let go of his poor dad, altogether. Social responsibility and the sense of empathy are the traits that he had acquired from his poor dad.

All in all, you also get to learn the power of intellect but a degree to set up your own empire. A motivational book that must be read by all those people who focus more on the education but knowledge!

2. The $100 Startup – by Chris Guillebeau

At the initial stage of your thought process, you may stress out by thinking more and more about the investments for your startup. The life of an entrepreneur is full of the stories of all those leaders who had started from small. This book teaches you how to do it.

The author has narrated all those challenges that one has to face while starting up a small business and taking it to the desired heights. If you are just about to start your business, then have a thorough reading of this book and you will find a guide that can help you in overcoming your future challenges. The author has poured the experience of interviewing and surveying the hundreds of startups in this book.

The book very clearly explains the different stages of the startup and how one should handle all the circumstances. It is explained how one must use the amalgamation of his passion and skills to create his venture. Value decides the success of one’s venture and that one must concentrate on the values of one’s products.

The author has given some market strategies as well that the newcomers can adapt. From the customer demographics to the owner’s beliefs – the strategies given are highly useful. Besides, there are other lessons as well, including – keeping the cost of services, tricks for increasing sales, having a successful product launch, and keeping yourself focused.

No matter from where you start, your goal must always be to end up at the highest star!

3. The Entrepreneur Mind – by Kevin D. Johnson

Bringing a revolution in the corporate world is the ultimate motive of an entrepreneur’s mind. You must know the basic concepts on which a successful business works. The concepts used in a business, your strategies and all the other aspects will prove out to be fruitful only with a correct approach. This motivational book will teach you something like that.

No matter whether you are a novice in the business world or have already achieved some milestones, this book will teach you some new concepts nonetheless of your own experience. “You can’t learn everything from books,” this can become a myth here because the author has tried to express everything in fine details so that you can learn the “What” and “How” of the business world.

The book has 100 easy lessons to offer that are entirely based on leadership, strategy, marketing, people, and finance. The author has included his own experience as well. With this book, you will get to learn all those things that you wouldn’t be learning from anywhere else.

Once you have indulged yourself in the content of this book, you will get to know how you can handle the customers in the scenario where competition is increasing every other minute. This book is a sheer source of motivation for all those people who want to run their mind same as a successful entrepreneur.

4. Rising Strong – by Brene Brown

Being a girl, when you talk about setting up your own venture, the exact question people will ask is – ‘How will you manage the risks?’

Surely, risks are a part of life. More so, they are a very crucial part of a business. You cannot separate risk from the business. Even if there were no risks, you wouldn’t be able to feel the exhilaration and passion of doing a business. Every other businessman has faced failure. Even Bill Gates, the wealthiest person in the business world, had to face failures. The thing about failure is that you have to take it up positively if you don’t know how then give a read to this book.

This book is for all those girls who dream of ruling the male- dominated business world. In the initial pages, the authoress has described all those moments that can leave a person shattered in his/her life. But, the way the authoress has presented the words only show how one must not let those bad moments overpower the mind, instead one must learn how to stand after falling hard.

Nobody gets instant success overnight. Everybody has their own failures and drawbacks to deal with. When you step in the world of business, encountering failures may seem an overwhelming experience, but it is this failure that teaches you to get back and keep moving. It may not be easy to overcome the feeling of dejection but it is surely not impossible.

So, if you are a girl and trying to make your stand in the corporate world, give a read to this book. This motivational book will teach you all those formulas and techniques that you can use for a remarkable comeback. No matter what you encounter in your life, you must not give up. Moreover, failure is the ultimate teacher that teaches you the course of success.

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5. How To Talk To Anyone – by Leil Lowndes

When a girl decides to take up the tag of an entrepreneur besides her name, not many people take her seriously. Why? Just because she is a girl! Not only the opposition of the family members and the society but even in big business meetings, nobody cares to turn around and have a word with a new girl.

That feeling of despondency breaks the girl for the first time. So, this book is here to teach you how to fix everything back. Attracting the audience towards you is a major part in a business meeting and not much people can do that. If you are an introvert, then take up this book and gulp down its content.

This book teaches you how to start up a conversation in the professional world and show your worth to chauvinistic people just by your words. You don’t get much time to assemble the words that would hit a six.

One chance – either do it or leave it! So, with this book, you will get to learn how to make the most of that one opportunity. Not just with words, but this book also explains how one can intrigue people without uttering a single word. You will get to learn how you can work upon your charm and woo people. Give it a try!

“Books are the best friends.” Indeed, they are! That is the reason books understand you in a way that no one else can. All you have to do is – choose the correct book.

Nonetheless, these motivational books are like those self-help books that act no less than a teacher. All those lessons that you couldn’t learn in your school or in your business college, you will get a chance to learn and adapt all those essential lessons through these books. So, to learn how to be a leader, get some knowledge from these books.

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  1. Abhishek Kumar

    It’s a well-articulated post that I stumbled upon during my dull office work. However, why did you write “Books have the capabilities to give you wings so that you can fly high with someone else’s imagination”? (Someone else’s imagination?)

    A person has a habit of relating everything that his/her mind could fathom. We are investing our thoughts in something that resonates with us. We are a great species yet very private of our emotions. We love to dream, we love being hypothetical, we love being a spectator.

    It all rounds to one single thing – Imagination, and it’s ours! That’s why we are creative. We owe a lot to that Character – Bonding.

    And, I also thought that you will mention Ayn Rand’s books as depicted in the cover photo. Though, I haven’t read “The Entrepreneur Mind and Rising Strong”, I’ll give it a try.

  2. Bhavik Kumar

    Very detailed information have given for all books. I personally select “Rising Strong” to read.


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