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October 19, 2016

Before getting started with “importance of failure”, it will be fun and interesting for my readers to go through my previous article “What is failure”.

A reading of my previous article would help you understand the concept of failure and this article will help you enhance your understanding of the concept,”Importance Of Failure”.

Before getting started with why Failures are important, I want to touch an important issue i.e. “Why do we fail”

A simple answer is because you work hard.

This would have sounded eccentric right? Everyone talks about hard work and I am saying that you fail because of hard-work. I will tell you how. Success doesn’t require hard work, rather it requires a person to enjoy his work. If you find something laborious and tiring yet you persistently work for the same, trust me you will fail. At first, if you are working in the direction of passion, you will always enjoy your work and no such thing of hard-work will pop in between. Secondly, if you find boredom in your work, you can always try to make it interesting so that you can enjoy doing it. Yet if you fail to enjoy it, step out of it, immediately before you meet failure.

I am not asking you to avoid failures by this method, but it was simply my way of answering why we fail. But if you fail, trust me it will be for your welfare in the long-term success and growth of your life.

Let’s see how

Most of us would accede with the fact that failures or loss in life is hurtful.

Is the above-mentioned statement really true? I won’t really convince my readers on this. Rather I want my readers to acknowledge and consider the answer the way they like. But yes do want to help my readers to land onto the conclusion. So, consider the following example and then I expect you to decide it yourself

I won’t really convince my readers on this. Rather I want my readers to acknowledge and consider the answer the way they like. But yes I do want to help my readers to land onto the conclusion. So, consider the following example and then I expect you to decide it yourself

When a few months child starts walking and he falls again and again, does his mother rebuke him or mourn over his continuous falls?

No, the loving and caring mother would motivate the child to get up again and again and try until he succeeds in walking properly.

Believe you in me, I have no intention to impose my beliefs on you but I expect you all to understand what I am saying and by the end of the article, it will be your decision whether you want to agree with my opinions and get a change in your life or you wish to continue with your life as it is going.

I emphatically uphold the opinion that failure is just a step ahead towards success and we have developed a tendency to consider failure with negative connotations. It’s a sheer lack of patience and lack of learning attitude in one that makes one despise failures in life.

I opine that failure is not an antonym of success but a ladder which we all have to climb in order to achieve success.

Remember how we all have grown up?

It is definitely not with a blink of eyes or in few years that we have. Right?

It took us a lot of years. But did we ever complain to our parents with regard to this?

When we were in the 5th grade, did we ever ask your parents, “Why am I not coming in college?”

No, because at that time we used to relish your present and give our best without taking any stress of failures or success and moreover we were so oblivious to think about anything else than “present “.


Maybe, we knew somewhere in our subconscious mind that there is a lot of time for us to grow.
Weren’t we?

So why have we lost that charm of enjoying our life and stopped giving our 100% in present without considering whether we succeed or fail?

Don’t you feel that with the increase in the number of our age, we have failed to realize that if a particular thing has to take a certain period of time to be complete, it will take or If a particular success requires certain failures, they will inevitable and you ought to face them bravely?

Failure works with didactic purposes in life.

I will now give you my understanding of the importance of failure in life. I hope you just don’t get swayed away with my thoughts without pondering over it.

1. Understand the Value of Relation

When a person is constantly climbing the ladders of success, he or she often fails to acknowledge the value of relationships.

Many times it is not intentional but inevitably it does happen.

The utmost reasons behind the same are:

  • Lack of time
  • increasing vanity and ego

But when a person meets failures, he seeks solace only in relationships.

2. Become Generous

Whether we believe it or not,the tendency of human being is such that they develop a haughty self once they achieve constant growth but the moment they meet failures, first they suffer from the astonishing losses and then while paying heed to the past realize their follies, and that is the time where they learn to be generous.

If a person gets achievements in his desires without meeting failures, he forgets his generosity but the moment he falls down, he understands what it feels to be down and then when he grows up again, he doesn’t forget generous self.

3. Meet Yourself

When you are so busy conquering your dreams with fame and money, where will you get time for yourself? Introspection plays an important role in life but once we are persistently getting achievements in our dreams easily, we forget to look within ourselves.

Failure here works as a teacher, which makes you pay heed to your inner self.

4. New Dimensions of Brain get open

If I am getting success with one particular work, will I even think about other dimensions?

No, because it is a human tendency to work only in one direction if that direction gives persistent success.

But when one fails in life, he immediately starts thinking about the other ways through which he can start and succeed all over again.

On a whole, failure works as an eye opener to us. It helps us embrace our real self and also motivate us to think on other aspects of life. We become multi-dimensional when we shake our hands with failures. It gives us awareness about various things which we would have been lacking behind till the time success was there.

On meeting failures, why do you want to make your life associated with pessimism when failures have so much to teach you?

So Think and grow. Now I am sharing some wonderful books of great leaders who at one point of time lost everything but they didn’t sit depressed for hours in wasting time. Rather they had challenged their failures and overcame all of them.

And ultimately, beauty lies in the eye of a beholder.

I said what I completely abide by and believe you in me, I have seen my life changing by embracing the optimistic side of failures.

I now take your leave and leave the ultimate decision on you.

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