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October 29, 2015

Beth Comstock- CEO of GE Business Innovations who oversaw the finding of Hulu, Elizabeth Holmes: founder of blood testing company Theranos, Indra Noori: CFO, PepsiCo, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw: CMD, Biocon; Ever heard these names? These are those Elysian ladies of the 21st century whose names are now a landmark in the Business world. Gone are the days when girls were the submissive one in the male dominant society. Today girls are leading in every kind business aggressively. Talking in terms of intelligence quotient and leadership traits girls today are overcoming all the negative notions which were set for them. The griming ardour and perpetual allay of success and willingness to walk a tightrope between being a housekeeper to a boffo entrepreneur broke all the myths about their inborn limitations which were a major prelude in their success racecourse.

Wage inequality and discrimination in the work field are the trending topics in the public forums. To find an appropriate niche in the entrepreneur cosmos here are some best-rated businesses for girls. These are rated best as some of them provide best opportunities for girls to grow as business women and some because they are commonly pursued by qualified women regarding their specific skills and experiences. If you aspire to step into the business world but somehow you lack ideas for the same this article is for you. Just a little blending of interests, skills and goals, thinking out-of-the-box would help you get yourself into entrepreneurship with a bang. Some best businesses for girls are:

1. Tutoring Center

One of the safe and best business for girls is Tutoring. Isn’t serving people with your knowledge a good option? Teaching a specific language, dance, cooking, Entrance exam coaching for medical non-med students, computer courses, CA coaching, art and craft, music, sports or anything you are skilled in can be a financially and personally rewarding business. Everyone aspires to learn new stuffs, help them trigger the noesis. If you are a good tutor, and an excellent communicator coaching is the best option for you, into which you can guide and inspire students to choose their way. Tutoring is one of the most flexible businesses but requires patience to deal with students. Helping students excel in the time session you feel comfortable in, this is typically done after school hours.

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2. Custom Gifts

Are you a creative art and craft head with wily skills? Can you be fanciful in juxtapositions of contrasting colours? Custom gifts business is your thing. Interested people can come up to you with requests for their gifts having a certain concept and you can be the artist in creating the same for them. You can also collide with people having similar interests in varying ways and form a group taking example;

a) you can open a knitting club with classes: here you are to provide clients with custom conceptualised hand-made wear

b) forming a group of good painters with skilled crafty people can have a good business of making gifts combining their specific skills.

c) If you have a knack in sewing and crafting clothes, cute babywear can pull the heartstrings of moms. With the online shopping destinations, you can biz up your work or else you can open your own Shoppe. You can even take orders and designs, and sew clothes with your creativity.

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3. Event planning

Girls are usually good at event planning. Event planning is also one of the best business for girls. The world never stops partying; official events, huge kitty parties, wedding events, receptions, get-togethers, and what not, it just doesn’t end. People usually run short of time, hence event planners are always busy managing fancy evenings for them and hence are paid well to assure an organised event. You just have to get in with a group of professionals like caterers, DJs, Decorators, so on and with every funky evening your business gets glorified.

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4. Counseling

Counsellors work with all ages from children to adults, offering guidance, advice and support to the ones having troubles dealing with trauma in life. Do you have good communication skills and are you a good advisor? The counselling field is growing, yielding counsellors with some training specialities. Parental counselling, guidance counselling, physical and mental disability assistance, marriage counselling and there are various fields where you can expertise. This requires knowledge, which can be acquired via books and write-ups. There’s specialisation in the same too.

5. Editorial Work

The editorial business is about- writing, editing and publishing and girls are good at finding mistakes. Editorial work can be the best business for girls. You can be a freelancer for magazines, newspapers, advertisements or websites in your genre. To have a penchant for technical or creative writing is required. Or if you are good with detecting word-crimes (grammatical or spell or literary errors); magazines, content websites, newsletter and papers are always looking for editors. You can even open your publishing house where you can print write-ups, novels or books written by you or any ghostwriter. PDFs and e-books are available online, are fury to be read and usually, people prefer the printed ones.

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6. App-Development

Why not to excess in the app-development field of Information technology? According to the study by StackOverflow, only 6% girls are into app development. If you don’t have tech knowledge, it’s not a problem. Hire developers if you have an idea for your app or else you don’t have to learn the whole programming to develop an app, IT firms keep on organising app development courses online or offline. You can even create apps for IT companies or entrepreneurs. Information Technology is an amazing platform to excel.

7. Baby Sitting

Are you super friendly with children and they really love your company? Babysitting is one common profession either to earn your pocket money or even for wider scopes. In this practical cosmos where to run a financially strong life, both the parents have to work and the child is left alone; they search for babysitters who are caring for kids. Not to forget a babysitter is parent’s top assistant who is playful, active, responsible, experienced in dealing with kids, negotiable (flexible with schedule), a part-mentor (one who could help the kid with homework and develop constructive manners), sensitive, trustworthy, punctual, patient and tenacious with the kid. So basically it is all about your bonds with the kids and humble dealing.

8. Food Shoppe

If you are a food expert and your recipes can make people drool over your food then a food Shoppe is your thing. You can even get yourself into the tiffin business; young employees usually don’t take their home-made lunch boxes to corporate offices which are actually quite in demand as these days usually people live independently where cooking comes up as a literally exhausting task. Here you can appoint a delivery boy and spread the magic of your spices. Consider writing and reviewing food products, and sell them online or offline.

9. Apparel and Accessories Store

Antique accessories and hand-picked apparel for women from different places can appeal so many cat-eyes. In the beau monde world, a variety of some specific type of products is a cinch to earn money. Create an online store, where you can use photo and video demonstrations or else you can open up your own fancy fashion Shoppe. Your marketing skills would play a vital role in this.

Well now you have it, your own business idea to monetize yourself as an entrepreneur. What are you waiting for? Take the first step towards your goal, polish your skills and sharpen your business mania.

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