Top 10 Businessmen who Conquered the World without Professional Education

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July 27, 2016

They say that you need to hold a degree in your hand, just so you could conquer the world. Education is important and there is no denying the fact. But, when that education becomes the source of breathing; that is the point where a person goes wrong. History is evident; that there are many such successful businessmen who have been ruling the world and that too, without precise education. You don’t need to have a stamp of the A+ grade on your certificate, but you must be willing to put in whatever it needs to be successful, be it time or money.

When you are just at the starting point of your venture, you would probably wonder about other big visionaries. The truth is, everyone of them has started from the scratch. They barely had any resources to get their businesses on the top. Some of the known businessmen are well educated and hence the name and fame, but there are few who hadn’t taken any professional education in business, dropped out of the schools/colleges, still made it big.

It’s not only education that takes business higher but it solely depends on the person who should put in his blood and sweat to make it big. Some of them did and they conquered! Let’s know about 10 such amazingly successful people, who don’t hold any degree, still, they are an inspiration

1. Henry Ford

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You must have come across the logo of “FORD” every now and then and you must have marveled over the luck of the owner as well. But, did you know that the owner of that company, Henry Ford, was dropped out from the college at the age of merely 16? While working for the Edison Illuminating Company in Detroit, Henry Ford constructed his first gas-fueled horseless carriage, the Quadricycle, in the shed behind his home.

In 1903, he had set up the Ford Motor Company, and after five years the organization revealed its primary model T. So as to take care of the overpowering demand for the progressive vehicle, Ford presented many new large-scale manufacturing techniques, including extensive generation plants, the utilization of institutionalized and exchangeable parts.

In 1913, the world’s first moving sequential construction system for autos was introduced. Colossally powerful in the mechanical world, Ford was additionally straightforward in the political domain. Portage drew discussion for his radical position amid the early years of World War I and earned across the board feedback for his against Semitic perspectives and compositions.

2. Amancio Ortega

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Born after three children in a Spanish family, Amancio Ortega spent his childhood in Leon. His father was a railway worker and he had to shift from one place to the other, by time-to-time. It was the reason Amancio had to leave his schooling just at the age of 14. The family was shifted to La Coruna. Sometimes later, Amancio was employed in a shop where he had to make shirts with hands. Right after this job, he decided to do something on his own.

It was in 1972 when Amancio opened Confecciones Goa and started selling bathrobes. Later, in 1975 he opened his first ever store with his wife Rosalia Mera and the store were named as- Zara. Presently, Zara has more than 6,000 branches all over the world. Total of 92,000 employees has been hired by Amancio from every part of the world.

In the present era, Amancio is the fifth richest man in the world. Ortega started his company on two fundamental rules: Give clients what they need, and get it to them as soon as possible before anyone else. He is a very low-profile person and in fact, no photograph of the man had been published anywhere until 1999. In 2011, he announced his retirement. In 2012, he donated approximately 20 million euros to a Roman Catholic Relief Organization.

3. Li Ka Shing

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If you believe what Forbes has to say, then Li Ka Shing is the second richest person in Asia. He is the leading port investor, operator, and developer through his CK Hutchison Holdings. In Asia and Europe, Li is the largest health and beauty retailer. He also has grabbed the title of ‘Asia’s Most Powerful Man by Asiaweek in 2001. In Singapore, on 5 September 2006, Li was awarded the foremost “Malcolm S. Forbes Lifetime Achievement Award” by the Forbes family.

Born in 1928, Li had to leave his schooling at the age of 15 because of the sudden demise of his father. Later, he was employed in a plastic trading company and he used to work 16 hours a day. In the year 1950, Li opened up his own venture, named as – Cheung Kong Industries. He started with manufacturing plastic and slowly he took his company at the position of a leading real estate company in Hong Kong.

In 1979, he acquired Hutchison Whampoa and in 1985, he became the proud owner of Hong Kong Electric Holdings Limited. Thus, was successful in expanding his business at a larger-scale. From electricity to telecommunication, from shipping to the internet, from real estate to retail; Li has put his foot in almost every facet of the business world.

4. Michael Dell

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He was born in 1965 in a Jewish Family. Michael had attended Herod Elementary School in Houston. But, he was inclined towards business at the age of only eight. Just to enter the business world, the eight years old kid applied for high school equivalency exams. By the time he was in his teens, he started doing part-time jobs and started investing that money in stock exchange and precious metals.

He got his first computer at the age of 15, an Apple II. He dissembled every part of that computer just to get familiar with the working of that machine. When he entered his high school, he started selling upgrade kits for PCs. After getting the vendor’s license, he started his never ending journey. In 1984, he got his company registered as “PCs Limited”, in the same year, he incorporated the company as “Dell Computer Corporation.” At the age of 27, he was named as the youngest CEO of a company. In 1996, he started his online computer selling business and also launched company’s first servers. Nobody could have thought that without a degree, a man could become so successful just with hard work. So, which computer do you possess? Is it Dell?

5. Amadeo Peter Giannini

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Born on 6 May 1870 to Italian immigrant parents, in California Amadeo was the first child. His father used to sell fruits and vegetables by growing them on the 40 acres of the land. After the demise of his father, his mother got remarried to Lorenzo Scatena who started his own company, known as – L. Scatena & Co. Amadeo had a thought about business while he was studying in school. He thought that he could do better instead of toil hard in the school.

That was the time; that he chose his way and started his own journey. Merely, at the age of 15, in 1885; he left the school and joined the L. Scatena & Co. as a full-time produce broker. Soon, he started working as a produce dealer, commission merchant, and produce broker for the farms. After gaining a bit of success, he decided to settle down and at the age of 31, he retired from his business, just to join his father-in-law’s business.

That was the time when banks were only for the well-to-do and rich people. In 1904, Amadeo founded the Bank of Italy. With the success of this bank, he established the Bank of America in 1923. With these successful inventions, he had also helped motion pictures and wine industries in California to prosper.

6. Charles Culpeper

Coca -cola! Sounds familiar, isn’t it? Of course, it’s everyone’s favorite. But, have you ever thought about the story behind the invention of this world famous drink? Not many people have bothered about it. Charles Culpeper is the name! Born in 1874, he was one of the nine children who lived on a family farm near Rome, Georgia. Charles never finished high school, but his determination to be in limelight made him invent the most popular drink.

He used to work as a clerk in a county store. Later, he took the job of the traveling salesman. After roaming here and there for many years, he decided to take up the job of selling Coca-Cola syrups to soda fountains in Philadelphia. In 1904, he got employment as a salesman of Coca-cola bottling works in New York.

In 1917, he bought two companies by borrowed $16,000. With his guidance, the New York and New Jersey companies were merged and were named as The Coca-Cola Bottle Company New York. The company prospered under the guidance of Charles and that made him one of the most successful people of his era.

7. Richard Branson

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The founder of one of the most recognized groups – Virgin Groups that consists more than 400 companies is next on the list. Richard had decided to be an entrepreneur at the young age. Born in London, he was the eldest of the three children. He had attended the school until the age of 16 and later dropped out. His first ever venture was a magazine, named – Student. This venture was started by him only at the age of 16.

His record business was started from a church where he used to sell his magazines. In the 1960s he used to interview various prominent faces. With the promotion of the records in the Students magazine, he gained an overnight success. He, then, started a record shop in London, at Oxford Street. After gaining a lot of success and earning money, he launched his record labels in 1972.

In 1984, Branson came up with Virgin Atlantic Airways. Then in 1999, he had launched Virgin Mobiles and in 2000, he had launched Virgin Blue in Australia. Not just dropping out of the school, but Branson was poor at academics as he had dyslexia. Today, Branson is a well-known name that had achieved everything just on his will power.

8. Dhirubhai Ambani

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You must be familiar with the name. Dhirubhai Ambani is India’s one of the most precious gems. He never saw the four walls of school but had imagined himself as someone big. After returning from Yemen to India, he had founded ‘Majin’ with his cousin. He started importing polyester yarn and exporting spices to Yemen. In 1966, he founded the most famous company – Reliance. The marketing helped to make Reliance famous within the territory of India.

The reliance company prospered so much that today; the Ambani family is the third richest family in the world. After the death of Dhirubhai Ambani, the company was divided between his two sons. Today, Reliance Industries Limited is directed by Mukesh Ambani and Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group is directed by Anil Ambani.

For his contribution towards the Trade and Industry, Dhirubhai Ambani had been awarded India’s second highest civilian honor – Padma Vibhushan.

9. Walt Disney

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We all have been and still are the fans of Disney channel, isn’t it? In a way, our childhood used to revolve around the cartoons shown on this channel. The creator is Walt Disney. He was born in 1901, in Chicago’s Hermosa neighborhood. During his school time, Walt used to draw cartoons for his school newspaper.

In the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, he used to take the night course. Then in 1918, he had appeared to join the US Army but was rejected and in May 1921, Walt launched his own studio named – Laugh-O-Gram Studio. He started the production of Alice’s Wonderland in that studio.

In 1923, Walt made his way towards Hollywood. Walt, with his brother, launched the Disney Brother’s Studio that was renamed as – The Walt Disney Company. And then, there was no looking back. With the creation of various successful animation series, Walt Disney became one of the billionaires of his time.

10. Ray Kroc

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Originating from Czech, a couple gave birth to Ray Kroc on October 5, 1902, in Oak Park, near Chicago. Ray Kroc lied about his age during the First World War and joined the Red Cross Society. At the age of 15, he became the driver of the Red Cross Ambulance.

He, then, started selling Multi-Mixers. Then stepped in McDonald brothers! Ray met them and asked them to join the venture. Ray knew that this small food business had the potential to touch the heights.

Kroc had made a number of changes in the food services, which were successful. Kroc wanted to expand the business but the McDonald brothers didn’t want the same. Out of frustration, Kroc bought the company in 1961, by spending $2.7 million dollars.

Now, you have read about all these successful people who never made education, the sole principal of their lives. Education is undoubtedly is necessary, but it is not the only thing in the world. After some years, nobody is going to ask your scores or your learning. The only thing that would catch the limelight is your capability.

Make yourself capable enough to touch the heights. Trust in yourself and the world will trust you!

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