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March 3, 2015

To whom success deserves is always a billion dollar question. Napoleon Hill said that the starting point of all achievements is “desire”. It is just not about starting it with zeal. It is even about how high you rise when you meet your failures. Determination and commitment to the goal are very important. A firm foundation with the focus of your goal in mind will anyhow make you rise high.”Will” plays a vital role in the life of a successful person and if you lack behind this trait you are no less than others and can never be successful. A desire to have success is more important than the fear of failure and always keeps one thing in mind that self-education will always help you making your fortune. Every Tom, Dick and Harry dream for success yet it is only a few out of a lot who gets access to it. Each one has its own perception of success. Some say it depends on your attitude, some say it’s the matter of hard-work. From the age of 12, I started working hard with a positive attitude to gain my success and today at the age of 24 after lots of struggle and experience I finally came to the conclusion that success depends on following few things.

1. Hard Work

Opportunities come under the guise of hard work. Success requires planning. If you do not study for your examination, then how will you pass? It is basically how strong your desire is. If you want to top the exam you will have to work day and night but if passing makes satisfy you then a little bit of hard work would go. If you have high goals in mind, you must work hard. Success comes to those who prepare well because, without any preparation, failure is inevitable. Pablo Picasso said that action is the foundational key to all success. If you want to make your dream a reality, you need to have the determination and work hard accordingly as dreams do not turn into realities by magic. You must strive and work hard to get your dreams fulfilled. In order to navigate your destination of success, you have to drive the car of hard work.

2. Brave

Bravery is all about laying down yourself bigger than yourself. Though it is said that one should cut one’s cloth according to one’s coat but then fortune comes only to the brave.Isn’t it? A courage to continue the work despite meeting the failures is what counts. Fear or worries only make one weak and always have one thing in mind that fear cuts deeper than a knife. Exposing yourself to your deepest fear in order to defeat it is literally worth the effort.It is basically the size of fight you can indulge yourself into that matters.

3. Habits

One should align oneself to one’s goals in an effective manner. Habits like being proactive, beginning with the end in the mind etc are very important. A successful person always works with a planned schedule. His habits would not only embody the morning or the afternoon ones but even the night ones. He works in accordance with the plans. None of his habits would be such that it would be called a time waste.

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4. Risk Taking Factor

Bill Gates said that success is a lousy teacher as it seduces smart people into thinking that they cannot lose. Having an attitude of living in a comfort zone with a hope to have a stress-free and carefree life will never make you successful. Though risk taking is almost like having no security but by always being stick to the safe and predictable zone will not help you have success. You cannot be sitting in the bushes all the time. An attitude to come out and face the actualities of life is necessary. Your exploration and growth will always help you becoming a successful person.

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