How successful people meet strangers?

How successful people meet strangers
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February 27, 2015

We come across many people in our day to day lives with whom we have no connections at all, often they are known as strangers. We may condemn them for their looks or demeanour towards us but a man of substance will always take the criticisms or rejections of strangers in his stride. A wise and accomplished man always looks for genuine advises which often come from people who know least about us. Successful people meet strangers in a very different way when compared to a normal person. In order to be better than yesterday a successful man always interacts with strangers and has high regards for their opinion or values for it only grooms them and makes them thorough gentlemen.

1. Listen Carefully

A successful person will always be a good listener. Listening is an important part of any discourse. It gives a better understanding of the viewpoint of the other party or the speaker. He will always be prone to a more fruitful and sensible life than others. A good listener always comes across as a wise person, who can understand and empathise with others. One can unleash one’s emotional side only in front of the person who is willing to listen. Listening skills are indispensable not only in the professional life but also in the personal life. For a sensible and meaningful day to day interactions or communications, it is worth to be a good listener. Moreover, in order to develop a positive relationship with clients, colleagues etc, it is vital to have this manifest skill.

2. Speak Less

A successful person will never enthuse or rhapsodise over any topic. He will always prefer speaking less in order to scrutinise about the people around. Speaking less means you value other people and their opinion and time. If you are domineering in a conversation then it will automatically mean that you are giving more weightiness to your ideas than anyone else’s. If you speak less and listen more, you have an intellection which will make you build your thoughts and experience. This skill will even help you learning the things which might have remained untouched so far. In this particular way, you will have multiple points of view. A mature and professional person will always embody this skill in his life. When you constrain your verbosity, you become more selective with what you verbalise. People will listen to you if you speak less but with intention.

3. Analyze

A successful person will never judge others at their face value. Rather he will be a sagacious person who prefers to judge others by listening more and speaking less. He will never sound vulnerable because such a person will first try to analyse the other person and then speak his mind.

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4. Give Reverence

A pertinent relationship, whether a professional or a personal one always demands “Respect”. A successful person will always learn to respect people’s efforts, opinions and abilities. Such a behaviour will always help you move forward with confidence. It is very easy to sneer at others but exhibiting reverence is not a cup of everyone’s tea. Thanking people for their help is substantial for a successful person. You should always celebrate others’ success. You should never give a cold reception to anyone. Reverence is important but not a phoney one. It should always be veritable. Be genuine while thanking and showing respect to others.

5. Accept the Criticisms

You can accept criticisms only when you are enough positive to have a feedback in your life. Therefore, it is apposite to say that proper criticism is a way of giving feedback to a person with the intention of helping them grow better. A respectful and healthy relationship between partners or companies can be build only when both parties are open to criticisms. If the criticisms are intended to mock you, it is better to ignore. But if it is for your improvement, accept it as a challenge and start working on it.

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