What Successful People do when they are Sad?

how to react when you are sad
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February 27, 2015

A successful person will always be a man of virtue and will never develop an audacity for vice. Everyone comes across a hard nut in life but that does not mean that a person will start living in a milieu of gloom. Life is not a bed of roses but at least we can give efforts to break the ice. Isn’t it? Life is what it is about but it is going to move in the direction we want it to go. Despondence overpowers us only when we allow it. So it’s better to be so strong so that no negativity overtakes our optimism and motivation. At one point or the other everyone comes across a failure but that does not mean that one would become depressed to such an extent that they reckon to abandon work they started. Some people drive themselves towards insanity to such an extent that they commit suicide. So is it because of the stigma that makes them do that? How awful is it? Isn’t it? The societal pressure is so high that a person scared of facing shame in the society kills himself. Isn’t it too foolish? To get rid of depression successful people follow the following steps

1. Introspection

Successful people will never that much cognizance to his failure, rather he will think hard over the causes of it. They feel what they literally feel. Neither do they give away the thought of a failure all over nor do they ponder over it. They prefer following the middle path i.e. to think but in limits so that they do not become glum or demoralised. Paying heed to your emotions is opposite but then contemplating over it for a long time would always prove to be noxious.

2. Understand

Acknowledge the root cause of the quagmire you come across and you will achieve high. Understanding the problem is very important because if you don’t do that you will never be able to move ahead. Life is all about moving on. Just as the traffic jam in between does not make you drive your car back to your home and you do wait until the jam gets cleared. Right?

So why can’t you have the patience to understand the fact that it is just a transient traffic jam while is trying you stop you from reaching your decided destination? Just be practical and patient. Understand the cause of the failure and go move ahead.

3. Plan

After thinking and understanding about the failure, you must plan by using the trial and error method. Just remain focused determined and attentive so that you do not burn your fingers in the process. Don’t ever forget that you are a businessman and no sought of negative thought can let you impede you from becoming successful. So Just bite more than can chew and you will become successful.

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4. Build Support

It is the case of the rarity where people become big without the help of others. Your sadness or problems are automatically abated when you have someone as a support. Honest friends or colleagues, who are always with you in your hard times is indeed a big help in itself. If you are veritable with your friends, you will automatically receive support and help from them.

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