How Successful People Resist Temptation?

successful people resist temptation
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February 16, 2015

The world is full of pleasures and temptations which often make a person develop an inclination towards avarice and aversion. Multiplication of wants is natural and as one’s want is satiated many others crop up which may induce people to indulge in malpractices and unfair means to fulfill them. A successful person is always balanced and should know what is right for him and how he can resist his temptation. Though successful people are also normal people and have many temptation in their life but successful people resist temptation on each stage, they hold their mind, heart, and soul to remain focused each second. Getting caught in temptations is very easy, however, one must practice iron will in order to resist such temptations. Temptation could be of any kind food, money, girls, power etc. However, we must remember that there is a right time for everything and giving in to every temptation may land us in a predicament. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid temptations by distracting yourself or through determination. A person who gives in so easily does not have a strong will power and often digs a pit for himself. Resisting temptations is not impossible but requires substantial efforts. People with good self-control become more popular and more successful in all areas of life.

1.Think ahead

Successful people resist temptation to always think ahead. In order to “go” ahead you must know how to say “no” to the temptations. You must know to how establish your priorities. If you do not say “no” to your temptations today, people will say “no” to you tomorrow. Good things take time and so this practice will take time but at last you will be able to consider your opinions rationally. With time a new, positive, controlled association will be formed. A successful person will always have a clear vision of his future and will never give in easily because every bait he will come across he will fight with it.

2. Identify your allurement

Enticements are nothing but an obstruction in your journey of success. It is hard to resist but once you succeed in it, you will achieve big. At first, you will think to resist keeping in mind your religious beliefs or moral code, but in the second place you will realize that if you would have succumbed to the bait, you would have had to pay a price for it.

3.Find what activates your enchantment

You must know yourself well so that even when you feel you are getting tempted, you dig down to identify those specific so that you don’t give in. Such enchantments are like the negative things preventing you from achieving your goals.

4. Keep your guiding values in your mind

Ask yourself what is your firm foundation of ethics or values? Any civil society will have a firm basis of values, Faith in anything(God, family etc) provides a solid base of principles to abide by. Problems stem from the paucity of a firm base or faith in the values /ethics. Dearth of a firm foundation of values leaves you unable to discern what is good and bad in a given situation.

5. Exercise your willpower

Think hard about the consequences and make use of your willpower in accordance to it. It would be a bit tough at the starting but once you practice, it will become easy. Everything seems to be difficult in the beginning but once you keep on practicing it, you will start loving it gradually.

6. Reward yourself for not giving in to temptation

Whenever you do not get tempted, you deserve a break. Do something that makes you feel relaxed, satiated and blissful. If you do not get swayed away with temptations, you truly deserve appreciation or reward. It is indeed a big thing because not everyone has this power of resistance.

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