How Google makes Money?

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January 29, 2016

Sergey Brin and Larry Page made an amount of 8 billion dollars in one day; for those who just encountered the two names, going back in the era of mid 90’s when the invention of Google really turned the cosmos of internet upside down. The two masterminds built the search engine initially for the local purpose and now the world relies on it. The publically traded multinational just made 66 billion dollars approximately in the year 2014 which has been continuously increasing by 13% each year. But have you ever thought that how Google makes money? Google do not have its products but still it’s making a great profit each day. Without charging anything Google is searching a lot of stuff for us and providing lots of storage space on internet to us.

Everyone’s dream lands the Google workplace. A trillion users and million organizations have inhabited Google’s platform. Google is way broader than it seems, the tech firm which focuses on solving millions of problems faced by the billions of people living. Being started as a mere search engine accounts to get 50,000 unique users each second on its platform. Beyond this Google has opened a new range of opportunity in almost every field of technology.

Here are 4 major ways by which Google makes money:

1. Google AdWords

The major way by which Google makes money is Google AdWords; Google makes almost 70% of the profit from Google adsense. Google gets approximately a total to be 3-4 billion per day. Businessmen who have an advertisement budget contact Google to advertise their product, and they pay for every click the advertisement gets. And as a user we do see thousands of advertisements and popups each time we start Googling. AdSense is a part having a similar concept for the bloggers and website owners get paid. This program allows users to make money by displaying Google’s advertisement on their respective websites. Google still very much depends on its search engine to make the golden billions.

It is all about, the more numbers of users the more money Google would make. There are various kinds of advertisements which enlighten the user about different plans and products, booming the business whilst profiting Google.

2. Google Play and Google Applications

Google makes money by google play store and google applications also. There are three ways by which a Google application garners money, the first and the most widely used one is, displaying advertisement. The android developer can easily find a suitable entrepreneur who would willingly invest hundreds of bucks in advertising. As the application is downloaded and opened pop-ups start to flash.

Some application are sold to the interested user whilst if the application was a free download, the user pays to access the premium features. This is somehow a similar scenario for many Play Store applications for example Evernote. Most of the web-based tools entered the world of applications; taking the example of Gmail which got the first 1 billion downloads.

This is somehow all interconnected, not just the developer earns but Google play does as well. Android workshops are held all the time; budding programmers are actively taking part in the learning programs headed by institutions and Google itself. The more applications they make they develop with glorious ideas, more money they make simultaneously increasing Google’s bank balance.

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3. Google Cloud

This initiative though was rebelled and untrusted once is now one of the successes of the tech firm. It is one of the Google’s services, a cloud computing platform. As it is one growing application, various introductory seminars and workshops are continuously being held. This supports the infrastructure of Google, the other services which are provided such as YouTube. With the unique API context, the cloud family includes various web-based products of Google, a database and storage. The Google cloud provides users with an interface to interact and make use of the facilities that the company provides efficiently. A storage database to maintain the privacy of the stored data, trusted by various businessmen earned an amount of 1.8-2 billion dollars approximately.The startup initiative of Google cloud is one splendid platform for the beginners in business cosmos.

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4. Google Gadgets

Besides major products Google makes money from its other products also. Usually people aren’t really aware of the various products that Google makes except for the common ones which are amongst the tidings all the time. Taking example of the Google loon project which would change the world of internet once launched, another science’s sorcery is the Google self-driven car which doesn’t even required a driver to keep hold of the ring. Well speaking of the ones that have really made earning are Kindle, Google Glass (contact lens), cellular phones, Google OnHub and so on which are used widely by most people. Speaking of the major products, introducing android was one amongst.

Google’s fiber has got huge attention; all of the nexus version are widely used and are appreciated as well. Google glass enables features that can be future of the world, still being banned in some places due to privacy problems.

To make human life easier, one of the busiest firms of the world ‘Google’ has been working upon a whole new range of gadgets. The secret laboratories and hundreds of scientists have got much more to be launched in the coming years.

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  1. Puspender

    Actually more than 80% revenue is from adsence.
    If you have talked about play store, they also charge around 25$ for a developer account for launching your application on google play store and there are somewhere around 1.5 million apps on play store. That’s also generate some money for them.

    • BusinessAlligators Support

      Thanks sir for your the value added to our post. Total revenue of Google from the advertisement part is fluctuating between 88-90%. In the above post, we have categorized it into 4 parts. I guess you are considering Adwords and Advertisement as the same thing. Adwords only contribute to 70% income of Google.
      And we will surely look into the authentication for the data which is provided by you, if we found it worthy we will consider it into the post

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