8 Best Business Ideas in the Budget of Rs1000 – Rs25000 i.e ($400)

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September 2, 2017

Undoubtedly, everyone is in the lookout for some low budget businesses that can fetch them huge profits with least probability of failure. So today in this article, we are going to present to all our readers a list of businesses that one can reckon to start with a mere budget of INR 1000- 25,000 or US $15- $400. With this being said, we promise to you that you will surely earn huge amount of money if you start any of these businesses by giving your best efforts. You can start these businesses as full time or as a part time business depending on availability of your time. We are highlighting Indian currency but our article is applicable for businesses in all currencies, countries, region or race so that you can start your business anywhere and anytime.

Take a look at the list of business ideas that you can opt from if you have a budget of around 1k to 25k.

1. Blogging

Budget Needed Product Wise-

  • Domain – Rs 699/ Year
  • Hosting- Rs 2000-3000/ Year
  • Premium Theme- 2000-8000 Lifetime
  • Content Writer- Rs0.2-Rs5/ word

Blogging has increasingly become a popular business for many entrepreneurs these days especially because of minimal equipment and investment involved. While there are millions of blogs out there, it is important to understand the unique point that your blog would comprise of that would entice others to read. Choosing the right topic/niche on which you hold expertise in writing in depth is the key to success here. Deciding on a suitable blogging platform forms the first step to start blogging. There are several blogging sites available that encourage users to start their own blogs. Some of the most versatile and user-friendly platforms available are WordPress, Weebly, Joomla, and Drupal, with every site distinct in terms of design, functionality, and SEO.

Registering a domain name forms the next step which is basically the URL to access your site. Domain registrars like GoDaddy allow you to do this at a price that varies between INR 199 to 599. Purchasing web hosting comes next, the cost of which is usually more than the domain rental. Some of the popular web hosting services include Siteground, Bluehost, GoDaddy, 1&1 and Hostgator. We personally recommend Siteground for beginners, the cost of which lies anywhere between INR 2000-3000 and they outrank every competitor in terms of quality.

It is highly advisable to never compromise on the quality of hosting as it determines the functionality of your blogging site in the long run. Once domain and hosting are done and you have decided on your niche, you need to hire a team of content writers and learn some basic SEO rules which you can easily learn from the internet. With proper direction and regular posting of SEO friendly blogs, you are bound to achieve optimum results in 6 months or so from Google Adsense.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Budget Needed Product Wise-

  • Domain – Rs 699/ Year
  • Web Hosting (Siteground)- Rs 2000-3000/ Year
  • Premium Theme- 2000-8000 Lifetime
  • Email service- $20 per month for unlimited emails up to 1001-1500 subscribers, and increases $5 per month for every additional 500 subscribers
  • Affiliate Network- 2 to 10% commission on physical products; 30-50% on Information products; 15-30% on services
  • Content Writer- Rs0.2-Rs5/ word
  • Advertisements-Rs. 5,000 per month (this is optional depending on the nature of the product)

Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement that makes it possible to build an audience online and making money simply by recommending products or services to people around you. All it takes for you is to find a product that you intend to promote and sign up for their affiliate program. Once this is done, you are provided with a special link that allows the merchant to track how many people clicked on your link. For every purchase made, you earn a hefty commission.

One thing that should be taken into account before starting affiliate marketing is to understand if a vast majority of your audience will benefit from using that product or not. Also, how convenient is the buying process and is there a decent affiliate commission? One can consider using the products or services themselves before promoting them. Alternatively, you can share your links through blogs, social networks, and emails and so on. Currently, Amazon has the world’s largest affiliate program where an average commission on a physical product is anything between 4-10%. ClickBank and CJ by Conversant are also popular websites that facilitate affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing can also be done on Information products with a compensation that varies between 20-50%. The third type of affiliate marketing can be done on services with a guaranteed commission ranging from 15-30%. Moreover, one can consider joining a personal affiliate program to promote any product or service.

3. Custom Gift

Raw materials needed:

  • Glue
  • Cardboard
  • Ribbons
  • Scissors
  • Decorative materials, and so on

(Costs vary for every product)

Custom gifting business, popularly known as the personalized gifting business, is also gaining prominence amongst small size business owners owing to minimal investment involved. With a plethora of gifting options ranging from individual ideas like key chains, photo frames and more to group gift ideas like office souvenirs, this business is a preferred choice for many creative minds with a sharp business acumen.

Sites like Giftstarter offer a smart and innovative way to contribute online for the purpose of group gifting. One can easily consider starting a custom gift business from the comfort of their home and start selling small orders. Approach wedding planners, event planners and promotional sales companies and design brochures highlighting the importance of personalized gifting. You can use your Instagram and other social pages and groups to promote your gift items. Early this year, we interviewed Tanya Mittal, a rising entrepreneur from Gwalior, India where she gave us some great insights into how she is able to earn Rs. 3-4 lakhs per month by simply showcasing her gifts on her Instagram page.

Even on Facebook, you can make your own group or join an already existing group and utilize Facebook ads to sell your custom gifts. Adding your personal emotional quotient to your products like packaging every product with a personalized note like “find the perfect gift for your girlfriend this Valentine’s day” or “make your first anniversary special” serves as an added advantage.

4. Tutoring

Budget Needed Product Wise-

  • Furniture- Rs. 10,000
  • Books and Study Material-Rs. 2000-Rs. 3000
  • Website- Rs. 699/ Year
  • YouTube channel- Free
  • Facebook Live- Free

Tutoring has always remained the first choice of business for people with less budget and luckily it is one of the businesses with least probability of failure. Setting up a home tutoring business is a great way to earn handsome revenue and all it takes is to identify your strengths as an efficient tutor, deciding the right fees and marketing your services. With the demand for tutoring soaring high these days, these are not just limited to daily school curriculum but have ventured into college entrance exam preparations, college courses, and even kindergarten. Pick up your core strength where you feel your major expertise is in.

You can operate your tutoring business from your home with fewer students, let us say 20-25 and make deliver good results. Repeat the same thing with little expansion of let us say 30-40 students to re-affirm your capability as a tutor before you think of expanding drastically. A similar path was taken by Bansal classes years ago, which is one of the best IIT coaching institutes in Kota (India).

Additionally, you can make your online website include direct testimonials and success stories of your students to increase your popularity. Invest in a good set of reference books for the main subject areas. Additionally, library and the internet are good sources for free materials. Set up a quiet place to carry out marketing and billing and provide that place with a phone and internet access, to generate more leads. Advertise your business by placing fliers on school bulletin boards and distributing brochures to teachers and students.

5. Web Development

Budget Needed Product Wise-

  • Domain – Rs. 699/ Year
  • Web Hosting- Rs 2000-3000/ Year
  • All theme package- Rs. 6,500 for 1 year
  • App Developing Software- Rs. 500-Rs. 2000 per month
  • Landing Pages Software- Up to Rs. 6000

Since most of the business owners are utilizing the power of the internet and taking their businesses online, web development has become quite popular. So in order to start a business in web development, it is important, to begin with calculating the startup costs. This includes the cost of registering your domain and hosting your own website to create your portfolio and showcase your best works. Additional cost implication like getting business cards printed, a dedicated desk and stationery supplies are to be considered too.

Web development majorly includes website development and app development. In the beginning, you can start building websites with CMS like WordPress, Joomla etc where minimal coding is required. However, later you can modify and expand your areas of expertise. You can even select a very specific niche like Making landing pages or a parallax website in the beginning. You can also use leadpages, unbounce etc software that will only cost you up to $150. For app building, you can use software like appy pie, ibuildapp etc that will only cost you only Rs 500- 2000 per month depending upon the plan you choose.

You can begin with downloading free trials of various web design software like Coda, Aptana, Espresso or Adobe Dreamweaver that gives you 30 days to get acquainted. A smart way is to hop from one free trial to another for around 6 months till you get a stable business and are ready to buy the preferred software. Hire a small team of coders and designers who can assist you in various projects with their specialized skills. Additional tools like creating landing pages can be purchased and WordPress free version can be utilized to create a beautiful themed website.

6. Social Media Marketing

Budget Needed Product Wise-

  • Domain – Rs 699/ Year
  • Hosting- Rs 2000-3000/ Year
  • Premium Theme- 2000-8000 Lifetime
  • Advertisement- Depending on the budget and marketing needs

Social media marketing majorly involves SEO, SEM, SMO, and SMM. First of all, let me tell you what these term stands for.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

SEM: Search Engine Marketing

SMO: Social Media Optimization

SMM: Social Media Marketing.

These days there are millions of website on the internet and everyone is fighting to achieve the first ranking on various search engines and on social media. This whole game of ranking runs on the algorithms of search engines and social media. So if you want to make a career in this business field, you need to understand how these algorithms work. Though they are not that difficult to understand but are too lengthy and changes frequently so they demand a lot of time. You just need to give time to your business.

For this, you can read a lot of case studies and conduct your own in-depth research. Once you understand how these things work, focus first on bringing your own results in search engines and on social media and showcase them on your website as a testimony. Then start approaching people who are in need and want to target their audience. To learn these core areas, you can follow MOZ, SearchEngineLand and so on.

Additionally, you can easily learn Social Media Marketing skills by investing only 2 hours daily on the internet and learn these topics for free. An internet access, basic tools/software and a computer is all that is needed to begin with. You can work on Facebook ads or create posters and devise social media strategies to highlight your client’s business on various Social Media platforms. Create word of mouth and take initial projects for a reasonable price.

7. YouTube Channel

Budget Needed Product Wise-

  • YouTube Channel- Free
  • Video Editor- Rs. 7,000- Rs. 10,000
  • Mobile Camera- You already have it

Starting a YouTube channel is another exciting and lucrative business that is being utilized by various upcoming video bloggers. Consider for instance Michelle Phan, a 29 year old entrepreneur who is among the highest grossing celebrities on YouTube, pulling in around $3 million in ad revenue through social network and specializes in uploading makeup videos. Bhuvan Bam is another popular YouTuber from India and as of today, his YouTube channel, BB Ki Vines, has more than 4 million subscribers and over 500 million views. You Tube creators can make money by inking endorsements with various brands like Michelle did with Lancome in 2013. Not to forget, such significant revenue margins are obtained only at later stages, where a YouTuber can earn 1 cent to $15 per click on the advertisement that completely depends on the location and niche of the click.

To begin with, create a free YouTube account from scratch using a unique email address. Next, decide on your content for the videos. It is important to understand your target audience. Interact with your target audience in the comments section and stay up to date with the latest trends in your chosen field. Keep your content creative so that you are able to connect with your audience better. Once your brand has a decent popularity, you can consider opting for a longer term deal with various brands instead of simply choosing an ad hoc deal.

8. Seasonal Selling

Raw materials needed:

  • Gift Cards
  • Christmas Hats
  • Crackers
  • Colors, and so on, depending on which festival or occasion you choose

The best thing is that starting a holiday or seasonal business is easy and can be done with little money. Get all the legalities sorted, if needed, and then find a suitable location to start your business. Operating from home can be a viable option too for a business that involves seasonal selling. But even with a home based business, have a local license and permit requirements. Research your market well to make sure there is a significant demand in the market for your line of business.

In the West, when the Christmas rush is over, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving and Secretaries’ Day are the most profitable holidays. Choose one festival for each month so that you can operate in each month. For instance, Diwali is the world’s biggest seasonal business that gives plenty of opportunities to even kids to make money by selling crackers. You can think of selling rain coats during the rainy season, gloves for winter, and red hats for Christmas, crackers for Diwali and so on, to keep the ball rolling.

Hiring seasonal workers comes in next and can be a daunting task, but thanks to many sites like Upwork that makes the search for part time workers a lot easier. Promote your business on the internet and on Social Media, before going for a website. Once you have a company name, take on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other trending websites to spread the word about your business. Additionally, hand out flyers, attend trade shows and attend local events to generate more brand awareness.

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