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May 25, 2017

For most of the people, business means putting everything into it. So it’s always a crucial question for every person, Which Business is Best to Start with? or Which is the best Business to Start? So the first thing that usually strikes before starting a venture is an oscillation in mind with the few questions like:

Am I being fair to my career by stepping in a field of business?

Will I be able to do justice to what I am starting with?

And then the most important question with a doubt stimulates the peace of mind: Am I the right person to start a business?

I won’t be the one giving answers to the above-mentioned question. Rather I am simply going to put my thought process and certain actualities in words. Then, the entire decision is contingent on how you take and acknowledge things. And then you never know, may be reading this article gets you a life-changing experience by acting as stimuli of your life. Hopefully, you would get answers to the questions by the end of this article.

The very first question that possibly pops-up in mind can be, Who can do business?

Trust me, anyone or everyone who has the potential to be an entrepreneur can start a venture but there are certain rules that are to be kept in mind. The rules are as follows:

  • There is no such word as “impossible”
  • Everything is easy
  • Failure is not an obstruction but a way to learn a new lesson
  • “Give up” is no such word.
  • Be the best in your field and you will get the best results.
  • Love what you do.
  • If you get deviated easily, then you are probably in the wrong direction.
  • Plan everyday
  • Respect your decisions and do everything to stick to it.
  • No one can understand your goals better than your own mind and heart.

If you keep the above-mentioned points embedded in your mind, you will have the potential to run any business successfully.

Now the question arises, which business is the best one to start with?

Usual driving forces behind a person selecting a business for himself are as follows:

  • Good Revenue
  • Easily available customers
  • Adequate knowledge of the particular field.

But I would say that while starting a business, you should never consider these aspects because every business is good in its own way. Every business has revenue and customers. But you must always consider the following aspects while choosing a business for yourself.

1. Self-Interest

Look within yourself. If you remain focused on customers and revenue, you will not be able to give the best results. Rather than this, you must draw all your attention towards your interest because if you are happy and content while doing your work, the results will automatically come in a positive direction.

Your decisions should never be the result of any other driving force than your inner desire. Your inward desire will always make you feel happy doing your work.

If you listen to your heart, you will stick to it no matter how wrong the circumstances go. And you will always remain strong-headed and passionate.

Many times the situation is that we are studying something else but our interest lies in something else. And in such situations, it is the fear of failure that makes us stop from listening to our heart.

Chetan Bhagat was a student of IIT but we all know that he has made hos career with writing and I think his marvellous and creative writing needs no explanation.

2. Solve People’s Problems

A person with selfish goals will always live a mediocre life whereas a person with selfless goals always achieves more than he even dreams of.

If you work with the intention of what the people around you need or lack behind. If you remain customer oriented, you will never have to think whether you will have customers for your business or not. The difference between an ordinary man’s satisfaction and a businessman’s satisfaction varies. An entrepreneur is a person who first listens to his own desires and inward interests and then thinks over solving his customers’ issues or problems through them and that is how he gets satisfied and happy.

3. You need to know whether you are Good at providing Services or at Production

While getting started with any business, you need to know what you are best at, production of a particular product or providing services of that product. You need to know whether you are better at manufacturing the products or service providing. For instance, if you consider the real estate business, you will need to know whether you are better at helping your customers in selecting an appropriate house for them or you are better at developing the building.

4. Availability of Guidance and Knowledge

Guidance helps you in getting the right direction in life. It is important to have both knowledge and guidance in life as just a thought to do something doesn’t make you achieve your goal and so an apt guidance to get direction and knowledge to implement the thoughts work hand in hand in achieving your utmost goals. Mark Zuckerberg was not able to perform well unless he was given a direction by Steve Jobs. Bill Gates performed well under the initial guidance of Dr Ed Roberts. Richard Branson received guidance in his struggling days from Sir Freddie Laker.

5. Don’t Fear with Regard to the Size of Your Market

Many times you know what you are thinking is in the right direction and it would grow if it comes in the market but the fear of it not being tried before makes you not try it. For instance, till sometimes Social networking sites could not be thought of but Six Degrees in 1997 changed everyone’s thought process

Till 1768, no one could even reckon about automobiles but it was only after Nicolas Joseph Cugnot created first steam power automobile that this field gained recognition. And Henry Ford created history with Ford automobiles.

6. Something that Connects You with Your Identity

Many times, we fail to decide upon what makes us who we are and tend to take some wrong decisions of our life. Career is an important part of life that helps you to know yourself in a better way, you should always look for a career that makes you link your real self with rather than detach you from your entire personality. Everyone has certain attributes in him and life is all about using those peculiar attributes of yours in a coherent way to select your career. The owner of KFC, Colonel Sanders was an ordinary man till he listened to his desire that connected him with his personality. Before getting his first order, he was rejected 1006 people but he persevered and succeeded.

7. Something that You Can Talk About

The discussion on your intended goal should always make you feel happy. You should always start a business which you can easily and openly talk about in the society. For instance, business like condom manufacturing may not be an easy task for everyone to talk about.

Richard Branson also tried to manufacture Virgin Condoms but as the discussion of the same ensued laughs from everyone, so he dropped the plan.

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