10 Ultimate Skills and Qualities of Richard Branson

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November 19, 2016

Encompassing a dynamic and colourful personality, Richard Branson has attained a variety of entrepreneurial skills that has made him successful and famous. The vibrant skills and qualities that Branson’s personality contributes successfully to his charisma and felicity. Let’s have an insight into Richard Branson’s skills and qualities, and you never know, maybe it stirs your passion, and make you as famous and rich as him.

  1. Richard Branson is a firm believer of Mentorship

No one is born with an innate understanding of life and things associated with life. We all need a right direction in life to move ahead and live successfully. The difference lies in the fact that where some people stick to vanity and don’t seek for mentorship, others and the smart ones look for mentors with a learning attitude in life. Richard Branson emphatically believes in the process of mentorship. He does not shy away in asking for the assistance of any kind.

  1. Sir Richard Branson believes in Innovation

No matter how successful you become, you have to be updated with the emerging trends in order to face the competition in the market. Moreover looking at the predicament that people come across in today’s growing market, mental toughness and alertness of the changing circumstances are important to grow in life. The owner of Virgin Company, Richard Branson abides by the innovative skills in order to bring the innovative results. Richard Branson says that he usually immerses himself in a new venture for the first three months, then he backs off and keeps in touch every six months or so. The only exception to this is Virgin Atlantic Airways.

  1. Richard Branson in a Family Commitment

The prominence of money and fame stand nowhere in front the ecstasy and contentment one gets from family. We all know that talking about success, management of time comes as the first things one has to abide by, and this is probably the reason why the most successful people know how to manage their personal and professional life. Branson is no exception in this case. As part of a closely-knit family, Branson was strongly influenced by his parents, who still remain an integral part of his life today.

Richard Branson says yes to everything. He has a quality to defy the conventional wisdom, thinking outside the box, saying exactly what thinks and doing exactly what he wants to do. He has an attitude where he says, “Screw it, let’s do it”. He certainly believes that saying yes in life is a lot more fun than saying “no” and then be the best at whatever task you indulge yourself it.

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  1. Branson does not believe in Comfort Zone

No out of the box results comes sitting in the box. You need to step out of the box i.e. the comfort zone to get out of the box results. The main reason behind his success because he has constantly expanding his comfort zone and has literally learned loving being uncomfortable. He took a huge risk when he founded Virgin Atlantic. He entered as a direct competitor to British Airways, and it was an audacious move that likely made Branson feel quite uncertain as to whether he would succeed or not. Though the company experienced great financial losses in its early days, but the Virgin group went on to become a venerated brand.

  1. The CEO of Virgin Company asks Questions

You don’t have to be a yes man in life especially when you are enough capable of using your intellect and smartness in life. The owner of Virgin group, Richard Branson does not accept every belief as it is. He questions the beliefs or opinions and then uses think over it to bring great changes to the company.

  1. Richard Branson Reads

The learning process is perennial and there is no expiry date to it. Lessons can be taken from either experiences and mistakes or from books. Branson does not fear failures or mistakes as he deems it important to learn in life, but real world experiences take time, so being a voracious learner, he devotes his time to reading.

  1. Richard Branson Thinks

Even the smallest decision of your life can bring a big change to you, and it is often advisable to consider all dimensions of an aspect before taking a final decision regarding the same. You cannot judge about the weight of a particular aspect of life without contemplating on it. Richard Branson believes that no decision in life should be made with a blink of an eye. The minor decisions of life can still be made in haste but talking about the major decisions, Branson likes to give adequate time to every critical decision he makes.

  1. Sir Richard takes Naps

It is better to work with small breaks in between than to work in a lethargic manner at a stretch. Good results do not come from the lethargic manner of work. The man has a habit of invigorating his mind by taking naps between his works to let the innovative ideas flow from his mind.

  1. Richard Branson is down-to- earth

The most successful people are often seen with humble nature with no evidence of vanity and ego in their demeanour. Richard is just one of them. Let’s have a look at some of the facts to illuminate his down-to- earth nature:

  • Believe it or not, the owner of Virgin group does not know how to turn on a ThinkPad.
  • He writes about his ideas on an A4 pad, in his diary or on his hand.
  • He cannot type to use a computer.
  • He thinks Lotus is a sports car.

He is a humble person and one of the leadership qualities and skills he has is that he puts his company and people first before himself. Instead of addressing the people and team with a formal speech, he comes with real innovative, motivating and inspiring ways to convey his message, as this gives the team a feeling of home. There has been a lot of instances where his down to earth and jovial temperament is evident, like playing the flight attendant, dressing up in a pirate costume or risking his life in a hot-air balloon.

Richard Branson’s leadership style puts the interest of the company first even if it means portraying himself as a fool; whether it is playing the flight attendant, dressing up in a pirate costume or risking his life in a hot-air balloon, he doesn’t shy away from the spotlight. Instead of formal serious speeches, he comes with motivating one that one could speak while addressing a party. This not only inspires him but makes them feel at home, as the member of Virgin household.

  1. Richard Branson believes in Marketing

Every time or anytime Branson appears on any sort of social media, he stays inclined towards the promotion the virgin brand. He is one of those people who stay goal-oriented irrespective of any limit it demands to be transcended. In order to promote his launch of the airline, he once gave an appearance at the press conference dressed like “Biggles” in a brown leather aviator helmet. And then guess what? The flight was automatically publicised as the press splashed Branson’s image all over the newspapers and the Virgin group didn’t really have to advertise its first flight.

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