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March 23, 2017

We all know how important it is to remain fit to live a healthy life and we even are well acquainted with the fact that every fitness activity has its own benefits. But what becomes a turn off is that we simply know about the problem, but cannot find a solution to break the monotony of life.

That’s where an entrepreneur Akshay Jhinga recognised the need of people in metropolitan cities and developed one such platform, namely “Fitnapp”. Based in Noida, sector 18 with its operating cities being Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Jaipur and Kota, Fitnapp brings for us a holistic platform for fitness and health.

About Fitnapp

We wish to have a healthy and exciting life, but we lack behind in finding the right avenue for the same. Fitnapp is a mobile application that helps you get the desired services according to your own lifestyle. With no inscrutable thoughts and beliefs, he said that the idiosyncratic quality of his work is that the team of Fitnapp customises its products and services pertaining to each individual’s lifestyle.

“We have our concentration on increasing the fitness penetration by customising our services according to every individual’s lifestyle, and that’s something unique about us.” he says.

A lot of people have the tendency to make payment for the whole course of fitness, but they go according to their conveniences. That’s what Fitnapp understands and helps its users to indulge in activities according to their own lifestyle. At times what happens is that fitness centre charges its customers for a month even if the customers come for few days. Fitnapp solves that problem as well. If you want to go for 12 days in a particular fitness centre, then you will have to pay only for those 12 days.

Fitnapp provides 45+ different types of activities like martial art, gym, yoga, rock climbing, golf etc. on yearly, monthly, quarterly and even on per session basis. The application gives its customers various pass options pertaining to the time-duration of the pass they wish to have. Say, for example, you take a one month pass of Fitnapp by making an online payment, then you are free to choose your fitness centre and activity yourself daily just before 2 hours and you are all ready to get changes daily. If you want to get into one particular centre, Fitnapp even provides you with that at discounted rates. Fitnapp has also collaborated with many corporate giants like Freecharge, Zomato, Ola cabs and few others.

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Origin of Idea

Assimilation of his own experience and the need in the society made him go the extra mile to come up with a brilliant idea of working towards the motif of “Swasth Bharat”.

“When I was doing post graduation from Udaipur, I lost 37 kg of my weight from multiple activities like yoga, kickboxing, gym. I was able to lose my weight that way and I found it more effective, so from that point, I thought if I could bring these activities on a single platform and we could make it available to people. Then I got into the market research and realised that people too need variegated activities for fitness.” says Akshay Jhinga.

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Life of an entrepreneur – Akshay Jhinga

Challenges come your way, but an entrepreneur is the one who fights back, no matter how many times he is knocked down. But a challenging and persevered attitude is what makes an entrepreneur turn his great idea into a solution of certain problems in the society. Akshay Jhinga is no different from other entrepreneurs.

“Life of an entrepreneur is completely full of challenges. Every day you have to make a milestone for yourself and accomplish it, and if you don’t accomplish it, you will feel that your day is incomplete. You have to be your own boss. Prior to entrepreneurial journey, a job is easy because a boss is there to assign you the work and all you have to do is accomplish it. When you work in a corporate, you have fixed time and fixed work assigned to you, but when you are an entrepreneur, you have no fixed time and fixed work for yourself. You have to do everything yourself.” Akshay says

He stood dauntlessly and faced all the tough times courageously. Akshay discussed his hard time with us and told us how his faith in him and perseverance kept him at work constantly.

“There was a time when we used to burn the midnight oil in both cases because we did not have funds left with us and we had to manage the team. We got rejections from a number of investors, but faith and perseverance helped me get funding from SD Group.“, Akshay says

Akshay Jhinga’s Conscience and Passion makes him Work

The impact of inner voice is always indefinable and none of the external factors can bring that impact in your work, which the inner voice can. It is the same voice that governs Akshay Jhinga’s actions and keeps him focused, determined and persistent at work.

“It is basically passion for a particular thing which keeps you working constantly to chase your goals and my passion for fitness and health keeps me motivated. So, my motivation doesn’t come from any external force like quotes, films etc. I am a self-motivated person and I would say that it is a positive aspect in me.”, says Akshay Jhinga.

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