6 Useful Tools For An Effective B2B Marketing

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December 19, 2021

Recent technological advancements paved the way for business-to-business (B2B) marketing automation. This phenomenon constructs a company’s marketing efforts by providing the tools to ease their roles. Without these tools, a mismatch in the measurement of marketing campaigns can have severe consequences.

A B2B attribution solutions company can help you choose the right tools for your team. It’s not just about creating and sharing your digital marketing campaigns. Instead, you must choose a platform that aligns with your company’s objectives.

To start, here are the six most valuable tools to achieve effective B2B marketing campaigns.

1. Google Analytics

Anyone who wants to succeed in website competition knows that Google Analytics provides enough information on who visits your pages. This software provides free tools to analyze the website’s data. In digital marketing, this tool is beneficial in getting a deeper customer understanding.

Analytics helps you deliver answers to your customer’s preferences, regardless of the industry you wish to excel in. Here are five benefits Google Analytics can provide to your marketing campaigns:

  • Shows compelling user engagement data.
  • Connects systems to measure customer relationship management (CRM) and selling points.
  • Discovers new insights from your data.
  • Turns detailed reporting tools into intelligent data analysis.
  • Converts high-revenue potential users to customers.

After learning some of its benefits, here’s how much the Google Analytics tool costs:

  • For individuals and small-sized companies: you can enjoy enough Google Analytics’ insights for FREE. This tool will be your guide in your marketing efforts.
  • For huge enterprises: Google Analytics 360 may cost you USD$150,000 annually. Nevertheless, it gives companies the premium service to achieve their marketing campaign goals.

2. Crowdfire

With its hassle-free interface, Crowdfire is one of the best content marketing solutions to grow your B2B company’s social media presence. This powerful tool connects with the top eight most-visited platforms:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • WordPress
  • Shopify

With all the CrowdFire connections, this tool can successfully drive social media engagement. Thus, you can reach more audiences and provide better social media engagement to your customers. Here are what CrowdFire can do for your B2B business:

  • Engage with customers with the Mention feature.
  • Compose posts and schedule them for a different date.
  • Monitor website updates and generate fresh content to share with your audience as soon as possible.
  • The CrowdFire RSS feature can add your favorite website as your unique content source.
  • Eliminate spam accounts with the Clean-Engage-Grow tool.

This software works with all types of digital users who want to gain more customers on social media. Crowdfire pricing is available in the plans listed below:

  • The company offers a free trial for new customers.
  • The monthly subscription begins at USD$9.99 per user.

3. Yoast

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important tool for increasing website traffic from search engines. The higher your website ranks, the easier it is for your customers to find your brand. When done correctly, SEO may help you stand out amongst your B2B market competition.

Yoast makes SEO accessible for every industry. This tool creates the correct keyword variations to prevent dead links. Yoast SEO Premium provides the following features:

  • Provides an SEO and a Readability analysis to produce compelling content.
  • Helps in achieving higher page ranks by giving related keywords.
  • Monitor your most interactive pages and receive alerts if the site hasn’t been updated in six months.
  • Gives 24/7 support to clients.
  • Includes internal links that might help you achieve a higher ranking.

For USD$89 per year, you may purchase the Yoast SEO Premium plugin from this SEO tool. This tool can help you save time when it comes to internet marketing for your B2B firm. As a result, you may concentrate on product development to increase client satisfaction.

4. MailChimp

Even if you don’t fully understand Marketing, you need the right platform to share your digital marketing campaigns. MailChimp combines audience analytics with marketing channels to help you achieve your objectives quickly. MailChimp provides the following benefits:

  • Launches a business: This platform helps your business to create a website that allows your customers to book a direct appointment from your page. This feature allows you to attract more clients because they can easily find your company online.
  • Guides the marketing process: This tool has everything you need to build campaigns in multiple channels that resonate with your target customers. Thus, it’s easier to tweak your marketing strategies to fulfill the market preferences.
  • Equips uncomplicated innovative system: MailChimp employs the power of an intelligence engine to assist in creating better marketing campaigns. Therefore, you won’t need much effort in enhancing your marketing strategies, which can save time, effort, and money.
  • Reaches the right audience: With audience management tools, this tool will help you know your audience. Therefore, you’ll understand them better with accurate analytics.
  • Automates your marketing: Through automated messages, you don’t have to add too much effort to reach your target market.

For MailChimp’s pricing, you can choose the best option from these plans:

  • Free Plan: This plan gives you the following features:
    • Marketing CRM
    • Creative Assistant
    • Website Builder
    • MailChimp domain
    • Forms & Landing Pages.
  • Essentials Plan: This option is for email-only senders who require around-the-clock support. The essential plan starts at USD$9.99 per month. This option includes every Free Plan feature, plus:
    • Email templates
    • Multi-Step journeys
    • Custom brandings
    • A/B testing
    • 24/7 email & chat support
  • Standard Plan: This plan is for data-driven automation to grow faster. The standard plan starts at USD$14.99 per month, which includes the following features:
    • Everything in the Essentials Plan
    • Behavioral Targeting
    • Send Time Optimization
    • Custom Templates
    • Dynamic Content
  • Premium Plan: This option includes advanced features for pros who need more website customization. The premium plan starts at USD$299 per month, which consists of the following features:
    • Advanced Segmentation
    • Multivariate Testing
    • Comparative Reporting
    • Unlimited Seats & Role-Based Access
    • Phone Support

5. Canva

Canva is an accessible and free design tool that helps businesses empower their digital marketing designs.  This powerful application offers cheaper and easy-to-use features to build visually appealing content. Canva Pro provides the following benefits for businesses:

  • Keep your brand imagery in one place.
  • Offer unlimited storage of your designs.
  • Create an unlimited amount of folders to organize your strategies.
  • Upload original fonts for your brand logo.
  • Manage your brand colors from the Canva Brand Kit.
  • Alter the size of your design with Canva Pro’s Magic Resize.
  • Create your animated GIF with Canva’s Animator tool.
  • Plan and design your upcoming social media content.
  • Assign Administrator and Member roles to your team members with Canva Pro teams.
  • Create a wide variety of engaging content to entice your audiences.

Although everyone is free to use Canva’s essential features, you can choose one plan from these options:

  • For individuals and teams up to five members: you only have to pay USD 6 per month or USD 49 per year. This plan includes the following benefits:
    • Removes the background image with Background remover.
    • Provides up to 100GB storage.
    • Saves design templates for your team.
    • Schedule social media posts up to 8 platforms.
    • Gives 100+ million premium stock videos, photos, graphics, and audio.
  • For additional members: each other member should pay USD 29 per year or USD 3 per month.

You may be more productive in distributing appealing designs throughout the world with Canva’s capabilities. This feature allows numerous people to see your ideas at the same time, which is useful for getting quick feedback.

Canva saves your designs for you automatically. In only a few clicks, you can re-use your previous outputs. As a result, it saves time and effort when it comes to editing.

6. HubSpot 

With its free CRM tools, HubSpot is designed to help you sell your B2B products and services. This tool monitors sales performance and every communication you have with your audience. Moreover, HubSpot provides the following benefits:

  • It’s free and accessible: Many applications promise free benefits, but as time passes by, they require payment for additional functionality access. Yet, the HubSpot CRM platform offers a variety of free features to make practical automated tasks and customizable data.
  • Get an up-to-minute view of your sales to funnel: You can manage your pipeline with total visibility. This benefit allows your B2B company to monitor sales performance. Therefore, you’ll have a wider grasp of how much you need to reach your quota.
  • Strengthen the company’s relationship with your business prospects: This tool allows companies to pull information from the clients’ profiles by social media connection. These social media platforms include Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The more client data you receive, the more you can understand their needs.
  • Keep track of calls and messages: Any human gets tired of daily documentation and tracking calls and messages. Thus, the HubSpot CRM System allows you to directly send emails to your business clients from the platform. Moreover, you can record your phone calls for future references.
  • Provides unlimited customization: One of the main benefits of using HubSpot is its unlimited customization. Each user can enjoy their customized sales process to close business deals quickly. Therefore, this feature effectively increases your market share.
  • Sends in real-time updates: HubSpot CRM’s real-time update synchronizes every ten minutes. As your sales team receives the most up-to-date information, they can be more confident in reaching out to their leads. Thus, your team can quickly send their sales pitch.
  • Gives advanced lead details: This HubSpot benefit allows its users to go beyond names and job titles. Every important interaction with a lead goes to an organized timeline, which includes emails, meetings, phone calls, and notes. You never have to dig a messy spreadsheet to search where a connection left off.

HubSpot, as previously said, provides its internet services for free. You may use its features to deliver automated updates to your team and track quota performance. As a result, you’ll be able to concentrate on improving your marketing approach and expanding your B2B products and services.

Key Takeaway

You must learn to stay up in a world where businesses use the internet to gain clients and preserve their presence. Google Analytics, Crowdfire, Yoast, MailChimp, Canva, and HubSpot are just a few of the tools that may help you develop long-term connections with your clients.

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