How Truecaller works?

How Truecaller works?

Truecaller is a Mobile Application which has the largest global phone directory. The major functionalities of Truecaller are caller ID, social media integration and call blocking. This is an app based service and available for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows 7 and 8 phones. Gone are the days when we could have been imagined about the global phone directory; such a directory which would contain just any phone number on the earth. That is possible now; Truecaller works in this only. We can just trace any number with the whole details. But, have you ever wondered how Truecaller function actually or how Truecaller works?

Truecaller app offers a super useful service that can save our time as well as from mental headache. To use this service, you need to install it on your phone. Once installed, it sits in the background and come into action as soon as you receive a call from an unknown number. It started searching   in its database and if a hit found, it offers not only the location as well as the name of the caller.

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Knowing exactly who is calling before picking up the call can save you the trouble and wasting of time on telemarketers and spammers. It also helps people who tend to have mystery and annoying admirers to know their names and blocking them away. Apart from such an efficient service, it is criticized for security breach of personal data; it is no wonder that most of the user absolutely loves this app.

How does Truecaller Works to find numbers?

how truecaller work on mobile

Undoubtedly, this app makes our lives easy, but at the same time a bunch of questions pop up in our mind about its process of working and collecting data to its database. How does Truecaller get data which are so personal? How much those information are correct?

Truecaller uses Crowdsourced data, which enables it to work even in countries such as the UK and India where public data is not available. Crowdsource or Crowdsourcing, modern business term coined in 2005, is defined by Merriam-Webster as the process of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people, and especially from an online community, rather than from traditional employees or suppliers.

Technically, Truecaller collects data from its own users, who have downloaded the app on their smart phones. As the part of the Truecaller agreement, the app asks the user to allow access to user’s address book. This data then gets uploaded on the company’s database. After going through several data matching/refining algorithms, this data is made available to all app users to search upon. So out of all the people who know you and have your contact number stored against your name in their phones – if even 1 person uses the this app, your contact number and name would end up in the database.

Can we Prevent Sharing our Phone Book with Truecaller?

To be fair to Truecaller, it doesn’t exactly hide how it works. There is also a very prominent “How it Works” navigation link on the website, which dishes up the same video with a bit more explanation. Also, it is possible to use this app without sharing your phonebook. However, the design and wording is ambiguous, and the app doesn’t ever make it obvious to the user that it’s about to upload the entire contact list.

When you download the app, you will find an option Enhanced search. This is actually the button to let the Truecaller access your contact book. The design of Truecaller is so ambiguous that you will not find any No button on the screen; you can go either back or Activate it. However, there is actually a “Maybe later” button, camouflaged with the text. The “Maybe later” button violates all design guidelines, and doesn’t look remotely like a button. The interface is purposefully designed to lure users into enabling Enhanced Search, which allows the app to harvest the user’s phonebook for new numbers.

How to Remove Your Number from Truecaller?

Truecaller itself provide an option to delist a number from its directory. You can delist your number from Truecaller in simple easy steps. You just need to visit and provide your number with the country code.  The process is really simple but before proceeding with that you need to make sure that if you have registered an account with Truecaller you’ll have to deactivate that account first before proceeding.

Truecaller new service to trace Phone Number via SMS

The world’s most popular free phone number tracing service has just launched a new service for non smart phone users. Now you can get information about a phone number by simply sending a message. Now you can trace phone number via SMS. You just need to follow below procedure:

  • Just Type – SMS Trace < 10 digit Mobile number>
  • Send it to 5444 and you will get reply with Name, Region and Service Provider’s name.

Truecaller’s Functionality to search a Person by their Name

You can search a person on Truecaller just by their names. Not only search but you can send him request to get in touch and for accessing their details. After searching a person’s name, you cannot see their contact details. You need to send him a request and that contact person will get a notification regarding it. You can see the details only after acceptance of the request by that person. You can see if they have accepted your request in your notification bar. With the Truecaller name search, both parties mutually agree to give out their contact information to who they wish!

Truecaller identify Skype calls also

Now all you Skype fanatics can identify Skype calls in your Truecaller call history, and even directly make a Skype call from Truecaller. But this facility is only available for Windows 10 Mobile. When you have a Skype call that is showing in your Truecaller call history, you are able to tap the entry, and see the Skype name. You can then proceed to tap the contact, and call through Skype without switching apps. To get a handle on what details the Skype name has, if the person has a phone number attached to their Skype profile, then it is able to perform a number search to show enhanced details of that person.

So, Truecaller is a one-stop shop for all types of calls – phone calls and VoIP calls –Truecaller is now able to detect calls from Skype, which makes it more of a powerhouse app to boost your phone experience.

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