Trust the Unknown- Interview with Dr Ameya Ghanekar

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December 3, 2018

Life is all about trusting people but sometimes we find it really hard to trust. Not even others, sometimes we start distrusting ourselves also. And if we talk about the business then it is impossible to run a successful business without trusting others, and sometimes we need to trust strangers also.

But there is a great man named Dr. Ameya Ghanekar, Indian resident living in Dubai is teaching everyone a new way of living. He is experimenting something really amazing with his life by investing his time between strangers and that too without money. In this world where no one gives a damn without money, he is living in the houses of strangers, having delicious food with them, and even asking for the accessories for free from the shopkeepers. Rejectly he did his experiment in the Jaipur an Indian city where he spent 7 days without a single currency in his pocket.

We the team of Business Alligators got the opportunity to talk to Dr. Ameya Ghanekar over skype and asked few questions about his journey and his philosophy of “Trusting The Unknown Surviving Without Money” #ttuswm.

Questions Asked

Que 1. Could you please share a brief about your journey of “Trusting The Unknown Surviving Without Money” #ttuswm? 0:30

Que 2. To which incident can you put on the top when you have trusted an unknown person blindly where normally people don’t trust in a similar situation? 1:34

Que 3. What was the objective behind #ttuswm? 3:02

Que 4. Which were your best and worst experiences during the journey? 4:47

Que 5. What was going on in your mind when you were hungry? 7:15

Que 6. What motivated you to keep striving when things were going against you? 9:01

Que 7. What is the average number of rejections before getting a yes? 10:03

Que 8. How ttuswm can help entrepreneurs? 16:25

Que 9. Is it okay to share the complete business idea with an unknown as per ttu while looking for a co-founder? 17:18

Que 10. Why and how you get out of the “Success Race” where being busy, stressed, and occupied with a lot of work is a status symbol? 18:47

Que 11. With how many people you lived in Jaipur? 20:10

Que 12. Don’t you think 7 days and 100 people are really very small numbers for making such a strong statement- Trusting The Unknown Surviving Without Money? 20:27

Que 13. How trusting the unknown theory is different from the Law of Attraction theory? It seems completely same with a different name. 22:02

Que 14. Being so philosophical and traveler haven’t you ever crossed the path of meditation or related things? 22:15

Que 15. When you go out and do these experiments, doesn’t your business get hurt? 23:42

Que 16. How would you have lived differently if you have possessed the same knowledge (specially ttuswm) at the age of 18? 25:05

Que 17. How can parents/ teachers teach ttuswm theory to young generation on a positive note? 26:38

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