30 Sales Skills & Qualities to be No 1 Salesperson

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April 23, 2018

Best sales skills and qualities for business owners, managers, and individual salespersons.

Who doesn’t want to be the star sales performer? I guess every salesperson want to be one. But in this world of automation, everything is changing rapidly and the same is true for the sales industry. Gone are the days when clients/ customers were ignorant about products and competitors. In this tech-savvy century, everything is available on the internet from features to price to reviews. So you always need special sales skills and qualities that can help you to pull clients from your competitor’s lap.

Here I will mention the top sales skills and qualities to be a great salesperson. The most important factor is that I have personally used all these skills while making sales and received extraordinary results.

  1. Listening

First, listening is not equal to hearing. Second, every sales job is 100% based on how well you listen to your client and how well your client listens to your reply. If any of the two starts hearing instead of listening then the message won’t be conveyed properly and the sale won’t take place.

Listening not only helps in understanding the message, it also helps in ‘rapport building’. According to a research by Albert Mehrabian, professor of Psychology, spoken words only convey 7% of the message, 38% is conveyed by liking of the tone and remaining 55% by facial liking. When you listen to your client, he observes your body movement and expressions and communicates accordingly.

Albert Mehrabian theory, communication facts, communication stats

If you listen to your client actively, it will help in building a rapport and also in closing the deal. According to a research by Gong, the top reps spend 54% of their time in listening while the average sales rep spend only 32% time in listening.

talking tame of top salesperson fact, listening time of top salesperson stats

So the key to be the number one salesperson of your organization is to be a dedicated listener and you can start this from today itself.

  1. Understanding Client’s Type

If you are in sales either as a job class or as a businessman from more than one year, you must have observed that most of the time you convert similar types of clients. Either most of them would be socialists or sophisticated etc.

So, the question arises, why do we only convert similar kind of clients or why do we only get success in selling to a specific type of client? The answer is based on the personality types. Basically, there are 4 types of clients (The Director, The Analytical, The Relator, and The Socializer) which you will ever encounter in your sales career. Naturally only one of them will suit your personality and you can easily sell products to them as compared to the others.

But if you want to be the No. 1 salesperson of your organization, you must learn the sales skills to convert rest of the three types of clients.

  1. Qualifying Questions

Qualifying questions are the questions which help in filtering right prospect from the whole chunk of prospect’s leads so that you don’t waste time with the wrong customer.

There is a big difference between a lead, marketing qualified lead (MQL), and sales qualified lead (SQL). You must know that not every lead is suitable for your product. The better you get in separating SQL from rest of the leads, the better will be your conversion rate and the net profitability. And that can easily be done by asking the right questions in the right series. Whether you are in B2B market or B2C, if you want to be the best salesperson, I recommend that you put a major emphasis on learning “what to ask” and “how to ask” questions.

Basically, there is a series of qualifying questions that are designed in such a way that you can get a clear understanding of:

  • The kind of product your client is looking for
  • Budget of your client
  • Current issue
  • Reason for changing the product

Now it is completely up to you, how you ask your questions to get all these answers, though depending on the industry requirements there may be variations and you may require additional questions to qualify your leads. Although the aim of these questions is just to convince your client to share what is going in his mind and that too in a very polite manner.

  1. Demand Understanding

It is somewhat similar to the above point that is “Qualifying Questions” but carries a big difference. When you are asking the qualifying questions you work on separating good leads from bad leads. And during demand understanding, you ask your good leads a series of questions which you have separated out.

In the demand understanding, you have to speak as less as possible and have to listen as more as possible. Here you aim to get answers of the following types of questions.

  • Time horizon
  • Purpose of buying
  • Location
  • Nationality
  • Personal Opinions
  • Demographics etc.

This list can be endless as there are endless products out in the market and for every product, there are specific requirements which you have to ask your client. The aim of demand understanding is to reach the specific point where you can recommend a product to the client which he cannot deny because that product is everything that the client was looking for.

  1. Conviction

I personally believe “Conviction in the product is 1000 times more important than product knowledge”.

In simple terms conviction in the product simply means that you can sell that particular product to yourself without any hesitation.

I have seen hundreds of instances in my sales career where salespersons complete their sales with almost no knowledge of the product. Even my 1st sale in real estate (during my 1st job) was just because of my conviction in that particular property. Beside that nothing was right in my presentation and site visit. I was naïve and at the last moment my senior got tied up with some problem and I spent approx. 3 hours with him and gave hundreds of wrong information regarding the nearby locations and projects but I got the cheque from the client after 3 hours.

After this, I got really close to my VP, my Director and Manager as none of them were hoping for a sale that day and I bought a revenue of Rs 4 lakh on the table. Then I analyzed everything about the meeting, other colleagues and my part-time job experiences; and came to a conclusion which is again somehow related to 1st point “Listening”.

“As the maximum part of communication, 93% is communicated by non-verbal form, when you feel confident about something, your client observes and hence absorbs that confidence from your body and starts believing that this particular product is good for him/ her.”

My conviction got even stronger in this theory when I failed to sell a property when in my 2nd job I was given a property (of high margin) with a tarnished image and I failed to bring confidence in that. I tried my best, in spite of being the manager I took training for that product many times but couldn’t get success in making a sale.

So you should possess this quality of developing conviction in the product you are selling. If you try to sell a product without conviction probably you will fail at selling it.

(Some highly relatable information is added to the coming point, “Product Selection”. Since half knowledge is dangerous, so don’t miss that point if you have read this point.)

  1. Preoccupation Breaking

Not every sale comes when a buyer demands. Sometimes you have to make a sale by deliberately convincing your client to leave his/ her seat and buy your product. But it seems quite difficult as everyone is occupied in his/ her life and doesn’t want any kind of disturbance. But being a sales representative you cannot wait till a client asks for your product, because your remuneration is directly proportional to the sales you make. Therefore, in such cases, there is a need to learn a skill where you can make your client feel that he needs that product.

Whether we talk about prospecting, setting F2F meetings, or follow-up calls, if you know how to break the preoccupation of a client you will never feel stuck.

Preoccupation breaking is about creating so much of excitement in the client’s mind regarding your product, that he cannot control himself without discussing it with you.

Let us take an example where you sell CRM software for employees and perform cold calling.

Case 1- Hello sir, I am calling from XYZ company and we sell world’s best CRM software. Would you be interested in buying one?

Case 2- Hello sir, I am calling from XYZ company and our software can increase the productivity of each of your employee by a minimum of 20%. Would you be interested in a meeting on Monday so that we can discuss more about it?

Here, in the 1st case, there is great possibility that the client will say, “Sorry, I am not interested”. But in the 2nd case, there is a great probability that he/ she will give you time for F2F meeting.

So you should master this sales skill as soon as possible. Once you master this, your conversation rate will surely be improved by many folds.

  1. Rapport Building

No matter what a person buys, majorly it’s not the intellectual mind that makes decisions, it’s the emotional part of the mind, and emotions have a direct relationship with the rapport and trust. As I said earlier, sales are directly proportional to trust. So no matter how great you are at explaining your product but if you fail at developing the trust of your client in you and your product, you cannot sell any product.

If you are not good at building a rapport, a prospective client won’t give you the time for a F2F meeting, and a client sitting at negotiation table will not give the cheque.

So if you’re planning a long-term career in sales, you must learn this particular sales skill as soon as possible. You can even check my last post on how to make your prospect believe in you for the same.

  1. Product Knowledge

Do you know what separates out top 1% salespersons from rest of the representatives?

It is the thorough knowledge of the product. Knowing each nut and bolt of the product is one of the most common personality traits of all the top performing salespersons. You must understand,

Awards are manufactured at the practice area, delivered at the ceremony.

Being in the sales industry you must have heard about the Pareto Rule (80:20 Rule) which says 80% revenue comes from 20% sales and 20% revenue comes from 80% sales.

Those 20% conversions which bring out 80% revenues are mostly done by the top performing sales heroes of the organization who answer even the trickiest questions of the clients about the product, which an average salesperson fails to answer.

Product knowledge comes with training and practice, so develop a habit of getting thorough knowledge about the product you have shortlisted to sell.

  1. News Fast

According to this sales quality, there should be an almost negligible time lag between the “release of information” and “you getting updated about it”.

Here information can be regarding anything, it could be new discounted rates, selling rates or change in policy or a product update. In the majority of the cases sales employees don’t pay heed to be so quick which sometimes proves to be the biggest mistake but if you want to be the best salesperson of your company, you have to be extremely careful, you cannot commit even a single mistake.

Let me explain it with an example. Suppose, you are a real estate agent and sell luxury apartments costing $ 1 million each. During the festive season, the developer circulates a special offer at 12 am stating “Club Membership is free if booking is done in the next 24 hours”. Now, on one hand, we have a salesperson “A” who read the mail instantaneously and on the other, we have “B” who ignores it till the morning and forgets about it. In the morning, both of them called the same client for final negotiation meeting on the same day since the client was in the final stage.

Now you tell me who will get the booking amount cheque from the client?

Of course, It’s “A” who will crack the deal. And by the way this is not any hypothetical situation, it had happened to my client when me and my colleague won the client in exactly the same situation.

  1. Lead Management

According to a study done by Lead Response Management, Professor Oldroyd of MIT, and InsideSales the chances of contacting a lead decreases by 10 times in 1 hour.

time delay in contact a lead fact, impact of delay in contacting a lead stats, reduce in lead contacted due to delay in contact

Not only that, according to the same research, chances of qualifying a lead reduces by 4 times in 10 minutes versus 5 minutes; also the chances of qualifying the same lead is reduced by 21 times in 30 minutes. In addition to that, 30-50% sales go to the vendor who responds first to customer’s query.

impact on total qualifies lead due to delay in contact, impact on leads due to delay in leads

But you would be surprised to know that according to a survey by Drift, only 7% companies are contacting a lead in the first 5 minutes.

response to lead survey, time in which people respond to a lead, time in which people contact a lead

Plus, according to a research by Harvard Business Review, only 37% companies are contacting a lead in the 1st hour.

how companies contact leads, how slow companies respond to leads, lead response time of companies

Lead management doesn’t stop with contact for the first time. As per the study, 80% of clients get converted after the 5th visit but surprisingly only 8% salespersons try for the 6th time and these 8% bring 80% revenue to the company.

So if you want to be one of the best sales employees, you should inculcate these sales skills – how to manage leads, how to nurture leads, and how to score leads in the best possible way.

  1. Product Selection

The biggest quality of the greatest salespersons is that they always work for passion and not for money. They never try to sell each and every product of the company. They only sell those products in which they have conviction. If you are in a job, sometimes you will face such days when the company will force you to sell products that have great margins but according to you those products won’t fit your customers. In such scenarios all the average sales reps will start selling those products just to earn more but if you want to be a great salesperson just learn to say “NO” to such products.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam (former President of India and Missile Man) once said,

Love your job but don’t love your company, because you may not know when your company stops loving you.

Pro Tip- If you have no choice, rather than selling that particular product leave that company as soon as possible.

  1. Time Management

According to a report by CSO Insights and Accenture, an average sales representative is bad with time management and spends only 35.7% of the time in F2F meetings and callings with the client. Rest of the time is spent in non-productive and unfruitful works like traveling, administrative meetings etc.

how salesperson spend time, how sales employee spend time stat

But when it comes to the best performing sales employee they are extremely great at time management. They always try to increase their time for “Actual Selling.”

Things to take care for managing time

  • Fix meeting of the same area on the same day
  • Delegate your work
  • Reduce the number of coffees and smoke visits
  • Pre-decide everyday work
  • Look at your decided target of the day in the morning, after lunch, before going home
  • Spend your maximum time outside the office

You can also use a time management software/app for properly managing your time.

  1. Networking

To be the number one sales employee you must sharpen your networking skills. It not only helps in getting in touch with more prospects but it also helps in the timely flow of information. Being in sales you should know how to contact the security guards, how to build the network with cleaners, how to network with employees of client’s office.

Not only this, you should also know how to build the network with your seniors so that they give you the best leads and you should also have skills to create a network with juniors so that you can easily delegate your non-productive work to them.

Out of all the sales skills, networking skills seem a bit tough for introverts. So for introverts, there are two ways, one is to become an extrovert, second is to have the best smile in the office so that everyone wants to talk to you.

I was also an introvert so I adopted both the qualities and improved myself.

  1. Consistent Prospecting

Do you also think that prospecting is the toughest part of completing a sale? Well, according to the report of HubSpot you are not alone who is feeling so. Even 38% of sales representatives believe that prospecting is the toughest task followed by closing which is found difficult by 35%.

most difficult thing in sales, what sales people find difficult in sales

But do you know what makes prospecting so tough for an average sales rep?

It is inconsistency in calling and prospecting. According to a research by Gong, average representatives make maximum calling in the last month of the quarter.

volume of calls salesperson do in each month of a quarter to their clients

And this only results in negative effects in the form of lesser results in the last month of the quarter consistently.

monthly impact and result of sales calling

But do you know what is the best part about the top salespersons? They never waste even a single day when they haven’t done prospecting. They do prospecting consistently no matter what the results are.

  1. Pitching

Pitching starts from the first word you speak to the client. And the majority of the sales reps never practice pitching process and hence they make the biggest mistake and that is revealing the product cost at the wrong time.

While you prepare your pitch, you should take care of the following things in given series:

sales pitch process

In the majority of the cases this series works perfectly but yeah it may vary depending on the product. If you have already created your pitch but the client is asking for the price before the decided time, then that means your pitch is not correct. You need to work again on your sales pitch. But yeah, no pitch can give 100% results so you can analyze accordingly.

Pro Tip- If you are not sure about your skills of value addition and have doubts that the client may guess a less price then create excitement for knowing the price and skip the part where you let the client to make a guess. Also, price guessing works only in specific segments.

  1. Reaching Decision Maker

In case of the B2C market there is no such problem but when we talk about the B2B market then it seems like one of the biggest headaches. In B2B sales the probability of getting direct contact details of decision makers is very less so you anyhow have to know how to bypass the middleman, secretary, gatekeepers etc. Let me share an example for better understanding

Sales Rep- Hi, Could I speak to Mr. James

Secretary- He is in a meeting, what is it regarding?

Sales Rep- I am calling from XYZ company and we provide assistance in SEO for getting better rankings.

Secretary- Right now we are not looking for any such services but still will let Mr. James know about the same, if he would find it worthy, we will contact you.

Game Over

You won’t be receiving any call. Also, you cannot call again and again as the discussion has already been closed. Some representatives play a trick by saying that they will call again when Mr. James would be free. But trust me you will never find Mr. James free.

So what can be done in such case?

Let me share a simple way which can be tried, though you can always innovate your own style.

Sales Rep- Hi, I am Lokesh, calling from XYZ company. Could I speak to Mr. James

Secretary- He is in a meeting, what is it regarding?

Sales Rep- Your company’s website is having 10 critical errors and with Google’s new update which will be effective from tomorrow you people might lose 50% of your visitors. I have been featured at ABC platform for solving such problems.

By saying so there is a probability that secretary will pass the phone to the decision maker or will arrange a meeting or can ask for emails. Now it’s on you, how you take it forward from here.

Pro Tip- In the above case I take advantage of fearful and technology related words thinking that secretaries are not good at SEO in general. So change your words according to whom you are talking with. Also, never give presentations to the people who are not decision makers, if you find yourself in a situation where the decision maker is not present then switch the meeting to some other date.

  1. Closing Technique

As I mentioned in the above point, the closing technique for sales is the 2nd toughest task in the sales process and is found difficult by 35% of sales executives.

But the best part is anyone can learn closing techniques and that too easily, provided, he will practice it regularly. All top sales professionals are experts of practicing the same thing again and again and this is what separates them from average sales professionals.

Do you know what is the best strategy to close any deal?

“It is to not leave the buying client until he/ she buys from you.”

For detail, you can read my post on Sales Techniques for Quick Closures.

  1. Rejection Handling

I understand rejections are painful. According to a research, the pain caused to the physical body and pain by rejection affects the same areas of our brain. So it is perfectly normal if you feel bad after any rejection but recovery is always dependent on us.

According to the same report, remembering the experiences of rejection can lower our IQ on a temporary basis. That’s why if you are talking to any client in that particular hour, it would really be hard to talk efficiently.

But do you know how to tackle the ‘rejection of sales’?

You can handle such a rejection by making yourself believe that you have not been rejected. Sounds contrary? By that, I mean that you have to understand that the client has not refused you or rejected you. The client has just rejected a particular product, at a certain price on described terms and conditions. So if you can offer him something which can suit his/ her demand then he/ she is all set to say a yes.

Couldn’t digest what I mentioned?

Let’s take an example where I am offering a real estate property for US $1 million. A client enquired for a property/ house, visited the property with me, got satisfied with the property but after 2 months of working he rejected the house.

What can be the reason?

Simple, if he has given me his 2 months and liked everything and still rejected, that means he is stuck at arranging money.

Therefore, he is not rejecting me, here he is simply rejecting that property, so talk to him and get to know what is the real reason for the rejection and show him some other properties.

  1. Being Biased with Dignity

This particular sales skill is for those sales professionals who have a team under them. By being biased I mean that you should always be biased towards the performing members of your team in terms of giving them extra opportunities, extra leads etc. And most importantly this should be made clear in team meetings in front of everyone that the best performers will be given an advantage over others.

By doing so, your dignity will always remain maintained, and, also a feeling of positive competence will develop and everyone will push harder to achieve more.

Pro Tip- Only remain biased when you talk about numbers like leads, sales etc. Never ever be biased on behavioral issues or any such related issues.

  1. Presentability

Are you one of those who believe that looks don’t matter in sales?

Well, then you are completely wrong. Looks matter a lot. According to a study published on Dailymail, scientists have found that an attractive salesman or woman excites that part of the brain which helps in buying and bypassing the part of the brain which controls rational thoughts.

As per the research of Daniel Hamermesh, a professor at the University of Texas, discrimination in growth between attractive and non-attractive employee is more in men as compared to women.

So now if you have decided to be presentable then you need to take care of 4 sectors:

  • Attire
  • Attitude
  • Cleanliness
  • Physique

If you could improve these 4 sectors, then you too can become presentable and can easily convert your clients.

  1. Fully Armed

It is one of the easiest quality which can be possessed by any salesperson but doesn’t know why salespersons don’t focus on this. Many-a-times I have seen sales employees visiting their client without being fully equipped. As per a research 2/3rd of customers feels that generally, the salespersons are unprepared for initial meetings.

You should always make a checklist of your tools which you are going to use in front of your client and should always leave your office after checking that you have everything in your bag. It gives a bad impression when you feel short of anything in front of the client.

Some of the basics in your checklist can be:

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Brochure
  • Laptop
  • Business Card
  • Notepad
  • Cost sheet
  • Application form
  • Samples

Rest of the checklist can be prepared according to your requirements.

  1. Persistence

Not only in sales, being persistent is one the best qualities of top performers in every industry. If I talk specifically about sales then you would be surprised to know that 80% of sales come after the 5th visit and 92% sales are those which an employee never tries after the 4th refusal. And that is the reason that 80% revenue of any industry is only done by top 8% sales employees. If I talk specifically then

  • 44% sales professionals never give a 2nd approach
  • 22% salespersons stop after the 2nd approach
  • 14% salespersons stop at the 3rd refusal
  • 12% salespersons stop after the 4th refusal

You need understand that persistence always pays result. If you want to be persistent you need to keep the following things in your mind:

  • Have a long-term vision
  • Always focus on win-win sales
  • Feel proud being a salesperson
  • Always try to be self-motivated
  • Treat failure as a part of the success
  1. Communication

I guess there is no industry which can survive without an efficient communication process. But when it comes to sales then it becomes extremely important because in sales mostly you just have to communicate with someone who is going to give money to your organization.

If an engineer, marketing guy, or a writer makes mistake at communication then they can rephrase their words again, they can resay what they had said but this is not so with a salesman. If he said anything, he/ she needs to honor it. Being a salesman every word can cost you some money. And an average salesman makes tons of mistakes and hence loses his sales.

But the top sales professionals are masters at communication. From the first “Hi” to “Let me serve you again” to “Why don’t you try out this product” they prove themselves as a genius.

And do you know there is no special magic in their message, they just add a sense of caring to it. When someone feels that the other person is attentive, they tend to talk to them more efficiently.

Similarly, you could wish your clients on their birthdays and on festivals. You can even send them greeting cards or some other gifts according to you and your company’s budget.

Pro Tip- Always send personalized messages, email or greeting cards. Never overdo it that the client starts feeling irritated.

  1. Negotiation

The first thing you need to learn about negotiation is you can never negotiate until you know how to face rejection. Negotiation always starts with a “NO” which means when someone rejects your offer or your deal.

When we talk about an average salesperson, he sucks at negotiation because either he takes rejection too seriously or they says yes instantly and in both the cases you have lost the fun of negotiation. According to a research, a bargainer won’t feel happy when he gets what he wants, he will feel happier when he gets several concessions after lots of Noes.

So if you want to improve your negotiation skills you need to take care of these 2 rules very carefully:

  • Never leave the table
  • Always start with a big margin

If you could master this sales skill, then at least you can make your rate of conversions better than average employees.

  1. Presentation Skills

Once Bill Gates said,

Fake it, Till you make it.

When it comes from the man who remained the richest person on the planet for more than a decade then for sure presentation really has a powerful impact on sales.

Even Steve Jobs used to practice his presentation for 2 to 3 days regularly and used to give it 7 to 8 times in front of his team before giving it in front the audience.

So if you are planning to be the best salesperson in your company then you too should focus on improving your presentation skills. To improve your presentation, you need to take care of the following things:

  • Have an impactful opening statement
  • Use stories in the presentation
  • Don’t look at slides while speaking, cram each point in the right series
  • Use lots of images
  • Take care of voice modulation
  • Engage people
  1. Story Telling

Presentation tells, story sells.

Majority of sales decisions are taken by the emotional part of our mind, not by the analytical part. Facts and figures can only convince you on whether a product is good or not but they can never force you to make decisions.

On the contrary, stories directly trigger the emotional part of our mind and this is the reason when facts and figures are presented with stories, they give better results.

And you know the best part is, we all are good at storytelling. Even according to a study by Jeremy Hsu, 65% of our daily life communication occurs in the form of storytelling.

But the problem is that the majority of salesmen don’t know how to include stories in their presentations. All the top salesmen include at least one story in their sales presentation. It can be the story of other clients, stories of competitors, or any other stories that can directly or indirectly affect your sales.

In sales you include stories in any of the following ways:

  • Vision Story

Story related to what are your plans for future, how are you going to change the market etc.

  • About You Story

Your personal story for being associated with that particular product.

  • Company’s Story

The story of how your company came into existence, what all problems your company has solved that existed in the market.

  • Reason of being there Story

Why did you come to this client, how to find the client’s story.

  1. Automation Tool Usage

In the recent time, automation has taken the maximum job and with the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI), more jobs are in danger. Though many sales experts believe that sales is going to be the only industry which will remain unaffected by AI, but I am completely on the other side of this opinion.

According to me, sales industry would suffer the biggest loss due to the advancement of AI. Because the majority of salesmen are not tech-savvy, they do miss-selling and most importantly they don’t track hard-earned leads. Even Nestle has begun this race, they have created a store in Japan where robots are selling coffee machines.

To save yourself from this loss, start using all the automation tools like CRM tools, marketing tools and other industry specific tools so that you become the last person to get affected by all these. In the beginning, all the sales employees who are not using their company tools properly are going to be fired.

So, if you are owning your own company it becomes all the more important for you to start the automation process, because all your competitors are already using it. These automations will help you in calculating lead scoring, lead life cycle, life time value of lead (LTV), conversion ratios etc.

  1. Emotional Intelligence

As I mentioned in the above point that AI is going to impact sales industry very harshly. But do you know what can save you in such scenarios?

It is your emotional intelligence (EQ). Though it is a long story when maximum sales will be done by robots but if you are a businessman then you should always look on the forecasted reports on what can happen in next 10 to 20 to 100 years.

When maximum salesmen will be replaced by robots then also you can be the star salesperson of your organization if you can understand emotions. The more the automation grows the more EQ will be valued as compared to IQ.

If you live in a highly advanced country like Japan then I guess you are going to need this sales skill in next 5-7 years. But if you are an employee in an under-developed country or a developing one, then you are safe and can live happily for the next 10-20 years.

  1. Legal Knowledge

The quality of reading a complete application form properly is possessed by less than 5% of salespersons. If you possess this sales skill then you can even pull off extremely difficult sales too. But the importance of this sales skill is not mentioned to crack lots of sales, neither does it help in doing so. I recommend it because it keeps you safe in case of problems.

No one can grow to greater levels without facing any legal disputes. If you are doing a large number of sales then there is always a probability that you will be the part of some legal disputes. If not directly then maybe indirectly.

For eg- You are selling apartments of XYZ developers. You sold an apartment to a customer who asked you to return his money if he cancels the unit. You have heard that 10% money would be deducted rest would be given back and you informed the same to the client.

From your end, you did everything right but didn’t read the agreement papers, builder buyer papers, and other official papers properly. After some days the buyer asks for cancellation and gets to know that he won’t get a single penny from the builder as it was written on the official papers that in case of cancellation 10% of total cost of the house would be deducted and as of now you have only submitted 10% amount.

Now what would happen? In such a situation the client might file a legal case against you and the builder for lying and not refunding the amount. Though there is a probability that nothing will happen to you but a legal case always increases stress in life.

  1. Priority Setting

According to the same Pareto Rule (80:20 Rule), which I explained in the above point “Product Knowledge”, 80% of revenue comes from 20% sales and 20% revenue comes from 80% sales.

That means top 20% of clients give you 80% revenue.

Now do you know what separates those top 8% sales employees? It is the priority setting. Priority of the clients, that which client is more valuable. They always do client filtration in an efficient manner and only invest their energy in the more valuable clients. Their best sales quality is they try to remain more focused towards selling high end products of the company.

  1. Leave the Chair

I know I have mentioned in the heading about only 30 best sales skills and qualities and this is 31. First of all, let me clarify, I am going to tell 32 sales qualities and skills not 30 or 31.

Since the best salespersons always deliver more than what they have mentioned in an unexpected way, that is why I mentioned this point. Now, just to inform you, this was my 31st point.

Finally, let’s move to 32nd point which is “Leave the Chair”.

By this, I only mean as soon as you complete your sale, just pack your bags and leave. Don’t just remain seated there and start doing relation building or gossiping. You want to do something special then do it before getting the sale, but as you have completed the sale just go to your office or house and submit the sale as soon as possible.


No matter you are a top performer, an average performer or a poor performer. There is always a scope of learning more and more, especially in sales. Why especially in sales? Because in my experience every customer is different and every sale has its own story. I have mentioned best sales skills and qualities which I found most important in my sales days. So just start implementing these sales skills and inculcate all these sales qualities in you. Hopefully, in next 3 months, you will be the star performer of your company/ organization.

If you have your own story to share or you have any queries or doubts, you can let me know in the comments section.

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