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December 24, 2015

With beginning of the holiday season everyone wishes to have some extra bucks added to their pockets for a better shopping experience. Christmas comes as a tenanted time for everyone, especially the business people. This festival no longer will put a hole in your wallet rather will come as a boon following these simple ways to make money. On this festive season just to handle the party and gift budget without getting stressed, here are 7 satiating ideas to make money on Christmas assuring a kick start to fill your pocket:

1. Bake and Sell

In today’s world no one wants to buy their Christmas pie from the bakers, whilst running short of time they don’t have an option either. If your cakes can make people slobber over than this is your chance to make some cash. You can even advertise using Facebook or Instagram and sell the home made cakes on holiday fairs or even from home. Not just cakes but cookies, jams, chocolates and jellies go high in demand during Christmas. You can cost per piece or by dozens as per convenience and requirement. You can even hire a distributor for the purpose of giving home deliveries, taking bigger orders of events like chocolate parties, birthday celebrations and so on.

2. Happy family pictures

Yes you can earn via your family pictures, there are websites like Fotolia, 123RF, Shutterstock and so on that pay for you ‘Happy’ pictures. Advertisement companies use such pictures of families having fun, smiling and enjoying together. Clashots is one other way to make money via photographs. So here investing in camera gear and a little interest in photography can help you increase your holiday season budget.

3. Custom/ personalized gifts

Are you a creative head? Cafepree.com, zazzel.com, and many more may help you to sell the same. Cards, handmade baby products, decorative items, Christmas hampers, accessories, bouquets and what not can be created and be sold. This can be done starting from home and advertising on social networking about your skills. This can help you excel in your own interest of art and craft, and hence you can earn good amount of money by making people happy. A gift basket service can be rather an opportunity to enhance and show your artist caliber. In a gift basket you can pull together little creative artistic stuffs for a charming presentation. Homemade candles and wooden toys can also be offered in local craft fairs. Many people don’t prefer buying commercially produced gifts.

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4. Be the Santa or an elf

“Jingle bell jingle bell jingle on the way…” parents pay good bucks to people for becoming Santa or elf in parties or events. Rent/buy a red-white, green-red dress and entertain kids, have some Christmas fun around spreading happiness and hence earning too. This can be your way to party and help you to save a little extra on the side for the New Year blast and shopping.

5. Sell your old clothes

Cloth resale is a $16 billion industry these days, so why not to earn from the unused clothes. Various apps provide sellers a platform to sell their goods with the other identical stuffs for example EBay, Poshmark, ThredUP, there’s a long list of such apps you may find and login into the one that fits the best with your product. A nearby consignment shop can also help you with selling your old clothes and even goodies at decent prices.

6. Review new products and movies

There’s a list of new products that launch on Christmas. Here’s a list of some websites that pay you for your review over products and movies; ciao.co.uk, epinions.com and payperpost.com. These websites can generate you great revenue to earn money sitting at home and specifically when the number of launches increments on Christmas, this serves as one good option.

7. Become a distributor

If being creative or artistic isn’t your cup of tea then meet lots of new people by becoming a distributor for entrepreneurs or businessmen, I can totally relate myself in this category. Pizzas, chocolates, candies, cookies and gift hampers require more distributors than the usual as the demand increases. A part time role of becoming a distributor might be a mean to make some extra bucks to your pocket.

People out of sheer excitement spend a lot of money on Christmas celebration hence making it a good opportunity for entrepreneurs to earn and even the people who wish to make extra bucks to maintain a decent budget for the holiday season shopping. Here were Business Alligators wishing you Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season.

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