Reliance Jio World’s largest Startup with 150,000 crore Investment- Aims at Digital Revolution

Reliance Jio World’s largest Startup with 150,000 crore Investment- Aims at Digital Revolution

Acknowledging the potential and capability of India to meet the growing competition in the world of innovation, Mukesh Ambani Chairman and MD of Reliance Industries Limited has come up with world’s largest startup as Reliance Jio with an investment of 150,000 crore. Reliance Jio has touched the ground of India with the promise of making the future of India with digital content.

reliance jio logo official
Reliance Jio Logo

Reliance Jio formerly known as Infotel Broadband Services Limited (2009 – 2013), Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited (2013 -2015). Now Reliance Jio is the first telecom operator to hold pan India Unified License. This particular license provides all sorts of telecommunication services (except Global Mobile Personal Communication) by satellite service. This trend of digitalization would cease India’s Digital poverty. Mukesh Ambani said that Reliance Jio will help India come in the top ten mobile broadband markets in the upcoming years. This invention envisions an India, where the broadband and digital services would not be an unattainable and luxurious thing or a belongingness of the affluent.

Reliance Jio Key People

  1. Mukesh Ambani (Owner)
  2. Sanjay Mashruwalla (Managing Director)
  3. Jyotindra Thacker (Head of IT)
  4. Akash Ambani (Chief of Strategy)

Reliance Jio Vision

The bodacious innovation has a vision to bring a change in the future of India by providing Digital entertainment and social connectivity, Digital Education, Digital health care, Digital entrepreneurship, affordable Digital devices and Digital currency. In other words, it aims to provide digital solutions for varied domains .It even offers a peculiar combination of telecom, high speed data, and digital commerce, media and payment services. Taking care of the employees as every successful entrepreneur, it offers 75GB data, 4500 minutes calls with Mi-Fi devices to employees. It is also offering its employees and their families with unlimited access to Jio Plays, Jio VoD, Jio Beats, Jio  Mags, Jio News and Jio XpressNews.

Mukesh Ambani  says, “To my mind, digitalization is the defining trend of this century; in fact, that is the very reason we at Reliance convinced Jio. It is one of the largest transformational digital initiatives anywhere in the world with an initial investment of more than rs.150, 000 crore. It really is the world’s biggest start-up. Today, India is ranked 150th in the mobile Internet access rankings out of 230 countries in the world. We have the responsibility to digitally empower India. To end this digital poverty, 1.3 billion Indians cannot be left behind as world enters a new era.”

Reliance Jio   has an aim of covering 100% of the nation’s population by 2018 so that everyone can have an easy and affordable access to the digital services. It has laid  more than 2.5 lakh kilometers of fiber-optic cables, encompassing 18,000 cities and over one lakh villages. It has also built nearly half a million square feet of cloud data centers and a multi-Terabit capacity international network. It is also known that the device can get in touch with 10 users at once and is powered by Qualcomm 9320 chipset, and comes with MAH lithium-ion battery.

Reliance Jio Products

  1. Mobile telephony
  2. Broadband
  3. 4G Data services

Reliance Jio Benefits

  1. Reliance Jio’s network is engineered to provide a capacity of over 10 GB per user, which means that it is going to be nearly 100 times more than what everyone is using today.
  2. Jio’s mobile broadband will offer speeds that are 40-80 times faster than the current speeds we see.
  3. Reliance Jio will start its services with 70% coverage of Indian population from day one.
  4. India will have one of the most powerful and comprehensive video networks in the world. Such a transformation from voice to video driven network will be available everywhere in India.
  5. It unleashes creativity and connected intelligence through smartphones.
  6. It provides comprehensive library of programming of live and recorded music, movies, events etc.
  7. It is affordable and accessible to consumers.
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