5 Mistakes Which you should Avoid

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April 6, 2016

During the initial time everyone make mistakes and learn from his own mistakes but today it’s a very fast world so you do not have enough time to commit all mistakes and then learn the right path. In today’s world if you only learn from your own mistakes then you can’t sustain in the market because you need more then 100 lives to commit all the mistakes and then learn from all those mistakes. Now the only option to survive in the Sea of Business is to avoid mistakes and become the Alligator of Business.

Some common mistakes which most of the entrepreneurs commits and can be easily avoided are as follow:

  1. Try to make a Shoot on Each Ball

    like you cannot hit a six or four in cricket similarly you cannot make deals each day into your business. Some balls are used only to defend but some are used to hit. Always wait for the right moment to hit a ball. If you are going to try on each ball you are surely going to be out very soon. To make a century you must also know how to defend and how to play cover drive.

  2. Start any Task Without COMPLETE Homework

    I have seen many entrepreneur who start their business with full enthusiasm and confidence as if they are going to rock the market but very soon they start diminishing, all due to the lack of COMPLETE knowledge. They fail because they start their work without any flow chart, without complete knowledge. They do not prepare a full plan about cash-flow, raw material, branding, marketing and delivery. That’s why they fail very soon, so always make a COMPLETE plan before starting your work.

  3. Wake-Up without any Schedule

    I have also repeated this same mistake a lot of time and wasted a lot of hours of my life. Most of the beginners commit this mistake. They work very hard in day time and in night also with full enthusiasm and go to bed very late. And as they reach bed they fell asleep. Next day every beginner wakes up with the same enthusiasm but without any plan or schedule so he or she wastes a lot of hours just to decide what to do in the day time. So always have a habit to make plan for next day.

  4. Failing in the art of Giving

    Always keep in mind that sprout comes out of seed after you GIVE water to seed, leaves comes out when you GIVE more water to sprout and fruits and flower comes out after you GIVE water and manure to the plant. Similarly if you want to earn money and success then firstly you have to GIVE some money, some hard-work, and some dedication. You must have to understand the laws of reciprocity before you start earning money.

  5. Always interested in Counting Cash

    The ones who only think about cash can ever be successful. You must have to understand the fact that cash is only a byproduct. Work and results are something different. If I am a blogger then writing articles is my work, result would be the people getting information and if people like my articles then money is a byproduct to me as I am helping people by giving them their desired information.

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