10 Reasons why you should start your Business in your 20s

10 Reasons why you should start your Business in your 20s
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July 15, 2015

“There’ll all always be tomorrow”; Oh No! There are no guarantees you are going to show up tomorrow, there were so many people here yesterday but they’re not here today. There were so many opportunities that were here yesterday, they are not here today!” -Les Brown

Time and tide waits for none and this world is sprinting fast so as soon as you get an idea for a business that has the potential of changing lives, make sure you implement it as soon as possible before anybody else does because ideas are really fragile and can pop into anybody’s head. While you are in your 20s go ahead and give the shape to your dream idea before it gets thrown and knocked down in the garbage.

Take a look at the following 10 reasons as to why you should start your business in your 20’s:-

1. The Enthusiasm of the 20s

Energy is the secret and the perfect ingredient of every success story. 20s are considered as the prime of a man’s life when he has a pumping Adrenaline, a motivated dopamine and a zest for life. Creating and managing a start-up is not a child’s play but you do need the energy and enthusiasm of a child in order to be active and up for every challenge that may come by 24*7. At an older age or even in your 30s you don’t have the same enthusiasm and tendency to delay tasks at a later hour which prove to be hugely fatal in the long run.

2. Risk taking Abilities

When you are young you’re blessed with the amazing ability of taking risks and it’s the time where you should follow your gut. An experienced person would abstain from taking that risky move but the young entrepreneur will go for it; believe it or not it’s a natural process. A man who’s got a previous bad experience will obviously incline towards the safer side and prefer security but inexperience here, is a blessing in disguise for a 20 something business man. Safe is boring, Risky is hip!

3. Nothing to Loose

Obviously in your early 20s you don’t have a wife, 2 kids to look after; you just have a one-member family and that’s you. You don’t have to be ridiculously rich at the starting of your career so that you can support a family; so even if you start small it’s not a big thing to worry about. The “nothing to lose” attitude will take you places because you’ll be up for every opportunity that knocks your door and smart enough to make it feasible.

4. Inspirations all Around

Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and many other business tycoons and successful entrepreneurs were owners of millionaire companies when they were still in their 20s. A young guy will always look for inspirations around him before he steps into the shoes of the future sensation and well; he’s got plenty of amazing people to look up to because at some point in time even pros like Zuckerberg were beginners. Their life stories, their struggles, their passion and manifestations will be the building blocks of epic business architectures and charismatic leaders.

5. Fresh and an Open Mindset

Fresh and out of college or even during the later years of graduation you’re open to all sorts of ups and downs in life and ready to polish your skills you’ve learnt at college so probably this is the time to take up and do what you believe is great work. Later in life, you’ll be engaged in other stuff like family matters, etc. which are also very important and cannot be ignored so this is the time you have because your mindset is like a clean canvas; go ahead and paint it with the colours of your passion!

6. Millions of ideas in the young mind

We curse the present scenarios, the existing problems with technology, culture, media, etc. but what is the one age group that judges and acts accordingly? Of course, the youth because the old homies are busy with their life stuck in a job they hate but still consider it “safe”. The ideas that you get in your youth are abundant because you’re accompanied with amazing creativity and imagination power so go ahead, implement that solution to the problem everybody’s busy cursing and adjusting with. Create a reason for them to be happy.

7. Updated, passionate and highly equipped with Technology

Be it the cool new gadgets, the latest accessories or the coolest vehicle in town; the youth are better aware of what’s in and what’s it that’s grabbing the most eyeballs at a particular time. The 20s are a breed that creates ideas from what we call the “Hash tags” of the society, i.e. trending topics and stuff that people talk about and can easily connect to. They live with like-minded people who help them know what the best thing to do in the present is or what is hot or in demand in the market at the present moment. Make the best use of your resources because this is the best time when you can do so before you get indulged in “other important stuff”.

8. It’s hard to leave a job rather than “starting up” with a start-up

So you’ve worked for a company for like 10 years or so and already reached your 30s but suddenly one fine morning your mind app fetches you a brilliant life- changing idea. But guess what, it’d be really hard for you to leave that place especially when you get attached to the people there, the environment and more importantly leaving a job when you’ve to take care of your parents, your wife and kids is hell risky. This is the least risky it’ll ever be so don’t fear just give it a go.

9. Early Learning from Failure

At the age of 20 something, you start a business and worst case scenario; life hits you straight in the face and you experience huge losses and failure. But guess what, you’ve got plenty of time to fix and make up for that loss; moreover the next time you start your own thing you’ll be less anxious as you’d have learnt from that previous failure and that too very early plus you’d have developed a mature approach much before any other person of your age group.

10. Faster Growth and the time to Cherish your Success

When you are young and successful, you have plenty of time to open champagne and celebrate with your friends. Such small moments of happiness are the ones that truly make life beautiful because tomorrow when even if you’ll be a multi millionaire you won’t be having your pals along and be crazy in the same funny way. It’s priceless and believe me, your first success party will surely be the beginning of many more if it happens in as early as your 20s.

27 year old co-founder of the million dollar Almamater-Varun Agarwal, was once told at the age of 20 by music maestro A.R Rahman, “Varun, you know what life’s short do what you love!” and man did he do that. Start living life on your own terms before it traps you in its own web of problems and negativeness; so go ahead, be early! Be epic!

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