Content Writing

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If you believe that words are more powerful than bullets, then you need someone who is precise enough while penetrating the thoughts.

Content marketing is one of the best ways to reach your clients organically. But due to extremely high competition, it is getting tough day by day to outstand your competitors on Seach Engines (Like Google). For that, you need someone who is aware of the latest Google Algorithms and knows how to use them in your favor.

So we at BusinessAlligators write great content on your behalf that can rank on the first page of the search engine for the targeted keywords.

We not only write great articles, rather we focus on the complete content strategy part that can drag your readers into the lead funnel. After all, that’s what you want.

Please check the pricing below:

Articles Per MonthWords Per ArticleTotal Price in INR
41500-2200Rs 12,000
81500-2200Rs 21,000
151500-2200Rs 35,000
30+1500-2200Get the Quote

Before you give us the contract, just check our articles on google, it will tell you so much about us. We are ranking for hundreds of keywords and that’s too without worrying about the backlinks 🙂

On the last note before you fill the following form, let me tell you, if you are working with us, we will only ask about the product and the target market. Rest is our headache, it’s our duty to give you ranking for your desired keywords.