Buy Promotional Messages

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Are you looking for promotional messages to promote your business? We have the right solution for you, we provide five different services in this section namely:

  1. Promotional Text SMS
  2. Promotional Voice Message
  3. WhatsApp Messages
  4. IVR Number
  5. Missed Call Number

Keep Reading for the details.

1. Promotional Text SMS Pricing

If you are choosing our promotional SMS then you will get your personal dashboard where you can easily check your status. You can check your deliverability, bounces, and failed messages.

We have a 98% deliverability rate and that’s awesome. And the best part about our SMS is, we provide you a validity of one year. Yeah, you read that right, you can use your SMS anytime in 365 days.

Now check the pricing below:

SMS QuantityPrice of SMS Pack (INR)
50,000Rs 7000
100,000Rs 14,000
200,000Rs 28,000
300,000Rs 40,500
400,000Rs 54,000
500,000Rs 65,000
500,000+Get the quote

2. Promotional Voice Message

Similarly to SMS, you will get your personal dashboard to check your data. And deliverability is also the same 98%, with the same one-year validity.

Now let’s check the pricing:

SMS QuantityPrice of SMS Pack (INR)
50,000Rs 12,500
100,000Rs 25,000
200,000Rs 50,000
300,000Rs 73,000
400,000Rs 96,000
500,000Rs 117,000
500,000+Get the quote

3. Whatsapp Messages

Features and deliverability are the same as above. Please check the pricing below:

SMS QuantityPrice of SMS Pack (INR)
50,000Rs 10,000
100,000Rs 20,000
200,000Rs 40,000
300,000Rs 58,500
400,000Rs 76,000
500,000Rs 92,500
500,000+Get the Quote

4. IVR Number

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) number is a technology that initiates the communication on behalf, gathers the information, and then redirects the client to the right person of the team. There are many ways of using the IVR number depending on the industry you are operating in.

Price- Rs 2000/ Month

5. Missed Call Number

If you want to collect leads by getting a missed call and want to call your clients as per your comfortability then this is the best option for you.

Price- Rs 1500/ Month