Media Kit: Advertise on Business Alligators

If you want to showcase your product to entrepreneurs or wantrepreneurs, then advertising on Business Alligators can be one of the most profitable options for you.

Last 30 days Traffic Stats

We update this page every 3 months. Given stats are for the time when we last updated it (Sep 1, 2018 to Sept 30, 2018)

September traffic
  • Pageviews- 75.8k
  • User- 50k
  • 53.60% male
  • 46.40% female
  • 66% Indian Traffic
  • 14% USA Traffic
  • 20% Rest of the World Traffic

Advertisement and Business Opportunities

We recognize every partnership and provide a wide range of advertising solutions to our clients. We have a stringent method of choosing our partners to ensure that only the best come on board with us. And once we initiate a partnership, we believe in long-term association with them and for the same, we put our every effort to give our advertisers maximum return on their investment.

Business Story

Free- We do not charge in any form to cover business stories. If someone charges you for the same, then please contact us. But we do not cover every business, we only cover those who are performing really great in their respective fields.

Prices and Placement for Ads

We have long-form articles and only show ads in 3 places without rotation so that you can get great visibility for your ads. Below mentioned rates are for the smallest ad size available (250*250px= 62500px2)

  • Ad between the content-$200/ month
  • Ad at the end of the content- $200/ month
  • Ad in the sidebar- $100/ month (for floating ads $100 extra)

Recommended Sizes (Width*Height)

  • In Content
    • 250*250
    • 300*250
    • 300*300
    • 336*280
  • For Slider
    • 250*1050
    • 250*600
    • 300*700
    • 250*250

Custom sizes are also available but first, we will check whether that size fits into our website or not.

Promotion in Newsletter

As of now, 12k entrepreneurs/ wantrepreneurs have subscribed to our newsletters. So if you want to promote your product directly to them then there is an option. We will write few lines about your product and give a link to your landing page. But we never promote more than two products in a month to maintain our quality standards.

  • Charges- $150/ promotion

Product Review

If your product is directly related to entrepreneurs/ wantrepreneurs and match our niche, then we can review your product in extreme detail. Charges will depend on the combination of value created for you plus our time consumed.

  • Min price- $200/ article

Payment Method

In every case we will take advance payment through PayPal. If you are using Indian Banking System, then the option for NEFT and other banking options are also available.

In case of advertisements, we have a minimum lock-in period of 2 months.

Now, if everything sounds good to you and you have decided to advertise with us or if you have any query at any point, then you can contact us on: