Business Consultation

When I (Lokesh Tanwar) started my first business in 2013 after saving money from my job, I was the first entrepreneur from the family. And trust me it is never easy to be the first entrepreneur from the family.

I faced a lot of difficulties and made 1000s of mistake in the process and hence my first business failed.

I again went into the job and again saved the money and started my BusinessAlligators.Com and this time also I made 1000s of mistakes but yeah this time I tried not to commit same mistakes which I committed in my first business.

To be honest, this time I was lucky and survived during extremely tough days and currently, we are helping more than 70,000 entrepreneurs/wantrepreneurs every month with our blog, emails, online courses, etc.

In this process, I have learned that business is significantly dependent on making the right decisions. However, for a first timer, it is never easy to decide which option is best. So, it is always advisable to take advise from someone who has already traveled on the same road because right advice at the right time can give you five-time speed and it can be life-saving too.

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