Sales Training

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No matter how qualitative your product is, if you cannot sell it, then you cannot make a business out of it.

To train businesses about sales we give training to them in two ways:

  1. One on One Sales Training
  2. Team Sales Training

One on One Sales Training

This training is for the co-founder(s) or the sales head of your startup. In this training you will learn about how to get initial sales, how to increase those sales, how to make a product pitch, how to train your team for the sales, and much more.

Check the pricing below:

DaysTotal HoursAmount in INR

Team Sales Training

In this training we will train your team from A to Z, starting from prospecting to pitching to closer.

Day(s)Total HoursAmount in INR
16Rs 50,000
212Rs 1,00,000

Note- Transport, accommodation, and food charges will be bear by you.