Knowing Working Environment at Facebook can help in improving your Office Culture

Knowing Working Environment at Facebook can help in improving your Office Culture

A positive, collaborative, creative work environment is what retains employees in the long run, and motivates them to work harder. If you want to create and grow a successful company, you need happy and productive employees. We all know that aside from the job scope itself, one factor that significantly influences how employees feel about work is the “environment”.

All the successful entrepreneurs understand the importance of a good working environment and Mark Zuckerberg respects has successfully created a positive and good working culture. Making a good environment at Facebook is one of Mark Zuckerberg’s secret for success which usually people ignores. A positive work environment makes employees feel good about coming to work, and this provides the motivation to sustain them throughout the day. A negative working environment causes employees to be unhappy with their jobs and make them less productive. Not only does the poor environment slow down productivity, but it can cause employees to consider resigning and moving on to a new job. On the other hand, a good working environment has a lot of positive effects on not only the welfare of the employee, but on the business’ bottom line. If people are happy with the working environment, they walk into each day, prove to be more productive and make less mistakes.

Mark Zuckerberg has created an excellent working environment where employees love working for the company. Facebook earned an average score of 4.7 out of a maximum of 5, with employees extolling the company for its fun and challenging work environment, its impact on the society and their respect and love for CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Glassdoor spokeswoman Samantha Zupan says in the Daily News, “Facebook is really thriving as a place to work and much of that can be attributed to Zuckerberg, whose rating among employees is up to 99% this year”.

So, let us focus on the working environment with the CEO of Facebook

1. The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is Open to Feedback

If you show your employees that their work contributes to the success of the company, they are motivated and feel valued when they feel the positive reinforcement. Time to time feedback from the employees on how their work is feeling into broader business objectives is important to create a cool and productive working environment. You shouldn’t be afraid of involving your staff in decision making .You should seek for an opinion on a new benefit  offered or what they think of a new client project just as the CEO of Facebook does. Everyone in his company is treated equally. The employees are recognized and respected based on their contributions to the improvement of the product. Facebook is a company where ideas turn into products whether you are an intern or the CEO himself .The company encourages its workers to form teams around projects they are passionate about, because Facebook’s employees clearly understand that the great work comes out of what you adore.

2. No Traditional Hierarchies at Facebook

Just as historical media platform has opened up global communications, Zuckerberg also has an open door policy in the workplace and all communications are transparent. He has eliminated traditional workplace hierarchies, meeting with staff from entry level to leadership roles. Mark consistently encourages innovation and creativity in the workplace. Rather than creating a hierarchical atmosphere on the basis of age and experience, Zuckerberg gives value to everyone’s ideas in a pithy and obvious ways. Moreover he does not consider any barrier between executives and other employees. Zuckerberg’s office has glass walls. Contrary to the conventional idea of a CEO in a private room with a secretary guarding the door, he wants his employees to be able to approach him. He believes in giving equal treatment to his employees so that they get to know that he values them.

3. Mark Zuckerberg is Available to his Employees

An employee of Facebook said, “He built this billion user and billion dollar company from his dorm room, overcame one obstacle after another, and assembled a company with some of the most talented employees in the world.” The admiration his employees have for him is manifest. An open conversation  is an important part of a successful productive company as it addresses the employees’ need to feel that they words have a value .Such an open environment  makes employees feel that they are an integral part in the organization. Such a working atmosphere makes work even more meaningful as  the employees know what they contribute affects the organization with which they are associated .Thus, a discussion with the staff related to organization’s philosophy ,mission and values to ensure that everyone knows what they are working for. In order to meet the desired goals of the company, an open discussion get people involved and allow them to share their views and perspectives. Mark Zuckerberg is committed to effective and regular communication. Employees at Facebook are able to act in creative ways outside the confines of bureaucracy and tradition that exist at many other larger companies. A two way open conversation helps to develop mutual respect among all employees. In such an environment employees will not be afraid to suggest ideas to improve work processes, thus everyone in the organization will be benefited.

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