What made Mark Zuckerberg successful?

What made Mark Zuckerberg successful?

Mark Zuckerberg is successful because he has been an epitome of how to get a change in the world. Facebook has become the whole virtual world in itself. Apart from our recurring complaints about being online on Facebook there are better  things to think about Facebook and how the Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has turned the virtual world into an amazing social locale that facilitates you to be more connected and build a better like-minded audience and friendships to express yourself in your way in front of the people that believe in you, are like-minded to you, know you and actually are inspired, influenced, smiling, amazed and eventually feeling you feel. There are many reasons behind Mark Zuckerberg Success. Some of the reasons which made Mark successful are;

1. Extreme focus

Success can be achieved only when you are focussed on building something that would be useful enough to the world to such an extent that you don’t pay heed to the phoney criticisms. You should always acknowledge the fact that the moment you give people the easy ways to live their lives and be more productive that their basic norms with apposite enhancements, you would always be remembered .Even Mark Zuckerberg was criticised many a times but he  had remained focussed and gave world the well-known social networking website “Facebook”.

He says, “I believe that over time people get remembered for what they build something great, people don’t care about what someone says about you in a movie. They care about what they build”

2. Mark Zuckerberg did something remarkable but at a fast pace

You should do something remarkable with the speed of spreading it all over the world. You should create sustainability faster and once you build something of huge potential then it is followed with the responsibility of survival and success without losing your zeal. If you feel that you are on the verge of success, make sure you get your enthusiasm increased rather than losing your energy just a step before the final destination. Zuckerberg says, “Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough”. Is there any point of you being alive if you don’t try to do something different with the remarkable speed of permeating it all over the world?

3. Mark has a Good Team

Mark Zuckerberg says that once he has right people with him, he can share Facebook’s vision and direction with them. You can share your vision only when you have a good team. If a company wants to have success, sharing a vision with the team automatically becomes prominent as everyone is working towards the advancement of the business and has to go in the same direction. In this conspicuous manner, the employees will have better understanding of the product, have a sense of ownership and family when it comes to Facebook. Moreover Zuckerberg is known to share his vision with his shareholders as well

4.  Wakes up early with little sleep at night

Mere mortals either stumble groggily out of the bed in the morning or lay prostrate, the most successful business leaders have mastered routines to kick off their days with productive zeal. The great reason to create a morning ritual is to avoid mental fatigue. We have limited amount of energy and enthusiasm when we wake up in the morning, and it gradually gets drained away with the decisions. This is true especially if you are making hundreds of small decisions in the morning that means nothing will affect how you make the rest of the decisions for the day. Zuckerberg starts his day on very little sleep, often staying up chatting with programmers until 6 am.

5. Powerful Mission

The world is all about openness and liveliness. Being safe in boundaries would never make you successful. Now a days it is all about how people operate the world and vice a versa. In order to cope with the rapid race of advancement you should give yourself and your work a powerful mission that makes breeder sense to the world over and then go for executing it. Mark Zuckerberg says, “I don’t want Facebook to be an American company. I don’t want it to be this company that just spreads American values all across the world .My view on this is that you want to be really culturally sensitive and understand the way that people actually think.

6. Mark has made a difference to the world

Holding a good position in the company and giving orders and not bringing something as powerful to the world is of no use. If you really want to be successful in life, you have to bring something powerful in the world and make it more beautiful but make sure that in this process you take cognizance to the downfall and profits to gift yourself more energy to create and maintain the change. What makes you successful is the thoughts you think at the very beginning of your life and career. Your actual intention determine the level of potential to bring change in your life and to the people around you. Mark Zuckerberg says, “My question isn’t, ‘what do we want to know about people?’ It’s, ‘What do people want to tell about themselves?”

7. Diligent

Before meeting success, Mark Zuckerberg met sweat .He has earned his place through diligence. Mark Zuckerberg says, “I guess we could if you look at how much of our page is taken up with ads compared to the average search query. The average for us is a little less than 10% of the pages and the average for search is about 20% taken up with ads. That’s the simplest thing we could do but we aren’t like that: we make enough money. Right, I mean we are keeping things running; we are growing at the rate we want to.”

He started small with a big dream in mind. Zuckerberg’s beginning from the scratch to landing up to billions is evident with the fast pace he has become the 4th billionaire of the world. He envisioned a worldwide project with the ordinary and small beginning. Zuckerberg started with big dreams but with a humble beginning. He started off with his project from a dormitory with little capital and sweat equity.

8. Mark Zuckerberg is loyal in his Process of Vision

We all know that Facebook is not an overnight success and its maker took years to make it a great success .Even after standing at the 4th position among the billionaires, he is still working hard to make things better. The spirit of continuity is perceptible in Zuckerberg. He says,

In the game of entrepreneurship, the process is more important than the goal. When you start building a business, you begin a journey, a process. This process has a beginning and an ending and between and end lays a lot of challenges. You will win only if you remain faithful to the process.

Aastha Wasson

Aastha Wasson

I vehemently believe that in order to achieve success one has to face the obstructions audaciously and so I work with a mission to be an Idol of all the women in India who because of myriad reasons fail to succeed in life
Aastha Wasson

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