Success Lessons from Shahnaz Husain

Success Lessons from Shahnaz Husain

“My Mantra to success- It is important to have a dream, and with that there must be total faith and confidence in one’s own abilities.”

Shahnaz Husain, CEO, Shahnaz Herbal Inc.

The success story of Shahnaz Husain is of a woman who dared to dream and succeeded beyond success. It’s nothing less than a direct mentoring session for every budding entrepreneur. Her organisation is a magnificent expression of her dreams, hopes and abilities. Shahnaz never let the negatives detain her from pursuing her goals. While she was in London for her training, there was a daily paper report of a London model who was visually impaired in the wake of using a specific mascara. She later committed suicide. These grievous occurrences changed the course of Shahnaz’s life and vocation. Shahnaz was resolved to create a natural alternative. And that is when she began her first home grown facility in her own home in 1971, taking into account the Ayurvedic framework and embraced the rule of “Care and Cure”.  One must never be derailed by faults in own self or the profession. Rather, they must be taken as negative criticism. These are a few lessons which we can really lean from the success of Shahnaz Husain.

1. Dreams Work when You Do

That is how you create your own luck. Everyone has the same number of hours what Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg has. You should not wait for something great to happen. You should make it happen on your own as the other successful people did in their lives. Aim to achieve your extreme potential, and after that go past that. That is an accomplishment in itself. If you want to achieve success in your life, then you have to focus towards your goal. Shahnaz says that it is important to have a dream but with a burning desire to make it come true. And to start with, one must evaluate the worth of his or her idea by having a feel of market trends and changing levels of awareness. One should have a creative mind. You may start small but you have to think ‘big’.

2. Innovation Attracts Success

There are thousands of fish in a pond, but, you must strive to be a goldfish, which is rare and exceptional. Shahnaz faced the challenge of establishing a completely new concept when she brought up Indian Ayurveda in the industry of Beauty and Make up where people buy only Dior and Laudre. Simply walking around life on cruise control is not the blueprint of achievements. Shahnaz has recently come up with skin care products that would work in Space and she has contacted NASA for sample testing of her product. It seems like nothing is unconquerable for Husain.

3. You Are Never Too Old To Learn

There is no easy way. Nothing falls in order before you give your cent percent. It is absolutely necessary to be single minded and observe everything in detail, to have keen eyes like Shahnaz Husain had when she noticed that a girl was blinded by the use of a mascara due to the harmful chemicals it contained, which in return inspired Shahnaz to develop a line of herbal products and that was exactly when she knew what she needs to do. You ought to learn from others as everybody has lessons worth gaining from. Individuals crash in their careers when they quit looking for answers. Consistent learning is imperative in everybody’s life.

4. Be a One Man Army

The struggle of Shahnaz since the beginning of her career can be the benchmark to get enough motivation to be a one man army. Shahnaz, inspite of belonging to a royal family, financially supported her training on her own. She used to write articles for the ‘Iran Tribune’ under different names. Apart from incorporating natural care concept, very early in her career she also made a point to hold seminars and address conferences in order to propagate her ideas at a personal one to one level. She has always replied personally to letters and questions seeking solution for beauty problems.

5. Start Taking Risks

Taking risks is somewhat crucial to cross the mediocre. If a person always fears of doing things on his or her own, then it becomes difficult to achieve success as dreamt. You should take risks in order to move ahead in life. You need to have blind faith in what you have invested. You have to test yourself now and again. Inspire yourself and push your limits, go out of the way and stretch beyond your comfort zone. Shahnaz, in 1993, launched the Man Power range of products and opened herbal salon for men and today approximately 25% to 30% of her total salon clientele is male. Whereas the Indian market for male grooming products is estimated to be growing at the rate of 10%-12%, the brand of Shahnaz Husain remains the earliest to play in men’s skin and hair care.

6. A Strategic Perspective is a Necessity

Although It’s critical to have a strategic perspective, Interestingly, seeing the research from Zenger Folkman it is observed & stated that every top line leading entrepreneur whether man or a woman, is exceptionally strong at this trait. And it has also been found that even the most tremendous of the women executives fail to reach the top due to lack of a strategic perspective. Shahnaz keeps a foresight; she thinks ahead and is able to predict trends and adds on her creativity.

7. Always do the Right Thing

Yes, even in the face of difficulties! no matter what the consequences of doing the right thing will be. Shahnaz has always stuck to the right path however difficult it was since the beginning for her. Do you believe in the power of a “goal poster”? I do. We all should. Shahnaz had hers from the time she entered the stage of womanhood when she got married at 16 and she wasn’t even an adult. When you limit the goals you make, you are limiting the possibilities that can come into your life.  We should never stop creating the picture we have in our heads because God intends us to be a masterpiece!

8. You are Defined by What You Do

Define your business and your brand and commit to it—everything you do should be consistent with your business’s identity. You simply cannot be all things to all people. For Shahnaz, entering the global market was the greatest test that she confronted. It was difficult without the required assets. Shahnaz participated in the Festival of India in London in 1980 and was given a counter in the Perfumery segment at Selfridges, London. In the insane International cosmetic industry, where billions of dollars are spent on offering youth and dreams in bottled jars and despite fierce competition, Shahnaz adhered to her weapons and solo “India and Ayurvedic” image. She stood alone and sold out the consignment in 3 days and made it to the headlines of London Daily. Being offered a permanent counter was like giving an international identity to her hard work and dreams.

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